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Thursday, October 30, 2014

our halloween front entrance

I'm not really that big on Halloween decorations.  I'm more of a "Harvest Party" girl than a "Spooky Party" girl.  In the past I may have slightly spookified my mantel decor for Halloween as seen here and here, but I've never gone beyond that in the decorations department.  My sister-in-law has always thrown a big Halloween party and since we've always been at her house on trick-or-treat night, I've never felt like I needed/wanted to decorate my front entry.  But this year my niece has a volleyball championship game to play on Halloween night......of all nights!.........So my sister-in-law's annual party isn't happening this year!  

SO, I raided the clearance Halloween aisle at Walmart last weekend so I could throw a little something together to greet the trick-or-treaters. 

halloween front entrance

 If you can't tell by our carved pumpkin and painted pumpkins, we're big fans of The Nightmare before Christmas.  That would be Jack the Pumpkin King and his girlfriend Sally. 

outdoor halloween decor

The witch cauldrons I picked up at Walmart are working as pumpkin stands.  I grabbed some big fallen branches from the backyard and spray painted them black then added a few fall leaves to them.  They really show up a lot better in person. 

halloween front entry

I threw this wreath together in about 15 minutes using more clearance aisle items. 

Simple Halloween Wreath

Easy and I just need to buy boatloads of candy to pass out and finish making my girl's costume (yes, I'm still not done!).    Are you ready for Halloween?  Do you decorate your front entry for trick-or-treaters?   

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

fall potting bench

fall potting bench

I finally dragged my lazy rear into the backyard to do some yard work.  The leaves, the wind and all the rain we've had in October have created a disaster zone.  I have so much more work to do back there (ugh! I'm not a fan of yard work!), but at least the potting bench is once again looking decent.  One step at a time right? 

fall potting bench

fall potting bench

What have you been up to lately?   Do you rake leaves or just let them lay? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

what's on my mind this friday

Hey friends and Happy Friday!  I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  I'm planning to finish up the powder room (that has been dragging on forever hasn't it?!), make my girl's Halloween costume (nothing like the last minute), and have a Black List marathon with the hubs Saturday night (we've just started season 1) and.................Sunday's my birthday!   Woohoo!   Let the birthday weekend festivities begin!  

There are lots of random things on my mind today, but I'll try to reign it in for your sake.  ;)

1.  I'm loving the new Oh Joy! for Target line!  I just had to bring this pitcher home with me.   I mean, black + white stripes and gold..........get serious. 

Oh Joy!  for Target pitcher

And don't hate me for buying a Christmas related item before Halloween, but I also couldn't resist this banner.  I'll bet it'll be sold out in no time, so if you want one get it now! 

2.  I'm apparently having a moment with stripes right now because I couldn't resist this striped sweater from Old Navy.  The price was just too good! 

black & white stripes, with red plaid

Unfortunately, our new little puppy, Elsa, snagged it......but I think I can hide the snag. 

3.  It's hard to get mad at something that looks this cute.  

She's pretty excited about Halloween.  :) 

4.  So, I've decided that I'm going to be really on the ball about Christmas cards this year.  My plan is to get our pictures done the first week of November, and to have our cards ordered before Thanksgiving.  I know, I know, I'm being super ambitious!  Thanks to Minted for offering 10% off and free shipping to Our Fifth House readers with code MINTEDFFA2!  They have the most fun collection of cards!  Hopefully the discount code and free shipping keep me motivated!  ;) 

5.  What did you all think of Gone Girl?  Have you seen it?  Did you read the book?   I've read all of Gillian Flynn's books......I'm a big fan of the way her crazy brain works.  I wasn't super thrilled with Rosamund Pike's portrayal of Amy.  Am I alone on that?  I thought the movie overall was good.......but as usual the movie in my mind while reading the book was like 100 million times better.  ;)  That's how it always goes..........except for The Hunger Games - they've nailed those books turned movies.....for me anyway.  And I can. not. wait. for November 21st!!!!!  

Happy Weekend friends!  Make it a good one! ~

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