Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Done Right

Lately, I have been a spray painting crazy woman.  Seriously, nothing in my house is safe from me and my current obsession with white spray paint.  It's just so easy and quick.  It turns ugly to pretty in seconds, and it's cheap, cheap, cheap!  I feel kind of like I'm holding a magic wand when I have a can of spray paint in my hand.  Poof- you're beautiful!  I could literally go on and on and on about my deep love of white spray paint.  I won't bore you with words though, instead I'll show you.  You know because a picture is worth a thousand words.

The proof is in the paint.  This is white done right. 

I turned these gold buffet lamps into white shabby chic beauties for the dining room.  I bought them 7 years ago at Steinmart (hard to believe I remember that, but I do).  While I was redoing the dining room, I just decided to give these old goldies a new look.  I'm so lovin' them dressed in white! 

I sprayed them from the top down, so a teensy bit of gold is still showing which adds to their shabby chicness.  Borrowed the lamp shades from our master bedroom.  The previous shades were black.  You want a magic spray painting wand now too - don't you :) 

Next up, this spooky black owl that I found at Garden Ridge for $3.99.

"Whoooo called me spoooooky?!"

I got so carried away with my magic spray painting wand that I didn't even stop to take a before picture of this sweet ceramic bird.  Imagine it in a beigey-brown.  Bought it at HomeGoods; can't remember how much it was, but I know it wasn't much.  I'm cheap trick pony :) 

You remember this chair makeover.  

I'm only showing it again because it was done with the same can of spray paint.  See I told you it was magic!  

For all of these projects I used Rustoleum brand paint.  I have also used and recommend Krylon.  I'm no expert, far from it, but from experience I recommend always spray painting in a well ventilated area.  If you've never spray painted anything before, practice on something first to get the feel of your magic painting wand.  Hey, even Harry Potter needed lessons and practice.  Follow the directions on the back of the can; sounds a bit obvious but seriously the directions are right there, and if you follow them you will get the results you want.  Allow for drying time between coats - that's my best tip for an even application.  That's it - oh- and have fun spraying anything and everything that isn't breathing.  

Have you been spray painting anything lately?  Are you obsessed with white or are you using another color?  I'd love to hear all about your spray painting projects!  When in doubt, bust the spray paint out!  

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  1. Great changes. I have painted so many things white and I love how they look.

    Partying with you tonight.

  2. The lamps are just stunning now! All of the projects turned out so well.

  3. Hi there! Scott sent me the link to your blog, so now I'm a new follower! Ours is The Ugly Duckling House... I hope you stop by!

  4. This is a wonderful makeover, I love paint, exp white! :)

  5. Hi! Found you from Gina's party and I'm the same as you... love to spray paint white, come visit me to see the redo of my bench...great minds think alike for painting white!


  6. I have those same lamps and painted them white too. I love your shades though. Much prettier than mine.


  7. I'm spray painting like a maniac too... My current fav color is gold... Love the look in white :)


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