Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This guy has been helping me sand the sub floor in my dining room.  You already know that I crazily ripped out that white 20+ year old carpet in somewhat of a mommy dearest episode.  Wire hangers don't bother me, but white carpet makes me crazy.  Anyhow, this little sander has done the trick!  

This little big project is kicking my tail!  My arms were so sore this morning.  So far I've sanded, then used wood filler on the cracks and nail holes,

 then sanded again, then stained, then sanded again, and then stained again.  Here's to hoping it was all worth it!  I'm hoping to be done by Friday.  In the meantime while I've had to wait for the stain to dry, I started my fall decorating- YAY!  More on that tomorrow! 


  1. Im thinking of doing this through out our home. Daughter has severe dust mite allergies and we have wall to wall carpet. Curious how this has been holding up to traffic or have you been able to afford an alternative?

  2. It held up great for almost a year before we had bamboo flooring put down. My mom has painted subfloors throughout her home and has had them for going on 5 years or so. They're in great shape.

  3. I think I might be crazy enough to try this in our bedrooms upstairs. New flooring is so expensive. And this might be just what we can afford.


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