Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

Yesterday morning, I actually had to put on - get this - a jacket!  So I know it's officially fall now!  YAY!  It's my favorite season!  While I was waiting for the stain to dry on the dining room floor, I decided it was about time for me to bust out the fall totes.  As the hubs said when he came home to a crazy mess of fall decor, "I see you're gettin' your harvest on up in here!"  You bet I am!  

I wanted to keep it simple and easy because as you know I've got all kinds of other house projects to work on at the moment.  I did my fall decorating after dinner the other night while I was already in the kitchen cleaning things up.  That's what we moms do best right?!  Multi-tasking - I just love it when I get 2 or 3 things done at one time!  

First I dressed my table by changing it from early fall 

to full on fall.

All I did was exchange the pomegranates and pears out for some miniature pumpkins and gourds that I picked up earlier at the grocery store.  They were 2 for $1.00 and I spent $5.  I'm really diggin' this mixture of colors.   

In addition to changing up the centerpiece, I also changed the napkins and used these painted pine cones instead of traditional napkin rings.  We had a fall family craft night about 2 years ago; we gathered some pine cones from the yard and then painted them with acrylic craft paint.  It was an easy fall craft project that we all enjoyed and have continued to harvest the rewards (sorry for the wording there- sometimes I just can't help myself) for the last couple years! 

I used the remaining pine cones to fill my Paula Deen colander that I bought at Kohl's a year ago!

Hmmm........maybe this is why my cooking is far from Paula Deenalicious because I use my colander for decorating rather than for cooking?  Let me ponder this while I show you the "desk" area of my kitchen.  

I use this counter space for making out my grocery list, going through mail, jotting down reminder notes, you know just general "desky" type things.  Anyhow,  I made it feel like fall just by filling the apothecary jars (that I've had for years) with some more pumpkins and gourds (these I already had).  I wrote a fun little fall saying on my Gramercy plate (Willow House), and then I added this gorgeous ceramic pumpkin and gourd that was given to me as a house warming gift, by a neighbor who has become a sweet friend.  Southern hospitality is a real thing, and this California girl is in love with it! 

The easy fall decorating continued in the family room with a few more quick switches.  I added this group of pumpkins (Michael's - 3 years ago) to the platter that sits on my coffee table.  

Then I added a some more pumpkins and gourds to the mantel.

Fall decorating phase one - done.  I love that I already had almost everything, so I didn't have to spend much.  Easy.  Simple.  Done.  Phase 2 coming soon........but first let me go check on that dining room floor situation.  

I'm linking up with hookedonhouses and thenester.  Go check out their beautiful fall decor! 

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