Monday, January 24, 2011

Bump, Bump, Bump

Well, I'd love to say (after offering up the eye candy on Friday) that I painted the laundry room this weekend.  However, I was back in the master closet AGAIN.  Just when I thought I had checked it off the list and was ready to move on to another project, we the hubs had a minor incident that forced me to re-organize yet again.

He was grabbing a pair of shoes from the bottom of the closet and when he turned around he bumped into the shoe organizer which caused the mirror and everything else that was on top to tumble down.  I wish I could have seen this happen.  He was literally like a bull in china closet!  I'm sure it was hilarious, at least it is the way I've imagined it!  Here's a pic of the closet before ( "the hubs bumped it") which by the way made the top ten organization project list over at the CSI project!!!  Go over to check out the number 1 project; it is fabulous!


Imagine how bummed I was when I had to rethink this set-up because while nothing broke during his "oops - I bumped it" incident I'm certain it would have probably happened again if I didn't make some changes.  So after much thought, I decided to pull out a couple of shelves and move the shoe organizer.  This created more floor space in the closet, and gives the bull more room to move around :)  While I was working and re-organizing in here, I couldn't help but sing that song Bump, Bump, Bump by B2K and P Diddy (hence the post title).  You know the one - I changed the lyrics to - baby, turn around and let me see you make that closet go bump, bump, bump.  Ten million cool points to anyone that remembers the Ashton Kutcher movie that featured this song!!!!

I don't think there's any bad language (this is the radio version); but the song is a little suggestive so you may want to clear the kiddies from the room. 

Ok, now back to the regularly scheduled programming.  Here's how the closet looks now. 

I raised one shelf up and pulled out three in order to get the shoe organizer to fit.  I gave the gold mirror back to the hall bathroom and brought in a floor length mirror that was sitting in a storage closet down in the basement.  We're planning to hang it on the wall rather than leaning it so we don't have anymore I-bumped-it-and-it-fell-over-incidents :)  In all honesty, I'm kind of glad this happened because this really does work better.  It's less crowded.  I did have to give up my feed-me piggy bank since there was no longer any where for it to sit.  I brought in a mercury glass vase to use for spare change and it also works as a hat stand.  

It really wasn't as a big a deal as I thought it would be to give up three shelves.  The clothes that were in here fit into our dresser no problem.  Plus the shoe organizer fits 2 pairs of the hubs shoes and 1 pair of mine quite nicely.  The jewelry organizer is gone for now, but I do have a jewelry armoir so that's really no big either.  Anyhow, this little oops turned out to be kind of a good thing!  Gotta love when that happens because accidents are rarely a good thing (when it comes to home improvement projects)!  

The hubs made up for his oops incident by installing this baby.  

This new shower head (Target) is heavenly!  Sorry, I don't have a pic of it's teeny, tiny predecessor but believe me when I say that this new one is one million times nicer!  

So, while I didn't get the laundry room painted, we still managed to get a few things done this weekend.  A little more on the organization front, as I found some junk drawer organizers at the K to the Mart.  

Junk drawers before. 

Junk drawers now. 

They weren't terrible before, but I do love these organizers.  It's nice to have a place for everything!  

So, that was our weekend filled with more organizing and a massive shower head.  We also managed to squeeze in a date night (True Grit is a must-see! ), our son's basketball game, a friend's son's birthday party, a little after dinner wine night with friends, and my mil's birthday dinner!  Whew!  I'm tired.  Is it time for another weekend yet?! 

So how did you spend the weekend?  Any great projects?  I'm hoping to get the laundry room painted this week.  Here's to hoping! 


  1. My "walk-by" closet doesn't even come close to this. I envy you. All of your organization looks great!


  2. Oh, that sounds like something my hubby would do, but he would do it on purpose! :) Your closet is about the same size as mine and I loved what you did! I know that we have to rethink the way that ours is laid out, it needs help and will take in your inspirational ideas! I loved the piggy bank that said "Feed Me" !! :)

  3. Looks like I need to get working on my closet...mine looks nothing like yours:)


  4. The closet is great and congrats on making the cut. My closet is in all sorts. Yours is quite inspiring. :)


  5. Congrats on making the top 10!! Your closet looks fabulous!! Your junk drawers hardly look like junk drawers...seriously the neatest junk drawers I have ever seen! And loving that shower head...we too, also have a miniature shower head & I hate it! When we were in Cancun we had a huge rain shower head & it was awesome!! I seriously could have showered for hours!! Do you mind me asking how much the new shower head was?

  6. The shower head was in the $40 to $50 range -can't remember exactly - but I think it was closer to $40 - worth every penny!


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