Friday, September 17, 2010

A Look Back

Sometimes in order to know where you're headed you have to take a look at where you've been.  Considering my last post showed you the ugly side of the ongoing "making this house a home" project,  I felt I was in need of a little inspiration/motivation.  So a little tour of the old 1954 Pittsburgh home, a.k.a our 4th house, seemed in order (and hopefully it will help me get to crackin' over here in our new 1980's Lexington home). 

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pics just afters.  At the time, I was busy with a 2 year old and a newborn so when I actually had time to do something other than feed them and change them I was more like OK let's get 'er done, not let me waste time and get my camera to snap some before pics.

Welcome to the 'burgh!

We did a lot of landscaping (things were really overgrown when we moved in). We also changed all of the exterior lighting.  


This room was to the right when you walked through the front door (view from the foyer).  It was a formal living room, but who needs a formal living room?  Let alone one that is this big.  So we made it a family room.  We created a TV watching area and a conversation area by using area rugs to break up this massive space.  We used a dark chocolate color on the fireplace wall to make it stand out as more of a focal point.

In the dining room we added the chandelier and the picture frame molding.  This room was open to the family room (pictured above), but while it's much more traditional, it still flowed because we used the same color palette.  (We learned that this was a good way to merge our different styles, and we are using this "theory" in our new home. ) 

We did a pretty major update in here.  (I wish these pics were a little better- these actually came from our realtor as we didn't have any of our own.)  Anyhow, at least you get somewhat of an idea here.  We kept the original cabinets and just painted them bright white and added new stainless hardware.  (I think in an old house wherever you can salvage something original, you should.  Sometimes when an old house is completely gutted I think it loses some of it's charm.  This also is a little easier on the old pocketbook as well.)  We added an under mount sink and a black granite counter top (sounding familiar yet.)  Went with all new stainless appliances and bought this stand alone kitchen island from Ikea (oh how I miss living close to an Ikea).  I love a kitchen island that has a different counter top than the rest of the kitchen it adds contrast and makes things interesting.  This butcher block top really added a lot of warmth and texture to our Pittsburgh kitchen, and it was super functional! 

This was a den that we created a dining area in (since we didn't have an eat-in kitchen) thanks to a candelabra from ZGallerie and a little furniture arrangement.  You can't see the wet bar too well here; but here's the story:  we bought us a wet tile saw, some granite tiles and a copper sink (we scored on ebay), and we pimped out our wet bar in a weekend!  The hilarity of this project will live in my mind forever!  We completed this weekend project while Brad was recovering from having his wisdom teeth taken out.  What we were thinking (or rather I was thinking) is still a mystery to both of us, but we did get it done! 

This was the basement office, otherwise known as Brad's man cave.  We added a light colored wood laminate floor and replaced the light fixtures with 2 large modern styled flush mounts.  Using the light flooring and wall colors really helped to add a lot of light in an otherwise dark basement room (there was only 1 tiny window). 

The kids rooms also functioned as play rooms.  I had a little fun with a paint brush in both rooms.  Added stripes and a scalloped bottom border in the girl's room, and added a fun mural that mimicked the bedding in the boy's room.  The chalkboard squares were also a big hit with the kiddos.  I'm always amazed at the power of paint, and chalkboard paint is the greatest invention ever!

The guest room was just kind of basic; we never really got around to doing much with it.  Which is why it's closer to the top of the list this time around. 

Where the magic happened.  This was our master bedroom.  

The back patio.  Imagine if you will, a covered patio, as in outdoor carpet covering this entire patio - it - was- terrible!   We ripped it off and used a concrete stain on the floor.  It was a major improvement for minor dollars!  Which is always a bonus! 

Well, that's it- the end of the tour.  We all better get out of here considering we are now touring someone else's home. 

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  1. So funny that I happened upon your blog ... I live just a few streets from this house in Pittsburgh! I actually walked through your open house when it was on the market ... our house hadn't sold yet and by the time it had, yours had too. We stayed in the neighborhood, though. Looking forward to reading your blog - the house here was beautiful, if I remember correctly.


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