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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

custom curtains with a glue gun

Curtains can be really expensive, but they totally make a my opinion.  Whether you go with a solid or a patterned fabric, your curtains are basically clothing for your windows.  And your windows want to look chic and stylish.  ;)  But just as you don't have to wear designer labels head to toe to look great, neither do your windows.  You can totally give your inexpensive store bought curtains a custom look, and the best part is you don't need a sewing machine or no-sew hemming tape to make it happen.  All you need, once again, is a hot glue gun! 

A few years ago I dressed the windows in my kitchen nook with simple white cotton canvas panels from Target.  To give them a little more edge I hot glued black grosgrain ribbon along the inside edges.  Easy!

white cotton curtains with black grosgrain ribbon edge

They lived and looked great just like that for quite a while.  But then,  I found a gorgeous grey ikat print at Hobby Lobby and decided to make a new faux roman shade for the window over my kitchen sink.................

no sew window shade

which led me guessed it, change up the curtains in the nook. 

customizing store bought curtains with a glue gun

I didn't want anything too drastic, so I decided to add a small panel of the grey fabric along the bottom.  This way these curtain panels tie in with the shade over the sink, but I still have the airy look of white panels that I love. 

This was such an easy project.  I had all 6 of my panels done in about an hour!

Here's the quick tutorial for anyone interested in creating a similar look. 

1.  Start by measuring and cutting the fabric making sure to leave about 1/2 an inch on all sides for your seams. 

2.  Then you'll want to fold and iron the seam at the top and the seam that will face the grosgrain ribbon edge.
3.  Line up the ironed seam with the grosgrain ribbon edge making sure to leave about 1/4 inch of fabric at the bottom to wrap around later.  Then hot glue your seam down along the edge of the ribbon.  (*Tip- Use a high temperature hot glue gun and work in small sections.)

4.  Lay your curtain panel down on the floor and smooth out any wrinkles.  Line up your bottom panel which is now only attached to the curtain panel at the ribbon edge.  Once your bottom panel of fabric is lined up straight hot glue the top seam of your panel to the curtain.  
5. Fold the bottom edge over and hot glue. 

6.  Fold the outside edge over and hot glue. 

customizing store bought curtains with a glue gun

7.  Last but not least when your bottom fabric panel is completely attached and hot glued on all sides, iron or steam your curtain panel to get rid of any wrinkles before hanging.  

customizing store bought curtains with a glue gun

It's a very subtle change but I really like that added splash of pattern.  Plus, that small panel of added fabric gave these curtains a nice weight which helps them to lay a little nicer as well. 

No Sew Curtains with a Hot Glue Gun

Have you ever used a hot glue gun to spruce up some store bought curtains?   I've decided I could live without a lot of things........but I can't live without my hot glue gun! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

behind the scenes

Hey there's been a little while hasn't it?  Sorry for the radio silence.  Sometimes life gets chaotic in a good way, and instead of trying to juggle it all you let one ball go so you can juggle the other balls a little bit better.........does that make any sense?   

While I've not posted anything new on the blog in a while, I've been busy behind the scenes.  If you follow me on instagram then you already got a little sneak peek of what I've been up to lately.  A while back in January of this year I was contacted about a possible magazine photo shoot of my home.  A few emails went back and forth and then I didn't hear anything back, so I just figured it wasn't going to work out after all.   

But then, about a month ago I received an email asking if a September date for a photo shoot would work for me and my family.  Obviously, I couldn't say YES fast enough!  

The stylist and two amazing photographers showed up this past Saturday to do a walk through and drop off props and lots of gorgeous flowers! 

Um, if I had known they would be storing and prepping the flowers in my laundry room, I might have cleaned it up a little.  There's a reason you've never seen my laundry room on the blog. #soembarrassing  

Sunday morning bright and early they brought in some serious photography equipment and got to work photographing my entry foyer, dining room, office, living room, kitchen and master bedroom.  

I had such fun watching the team do their thing!  What goes in to creating and capturing each image is just amazing!  

I'm not sure when my house feature in Refresh Magazine, a special publication of Better Homes and Gardens, will hit stands but I'll be sure to let you all know.  Without a doubt, this photo shoot would never have happened if it weren't for your support and encouragement of this little blog.  I can't thank you all enough for reading along and coming on the journey as I continue to make our fifth house a home.  If I could, I'd package up little bouquets with all the leftover flowers for each one of you! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

introducing elsa

Happy Tuesday y'all!  I'm struggling to get this week started after having a great little family getaway to  Nashville this past weekend.  My son played in a soccer tournament there, and we stayed at the Opryland Hotel.  But a really fun weekend aside, that's not the only reason I'm a little behind this week.  Sunday night we welcomed this little cutie into the family! 

I'd like to introduce you to Elsa! 

miniature schnauzer puppy

She's all of 2.6 pounds and pure love!

miniature schnauzer puppy

I mean, I. can't. even. handle. the cuteness!!!!!!  She's a miniature schnauzer and was born on August 1st.  She's so tiny; she's wearing one of my bracelets as a collar right now! 

miniature schnauzer puppy

I'm obviously head over heels..........but really, have you ever seen better eyebrows?! 

miniature schnauzer puppy

Every dog holds a very special place in your heart.  And this sweet girl has already got me wrapped. 

miniature schnauzer

Gandalf, our standard size schnauzer that is a year old, is not quite sure what to make of her just yet.  He's been very gentle with her, and I think when she gets a little bit bigger the two of them will be great buddies. 

standard schnauzer and miniature schnauzer

One standard schnauzer + one mini schnauzer = one sweet bearded, bushy eyebrowed bundle of love!  

The adventures of Gandalf and Elsa.........I'm thinking they may need their own instagram account.  ;) 

PS - If you're looking for a miniature schnauzer breeder around Kentucky, email me!  

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