Sunday, November 14, 2010

When In Rome.....

Or the horse capitol of the world!  Well, here's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  I recently celebrated another thirty-something birthday, and my wonderful mom sent me a card with some money to spend on just me :)  Yay!  I think I told her I was going to buy a new pair of boots with the money, but I.... uh.... um.... kind of bought something else instead.  Maybe it was because Lexington, KY, just hosted the World Equestrian Games or maybe it was because I just saw Secretariat at the theatre or maybe because I'm obsessed with white, shiny things or maybe I was channeling Sherry from Young House Love (you know how she LOVES white ceramic animals) or maybe I'm just plain crazy - honestly I just don't know.  All I do know is, I had been eyeing this white beauty for awhile; and with the birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I bought it!

It's actually made of resin so it's not super heavy like ceramic would probably be.    I still think Sherry would love it :)

It's from Z Gallerie!  I had a coupon for 10% off that I found online plus the birthday money, so it wasn't too much of a splurge!  I LOVE IT!  Hey, it's my birthday and I'll buy it if I want to :)   

So, it came to my door step last week, and I totally knew exactly where to hang it.  On my mantel in the family room, of course!  Well, once it was up there, something happened.  Kind of like the something that happened in my kitchen; you know when one thing leads to another.  After I hung it up, I felt like the room needed to make some changes to make it's new stallion of a friend feel more at home.  

So, here's the family room before it took a run for the roses!

Here's the after.

I rearranged a few of the accessories.  I moved the clock that was above the fireplace over to the wall above the wine bar, and I moved my Galveston Footed Hurricane (Willow House) that was on the coffee table over to the bar too (mainly because the hubs was complaining that it was "blocking" his beloved view of the T.V.- heaven forbid!)!  I added the white branches that I used for my anniversary party table setting to the hurricane.  I also used a little white paint to highlight the curvy lines of the clock.  

I removed the wine bottles that were holding tea lights (I'll show you what I did with them very soon - I promise!) from the coffee table to add my Hemingway Hurricane (Willow House) filled with wine corks and a simple white candle.  I restyled my Eclipse Platter (Willow House) for a simple fall look.  (In case you aren't "in the know", I'm a Willow House Design Consultant! )  

I layered it with cinnamon sticks (Michael's) which add such a great fall aroma to the room.  Then added a few twine balls and and some small foam pumpkins that I painted using a little white and cream acrylic craft paint.  

Ok, so you may have also noticed that I changed the area rug as well.  I mentioned before that the area rug we did have in here was borrowed from the basement.  Well, I felt like it was time to give it back :)   The truth is, I was at Pier 1 one day and saw this rug; and I fell in serious head over heels love with it!  It was on sale, and I also had a little birthday money left from mom (all I can say is being an only child does have some perks!).  I bought it!  It was $349 (originally $399), which (don't choke) is a pretty good price for 100% wool 6'x9' area rug.  Plus I LOVE IT!  I mean this may just be over the top cheesiness, but if you notice it has 3 giant roses on it.  There's a white horse head above the mantel.  Horses plus roses plus Kentucky; well, you know what that equals don't you?!  Does the greatest two minutes in sports ring a bell?  Or how about the run for the roses?  I'm sorry, but this kind of ridiculousness has my name written all over it!  Seriously.  I.  can't.  help.  it. 

The "themey-ness" stops there though.  I didn't want this room to be too obviously themed-out, but well, when in the horse capitol of the world :)   

In addition to adding a little more white to the color palette in here, I also totally jumped on board the "grey-vy" train.  I painted my black candlesticks with some grey paint that I already had (it's the color of the walls in the master bedroom. How's that for a little house flow?).  It's a great color of grey too - it's more brown than blue which totally works with the warm color palette of our house.  

I used 100 grit sandpaper to scuff them up just a little.  Changing them to grey and adding white candles really lightened up the fireplace and compliments my new horse friend very well - don't you think? 

The last purchase I made for this minor room update are these white Target lamps ($19.99) that I had been eyeing forever!  

I took down the stretched canvas cafe prints that we did have hanging over the buffet and replaced them with the mirror that was hanging over the wine bar.  We have had those prints for over 6 years, and it just seemed like it was time to take them down.  (Maybe I'll find them a new home in our house or maybe they'll be better off at someone else's house?)  I added the lamps, and I already had the burlap shades (which were also Target purchases from a little while ago).  

This is what it did look like.

I'm loving the new look!  Thanks to my mom for the birthday money, and thanks to my new white beauty of a horse head!  This room has really lightened up.  Adding a few more white accessories and couple soft cream pillows to the couch and chair have really given this space more of an updated look and feel.  

There's just one burning question on my mind at the moment.  Should I paint the brick fireplace?  The hubs actually mentioned it to me after I had already been thinking about it.  You'd think this would be sign enough that I should go ahead and paint it.  I mean how often do we both think of the same idea when it comes to decorating?  Um......never!  We were thinking of painting it the same color as the walls in the dining room (Waverly Cafe Cream).  Hmmm.......just can't decide!  What do you think?  Paint it or don't?  Or maybe you have another color choice for painting our brick fireplace.  Please.....HELP!   I rarely, if ever, can't make up my mind.  This, however, it just twisting me all up!  So, seriously, what do you think? 

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  1. So much fun! LOOOOVE the horse! Since you have such a saturated color on the walls, I can actually picture a high gloss mocha or even a high gloss chocolate color on the brick fireplace and then a high gloss white color on the mantel (to match the trim around the nearby windows). Would look pretty amazing I think! Just a thought...

    s (& j)

  2. I love how one change leads to so many new changes! Really loving the idea of painted brick fireplace. I have mentioned it several times to my hubs, but he panics when I mention painting anything other than walls or disposable furniture (ie my dreaded oak kitchen cabinets!) I say go for it!!! I like the idea of light brick/mantel. It would really brighten up the room.

  3. Sherry - So funny! Right before I read your comment the hubs said, "What if we painted it a mocha color!" Gotta love a man with a good eye for design ;)

    Michelle - Thanks for the encouragement! I really do need to just do it :)

  4. OK i LOVE the changes you made in the all your rooms...LOVE the far as the brick...I'm always partial for brick...there's something cozy and traditional about once you paint it there's no turning back...BUT if anyone can paint it and make it look good YOU CAN!

  5. ok side note...if you were to paint it...there's a beautiful "mocha" type color in your rug that i love!

  6. Love the addition of the white accessories! It lightened up the room from the heavy colors! Thanks for sharing! I love the painted white pumpkins and such as well! I spent a small amount on fake pumpkins and gaurds this year, but am already planning on painting them for next year as well!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy....about painting your fireplace: I say go for it. Here's a couple thoughts...the grout already looks like a nice neutral, so you could do the 'light roll over' with a warm carmel brown (similar or just slightly lighter than your couch) or the cafe cream from your dining for a lighter look. Paint the mantel same as your trim either way.

    Looks like you get lots of light in that room, and with the high ceilings you don't need to 'lighten up' at all, even with the rich red of the walls, so going with the warm brown would be lovely....


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