Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deck The Walls

Deck the walls with bits of history.  Fa la la la la - la la la la!  'Tis the season right?  This is really not a Christmas post, but I figured since I was posting this around the holidays I'd add a little festive fun :)

Anyhow, before I reveal the new furniture arrangement in the family room, I wanted to show you all the new art wall.  

I decked the walls with a little history.  With our white beauty gracing the fireplace I figured a lesson in Kentucky's rich history was in order.  I didn't want to spend a fortune hunting for art that would depict this great state's history though.  So, I got a little creative or destructive depending on how you look at it :)  See, we've had this coffee table book since our newlywed days (sniffle- has it really been 10 years!), and it's been a part of "our ______ house" no matter what number we've been on.  It's filled with beautiful photographs of Kentucky taken by James Archambeault.  I've always thought that the photographs in this book were frame worthy.  I cut out a few of my favorites and created a Kentucky history lesson art wall.  (Try saying that 3 times fast.)

I mean when you live in a state with such a proud history why wouldn't you want to show it off?  This book was just filled with breathtakingly beautiful photographs, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to frame them!  I'm not the only one that thinks this place we call home is beautiful either.  Kelly Ripa had this say after a visit to the LEX.  "I just have to say, to everybody in Lexington, Lentucky," Ripa told the audience of the syndicated talk show, "you are the smartest people on the planet because that is the prettiest place on Earth.  My gosh, it's gorgeous."  So, booyah.  The hubs and I are some of the smartest people on the planet :)   

Here's what made the cut.  Sorry in advance for the glare.  This room gets so much light and the glass on these frames is super glarerific :)  I'm. not. a. photographer. 

The derby.  The greatest (and most exciting) two minutes in sports!

An old red barn.

The state capitol.  I used a backless rustic wood frame (Hobby Lobby) to frame the white frame (Target).  I like the way it makes more of a statement this way.  This small 4x6 frame looks more significant in this grouping and adds a lot of visual interest.   I used a couple of Command strips to hang the backless frame on the wall.  These things are like my best friend.  They make hanging things soooo easy!

The Trustees House at Pleasant Hill.  This is my favorite!  I love the way that bronze frame compliments the colors in this photo of a spiral staircase. 

The South Elkhorn Creek.

The home where Abraham Lincoln's parents courted.  Since this picture didn't fit in the opening I used a piece of burlap for the background.  I really like the texture it adds and the way it highlights the natural colors in this photograph. 

 A couple of the photographs that made the wall weren't from the book. 

A photograph taken by a friend.  I posted about this photo here.  

A photo taken by my mom of the kids leaning over a fence at the Kentucky Horse Park.

I really love the way this art wall came out!  I love the mix of finishes on the frames.  Most of them I already had, but the few that I bought I picked up at Hobby Lobby during a half price sale and at Target for a steal! 

So, that's us giving props to the state we call home.  
Many thanks to Mr. Archambeault :) 

Have you destroyed cut out pictures from a coffee table book to add art to your walls?  Are you giving any history lessons on the walls in your home?  Am I the only one that's in LOVE with those Command strips?!  Please tell me I'm not alone!   


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