Tuesday, November 24, 2015

living room curtain panels

Finishing up the bookcase painting project really motivated me to keep going in our living room........well that and the fact that we have friends coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving and family coming for Christmas.  There really is nothing like having company over to get your booty moving in your home.  Am I right?!

I painted the walls last week, and over the weekend I hung curtain panels.

living room - no sew curtain panels  - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

I fell in love with this fabric I stumbled upon at Hobby Lobby.  I love the large scale pattern and gorgeous texture.  It's so hard to capture the beauty of this fabric in a photograph.  The jute applique is just too good for words.

living room - no sew curtain panels  - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

While I've yet to learn how to use a sewing machine, my hot glue gun is still getting the job done quite nicely.......and super quickly I might add.  This decorator fabric is a nice heavy weight cotton and totally opaque, so there was no need to line the curtain panels.  All I did was measure, cut, fold in and iron the seams.  Then I "sew glued" them.  Boom.  Done.  I could have used no sew hemming tape as well, but I've found that hot glue is more effective for a no sew window treatment when you're using a heavier fabric.  And it's definitely faster.  Plus, just by looking you'd never be able to tell the difference. 

living room - no sew curtain panels  - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

With very little effort the curtain panels have made such a huge impact on this space.  The room is still quite a ways from the finish line, but the curtain panels are one of those details that has really pushed this room forward.  Slowly but surely this room is coming together.....................................one step at a time.  A snail's pace is better than no pace right?  That's what I keep telling myself anyway. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

simple holiday decorating with candles & a giveaway

simple holiday decorating with candles  #smellslikeholidayspirit

I light a scented candle or two every night around the holidays.  I just love the ambiance they create in a home not to mention how great they smell.  There is just something about a candle burning while you're snuggled up with your family on the sofa that screams, "It's Christmas!".  While I've yet to bust out all of my holiday decor, a simple poinsettia and a single jar candle on the side table in my living room is already making my home feel cozy for the season. 

simple holiday decorating with candles  #smellslikeholidayspirit

As much as I love candles, especially jar candles that you don't have to worry about wax drippings, I don't love paying a high price for them.  But I'm also really picky about any labeling on a jar candle.  I want my candles to smell great, but I also want them to blend in with my home decor rather than sticking out like a soar thumb.  I discovered my perfect candle trifecta one day while shopping at none other than…..the grocery store.  What sold me on Air Wick candles is that the labels are "easy peel".   There is absolutely no sticky residue that takes hours to remove.  The labels peel off the front and back effortlessly.  So that all I'm left with is a great smelling candle that blends in seamlessly with my decor and didn't cost me a small fortune. 

holiday scented candles from Air Wick - #smellslikeHolidaySpirit

Lately I've been really partial to the Spiced Apple Crumble fragrance as it makes my house smell like I've been playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen, and that's never a bad thing in my opinion.  However, the green one, Emerald Woodland is perfect for this fake tree girl as it brings in a nice winter greenery aroma. 

Air Wick candles perfect for holiday decorating #smellslikeholidayspirit

I wasn't kidding about the easy peeling.  It's like magic, and I just had to show you.  ;) 

air wick candles  - perfect for holiday decorating with easy peel backs #smellslikeholidayspirit

Thanks to the generous folks at Air Wick one of you lucky winners will be bringing home some yummy holiday fragrances to your own home.  As they are offering to give away not one, but two, of both of their holiday fragrances.  One winner will receive 2 Spiced Apple Crumble and 2 Emerald Woodland scented jar candles.  To enter this giveaway just leave a comment letting me how you like to incorporate candles in your holiday decorating.  This giveaway will be open until Friday.  Good Luck!    

Here's to having homes that smell like holiday spirit!   

simple holiday decorating with candles

*This post was sponsored by Air Wick, but as always, thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

umbrellas + rainboots

Happy Friday friends!  Can you all even believe Thanksgiving is next week?!  I can not believe how fast this year flew by.  I feel like we just moved to Charleston a week ago, and yet that was way back in July.  And now it's already the end of November?!  Wow.  So far, I've yet to bust out any real "fall" clothing.  I mean sure I've worn a light sweater a time or two, but I've yet to actually feel cold here.  So I have no idea if/when I'm going to need my winter coats.  I have, however, worn my rainboots and busted out my umbrella quite a few times.  

And inevitably when it's raining it means two things:  1.  It's a grocery shopping day.  And 2.  I'm out of gas.  Just me?  Honestly, I used to dread a rainy day........until I got a pair of cute rain boots and a good umbrella.  Game changer.  No offense to my girl, but they are my sunshine on a cloudy day.  ;)

umbrellas and rain boots

I bought these rain boots last year during a huge sale at Macy's where they sold out quickly.  There is limited availability now on Amazon, so if you're a die hard plaid lover like I am you might want to act fast and maybe snag yourself an early Christmas present.  Because it rained again yesterday I just so happen to have umbrellas and rain boots on the brain, so I thought I'd gather up a few my favorites.  I've always been more of a practical shopper and never really saw the point of rain boots, but they really are so nice to have.  There are so many fun styles out there too!  And an umbrella is one of those things you never, or at least I never, think to buy until it's pouring down rain, but having a good one makes a world of difference!  And the ones that collapse down to fit in your handbag make for really nice stocking stuffers......did you hear that honey? 

rain boots under $80
union jack, buffalo check, dots, floral, stripes, red, quilted, leopard

Best thing about the above collection?  They're all under $80, in fact there are a few styles under $40!  

black + white, blue dots, zebra, plaid, red + dots

I'm partial to an umbrella with a hook handle, as I find them easier to hold, plus they hook on nicely to a grocery shopping cart.  ;)  But once again, the plaid won me over, and I wouldn't mind if that little number showed up in my Christmas stocking.

Can't end a post about umbrellas and rain boots without sharing my favorite Glee mash-up song of all time.   Man, do I miss that show! 

Happy pre-Thanksgiving Weekend friends!  Any big plans for the weekend?  I'm planning to see Mockingjay part 2 tonight!  Can't wait!

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