Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Snow

We aren't just dreaming of a white Christmas over here in Lexington, Kentucky.

Since we're covered under this beautiful winter blanket this seems like the perfect time to share this fun snowman craft with you!  Meet Mr. and Mrs. Frosty created by my kiddos!  They made these cute snow people without having to pile on the puffy coat, hats, and gloves that are usually required when making a snowman :) 

This is a craft my kids made with the help of my mom over Thanksgiving break.  I know I should have shared this sooner.  Geesh!  I'm sorry for holding out on you!  Without further ado, here are the supplies you'll need.  

1. Small Styrofoam Balls
2. Creative Paperclay
3. Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
4. Glass Bottles
5. Craft Wire
6. A Chopstick (or anything you have to make holes in the clay)
7. Small Christmas Decorations - snowflakes, glitter, small beads- whatever you like
8. Acrylic Craft Paint

This is a really fun craft for kids.  It doesn't take too much time so they won't get bored.  Plus it's something you'll have to treasure for years!  If you're looking for a way to keep your kids entertained during Christmas break I highly recommend this craft project.  The bonus is you can keep these snowmen out all throughout the winter for a little festive fun around the house even after the holidays are over! 

To get started, gather your supplies, then mold the clay around a styrofoam ball to create Frosty's head. 

You'll want to dab your fingers in a bowl of water to soften the clay around the styrofoam ball and smooth out any cracks.  This is my daughter's snowman head :) 

Then fill your bottle (this is the snowman's body) with whatever you'd like.  We used white and silver beads, small snowflakes, and candy canes.  You'll want to find things that are small enough to fit through the top of your glass bottle.  We picked up all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby, and most of it was 40-60% off!!!  Sorry, I don't remember the exact price of things but it's been a while, and my mom bought everything :) 

I also had the kids write their names on a small piece of paper to roll up and stick inside.  It's kind of like a time capsule now.  I just love their handwriting :) 

Once you've filled up Frosty's belly, use your chopstick to add a ring of glue to the top of the bottle.
Then put his head on his body.  

Then take a little craft wire and mold some clay around it to make Frosty's nose.  

When you stick the nose on add a little glue around the base.

Then use the other end of the chopstick to give Frosty some eyes and a mouth.  (Who knew a chopstick could have so many different uses!)  

Then let the clay dry overnight.  Once the clay is dry you can paint the face.  

And that's it!  The kids had so much fun making these.  You can dress Frosty up anyway you'd like.  We used pipe cleaners for scarves and also made a wreath for their heads with pipe cleaner garland.  

I just love "freezing" their handwriting in time :) 

Mr. and Mrs. Frosty are in the kitchen next to my Willow House Hemingway Hurricane.  I used a little fake snow and a chalkboard place card to create a sweet little winter display!  

I think these have started a new tradition here!  I may have the kids make one every year now!  They were so fun and easy!  Do you have any quick and easy Christmas crafts to share?  It's so much fun to spend a little crafty time as a family- don't you think?! 

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  1. Those are adorable! What a great idea to see what they come up with from year to year!

    Have a very Merry and white Christmas!! :)


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