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Saturday, January 31, 2015

saturday style mix - graphic tee + collared shirt

Hey friends and welcome to my new Saturday Style Mix series!  This isn't going to be a weekly series, just more of an every now and again deal.  You all know I'm no fashionista.  If I was lucky enough to find an extra $50 in my couch cushions (wishful thinking much?), I'd definitely spend it on something for my home to wear over something for me to wear - no question.  That being said, I do wear clothes every day.  My goal as a mom who blogs from home is to only wear yoga pants on days when I'm actually going to a yoga class, even though my work dress code is pretty lenient.  ;)  Because I'd rather put my money into house projects and home decor instead of my wardrobe I try to mix things up creating new looks with articles of clothing I already own.  I believe in good basics and a good bargain.  And I think if you're willing to play around a bit, maybe take a fashion risk or two, you can create countless different looks with just a few pieces.  

These Saturday Style Mix posts aren't intended to make you feel like you need to go out and buy something new, but rather to hopefully inspire you to try something new with the clothes you already have.  And if you're only visiting Our Fifth House for the home stuff, no worries, like I said this is not turning into a fashion blog.  This is just a fun new every-now-and-again on a Saturday series.  Sound good?  Okay, let's dive in then shall we? 

I love a good t-shirt, especially a good graphic tee.  Casual, comfy go-with-everything t's are my jam.   However, I also love a traditional buttoned down collared shirt.  I dig classics.  Since winter here in Kentucky won't allow me to wear a short sleeve tee alone, I layer pairing my two favs together.  What do you think?  Would you layer a graphic short sleeve tee over a classic collared shirt? 

graphic tee + collared shirt

graphic tee + polka dot collared shirt

{sunglasses - persol - ebay find, bracelet - local shop Street Scene, graphic tee -Old Navy last fall, polka dot shirt, jeans - on sale!}

short sleeve graphic tee layered over a long sleeve buttoned down

I think it's a fun combo that helps to keep my t-shirts in the rotation even during the colder months.  It's especially fun when paired with a patterned shirt as the short sleeves really show off the pattern.  

Do you like graphic tees?   Here are a few favs. 

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Friday, January 30, 2015

high five it's friday

Hey hey friends and happy Friday!  I'm looking forward to the weekend even though I'll be waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get my son to his indoor soccer practice.........the things we do for our kids.  Let's hope an early Saturday wake-up call will make for a productive day!  It'll probably just mean an early bedtime.  Ha!  

Let's jump right into the Friday five! 

1.  I shared this photo on Instagram recently and a bunch of you all asked about the app I used to create the blur in the photo.  

I used the Big Lens app.  It's easy to use and great for blocking out the noise you don't want cluttering up your photo.  It's worth every bit of $.99.  

 {Outfit deets:  Little Girlfriend: vest - RL outlet, dress (on sale), leggings - Target, boots   Me: coat (similar), dress -Jcrew couple years ago, necklace, travel mug}

2.  I'm slightly obsessed with these initial crewneck sweatshirts from Kate Spade Saturday, but $95 for a sweatshirt seems a little ridic to me.  I'm thinking this would be an easy stay tuned.  

3.  For my paleo peeps, if you don't already have this cookbook, Every Last Crumb, from Brittney Angell you need to get it like yesterday!  

The recipes in this book are legit!  I'm talking waffles, biscuits and cinnamon rolls!  It's like paleo food heaven; but honestly, it's not all sweets.  There are some good meal recipes in it too.  I made the clam chowder recipe switching the clams for crabs and oysters, and oh my word was it delish! 

paleo chowder recipe from Every Last Crumb

I might make it again this weekend! 

4.Speaking of cookbooks, this week's quick tip makes finding my favorite recipes a breeze.  You can use a label maker to make your own tabs or just buy them at your local office supply store.  

Our FIfth House quick tip - tab your cookbooks

5.  Last but not least, Valentine's Day is coming soon and this is what I'm planning to get my guy.  

We don't do extravagant gifts for Valentine's Day; and we aren't the lovey-dovey type.  We're more of the sarcastic shut-your-mouth-when-you're-talking-to-me type, so this is basically the perfect gift.  ;)  I might fill it with some know a little sweet with a little sass.  Ha!  What are you all planning to give your Valentine?  

Have a great weekend peeps!  I'm starting a new series tomorrow, and I'd love for you to stop by to check it out!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

leo bedding for my little lady

Y'all know how much I love me some leopard.  Like seriously, love leopard.  Well......apparently.......leopard love is inherited because this past weekend my daughter flipped her lid when she saw this leo comforter at Kohls, and obviously I couldn't refuse! 

pink + turquoise + leopard

Kohl's isn't really in my regular rotation, but when I stopped in a few days ago I was pretty impressed with their home department.  If I'm being totally honest I really only decided to go there because I wanted to check out Lauren Conrad's clothing line.  Don't judge me people.  Sometimes it's really cute. Anyhow, I didn't come home with any new clothes, but my little lady did convince me that she needed this leo comforter.  Not that I needed too much convincing.  

pink + turquoise little girl's room

I think she's been feeling a little left out since her brother is getting a full room makeover, so I figured a little bedding update would be a good idea.  This leo comforter is so much better in person.  It's really soft and satin-y, and little girlfriend said she thought it was "quite luxurious".  Didn't even know she knew that word!  

pattern mixing in a little girl's room - leopard is a neutral

I'm not going to lie, I loved how excited she got when she saw this bedding on the shelf.  She literally gasped.  Cutest. thing. ever.  It may seem silly, but it's fun to share similar interests with your kids.   Maybe someday she'll be a designer, and I can be her assistant.  

leopard bedding in a little girl's room

Her room is such a happy place.  While I had no intentions of making any changes to her room.......this may end up being a little if you give a pig a pancake stay tuned.  It's always something right?!

pink and turquoise girl's room with leopard bedding and gold polka dot ceiling

Have you been into Kohl's lately?  They also have these gorgeous leopard sheets, and right now they're buy one get one 50% off!

For deets on her gold polka dot ceiling click here

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