Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Came Early

For me anyway :)  It came the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  I mentioned we did a little furniture rearranging in the family room back when I showed you the console table Christmas vignette.  Well the reason for the "rearranging" are these bad boys or maybe I should call them girls?

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days to shop.  I refer to it as "Smokey Grey Saturday" :)   The deals are still there but the crazies are not.  These girlfriends followed me home from Pier 1 imports.  I had been eyeing these banana armchairs for a really long time (to the point of stalking).  They are normally $269 and they were on sale for $219!  The cushions are sold separately, and this brown plush cushion was on sale too, normally $40 marked down to $29.98!  At this price the chair plus the cushion was still $20 less than just the chair sells for normally!  Not to mention that this is about half the price of a similar chair that Pottery Barn sells.  I do love me some Pottery Barn, but their version was just a bit outa the ol' budget.  The banana chairs from Pier 1 fit right in though.  I'm in LOVE with them! 

I love the texture they add to the family room, and how they make the room feel a bit more casual.  I'm also a big fan of versatility so the fact that these chairs would also look great out on say a covered deck (that we want to do someday) also makes me extremely happy!  In addition being able to completely change the look of these just by changing the cushion is so right up my alley (since I change my "decor" mind like pretty much daily).  I also like things that aren't expected, and these chairs paired with a distressed leather couch are totally unexpected.  I'm not being paid to write this in case you're thinking this sounds a lot like an advertisement :)  I just LOVE my Christmas presents so much and I wanted to share the love :)  

Oh, and I forgot to mention the felt rose pillows - oops!  I picked those up a few weeks ago at Pier 1 too.  Apparently, I was a little crazy that day because even on sale they were $30 each- ouch!  More proof that I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine! 

Obviously there won't be anything under the tree for me this year :)  I'm ok with it though.  I'll be sittin' in my banana chair with a cup of coffee Christmas morning smiling from ear to ear!    

Merry Christmas!  Anyone else getting furniture for Christmas?  Or doing a little furniture rearranging?  I hope no one's asked for a bb gun - you'll shoot your eye out kid! 


  1. looks fantastic..lovin the look.....Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  2. Looooove them! I love those chairs too. Sigh. heart. Jealousy. Love. ;)

  3. Where did you buy that beautiful rug???! it's gorgeous!

  4. love those chairs. like seriously. LOVE.


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