Friday, November 5, 2010

Props To My Pops

My dad is visiting from California, and I am so thankful to have him here!  I haven't been around much this week, and now you know why.  He was here for my birthday, for Halloween, and for his birthday!  It's been a great two weeks here at our fifth house!

I really need to give the pops some props!  I've talked about him before.  I believe I called him the landscaping Yoda :)   Yup, that pretty much sums it up.  His birthday gift to me was more landscaping.  He created more of a grand entrance for our front yard.  Here's how it looked before.

Excuse the brown grass.  No rain + no irrigation + a very hot summer = not so green grass 
Here's what it looks like now.

He added a row of holly to both sides of the walkway leading up to the front door and also planted some pansies.  

The fall is a great time for planting; and in places where you have an actual winter, most of the garden centers mark down prices to sell their inventory before the cold winter months arrive.  We actually picked up the last 6 bags of dark brown mulch that Lowe's had in stock, and because the bags had a few minor holes in them they sold them to us at 50% off!  Score!  I just love this new look!  Happy Birthday to me :)  

While my dad was digging, planting, and spreading mulch; I added a little Thanksgiving flair to the front door decor.  Basically, I was living the easy life :)  I painted a fun little saying on the pumpkins (we already had) with black indoor/outdoor paint.  I painted one word on each pumpkin - Keep Calm And Gobble Gobble.  

That took 5 pumpkins, but I still had five more just plain old pumpkins that I wanted to do a little something with (We have this many pumpkins because of a little party we had here in October).  So I thought, hmmmm, what to do with the other 5 pumpkins.  Then I remembered one of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts from my childhood, and an idea was born.  We (the four two legged peeps that live here) made hand turkeys.  We just painted our hands black and then stamped them onto the pumpkins, added some legs, a beak, and a gobbler (that's what I call that red dangly thing) and you have a "hand made turkey".  They were so easy to make, and I love them!  They are so sweet and fun and well the kids just love them!  

The last pumpkin I used my turkey pokey thingy that I bought years ago at a pumpkin patch.  It was looking kinda weathered, so I sprayed it with some white spray paint (of course).  

So thanks to my dad, I got my Thanksgiving on right here in my own front yard!  I'm so very thankful for his birthday gift that I'll be able to enjoy for years!

Check here for a pumpkin topiary tutorial.

Have you been getting your Thanksgiving on?  Any special gifts you're over the moon thankful for?  Let us all give thanks! 

Weekend Update:  Unfortunately the words on my pumpkins just peeled right off?  SO weird, I used this same paint before and didn't have this problem?   The hand turkeys are still intact though- YAY!  No more cute saying-hmmmm- I wonder why this happened?  If anyone knows- give me a shout.  

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  1. So sweet of your Dad! The front looks great eith the new plantings and your Thanksgiving decorations. Enjoy your weeeknd!


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