Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Tables

We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year!  It's our first Thanksgiving here at our fifth house, and I'm thrilled to be the hostess with the mostess.  Is it sad that the table will probably look better than the meal will taste?!  Well, I guess my cooking isn't that bad, but it's certainly not one of my best qualities.  Thank goodness my mom is here (from California) to help me.  Actually I think all I have to make is the sweet potato pie (we don't do pumpkin), the mashed potatoes, the stuffing, and the green beans.  The hubs is smoking the turkey; and my mom is making her famous potato soup, a spinach salad, and cranberry relish.  Yeah, it's going to be a throw-down over here on Thanksgiving Day!  Let the calorie ingesting begin!

Before we give thanks for our many blessings and sit down to feast; here's a look at our thankful tables.

The Kitchen Table
The Dining Room Table

I wanted something sweet and simple.  We plan to eat dinner at the kitchen table and dessert at the dining room table.  I just love using both of our tables for entertaining!

I used burlap table runners and white napkins on both tables to create a cohesive look, but I styled each table a little differently.  The burlap I bought at a local craft store (Hobby Lobby) for I think around $3/yd.  I purchased quite a few yards because I'm planning to use this burlap for some other crafty projects, but you really don't need much to make a table runner.  Just measure your table to figure out how much you'll need.  I chose to cut 2 rather wide runners for my tables, and I didn't sew them.  I just left the edges raw.  I really love the natural look, and I'm totally loving this lighter color burlap that I found. (* If you decide to get crafty with burlap, I recommend that you use an old pair of scissors.  Burlap is really rough and you wouldn't want to ruin a good pair of fabric scissors.)

In lieu of traditional place cards, I made napkin ring cards and tied them on each napkin with a little twine.  I found some scrapbook paper in my craft closet to print out "Give Thanks" cards. 

Then I cut them out and used Elmer's spray adhesive to attach them to a piece of burlap to make them a little heavier. (*Note- Spray adhesive is kind of... um... sticky... duh!  ;) You'll want to make sure to cover the area where you are working.)

Then with my scissors I made a small hole to lace the twine through to tie them around each napkin.  Before I tied the cards on, I tied each napkin with a cream-colored glittery tulle ribbon.  (Tulle ribbon is sold at most craft stores.  It's usually about $2 -$3 for a spool that is 6 ft. wide and has about 25 ft. of ribbon on it.  I love it and use it all the time!)

I used my silver chargers on my kitchen table with my Willow House Villa Stoneware plates (which I earned for FREE!).  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love chargers!  They add simple sophistication to a table setting, and you can pick them up just about anywhere for a great price.  I bought these years ago at Target (I think on a black Friday).

In my dining room, I used my china plates with gold chargers.  I love actually using my china which I rarely ever did when I had a china cabinet.  Since we sold our china cabinet and gave our dining room a makeover, we have used our china (which we bought at an antique store in Richmond) and our dining room much more often.  Lovely displays are nice but using what you love is nicer! 

For my kitchen table centerpiece, I used a seagrass charger that I picked up at Walmart ($2) to coral a group of glass candlesticks that I already had.  Actually two of these are crystal candlesticks that my mom gave us for our 5th wedding anniversary, and the others are dollar store finds.  One of them is really a bud vase, but my taper candle fit in it just fine. 

I used 2 square glass vases to add a little pop of color.  Tulips are traditionally thought of as more of a spring flower, but I love them all year round.  The yellow color reminds me of corn which makes me think of the very first Thanksgiving, and since this is our first Thanksgiving in our new house I thought they were appropriate.  I also spray painted a few mini foam pumpkins (a.k.a. foamkins) white and spread them around the center of the table.  I like to vary heights when I'm arranging a table setting.  I think it's more interesting that way.  I also like to keep things mainly below eye-level so that everyone can see each other when they sit down to eat.  I love the simplicity of this table setting.  

For the dining room centerpiece I used my favorite pair of brushed silver candlesticks that I bought years ago at a little boutique in Richmond, VA along with a couple of glass domes.  I used the glass dome of old crystal clock (that no longer works) on my cake stand to display a small foamkin topiary that I made.  I used a few glittery sprigs that I picked up at the dollar store to line the plate edge.  

To make this pumpkin topiary I just took the stems off of the tops of the two bottom foamkins and used a little gorilla glue to stack them.  Then I used some acrylic craft paint to paint it.

I used a little antique white and gold dust paint to add some depth and sparkle.

I also painted one single foamkin to place under my petite glass dome (which is also from Willow House).  I'm so very thankful to be a Willow House Design Consultant!

I love the mix of metallics in this table setting.  It's non-traditional and simply thankful.

 I'm ready for turkey day!  Are you?!  What are you thankful for?  I'm thankful to have my mom and step-dad here to celebrate with us!  It's such a treat to spend holidays with family.  Most people take this for granted, but we never do.  Moving around and living in places where we have been far away from family and friends has taught us to be grateful for the time spent with loved ones.  May your holiday be filled with love and laughter.  After all, the best decorated tables are the ones decorated with the people you love! 


  1. I am thankful for having my entire family at my house for Thanksgiving this year...and for having just enough seats for everyone too :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What an amazing tablescape! I love it!


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