Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Office

Not that office, even though it's HI-larious!

This one.  Where the hubs works from home.  You may remember from a few months ago when I first showed you this room that we decided to use our "formal" living room as the hubs office.  There is nothing "formal" about the way we live, so ditching the formal living room for a home office seemed like the right thing to do for us.

We made a few small changes in here.  I mentioned here that we moved the sideboard from the family room into the office to give the hubs some desperately needed storage space.  Well, that one thing led to another. You know kind of like that children's book If You Give A Pig A Pancake (love that whole series).  Anyhow, we ended making a few other changes.  We did a little rearranging.  We also switched the metal chairs that were in there with the black leather chairs that were in the basement.  Last but not least we (just for kicks) brought up the rug (West Elm - bought years ago) that we had in the basement to see how it would look, and curiously enough decided we loved it in there about a million times better.

All that just to say, here it is before.

Here it is after (we randomly decided at like 10 o'clock one night to do some rearranging- just for fun- just to see- and then one thing led to another - and we were up 'till 3 a.m.  Surprisingly enough, the hubs still loves me even though I get random, crazy ideas late at night that keep us from getting our much needed rest.)

It's hard to get it all in one photo, but I wanted to get my favorite part in there (that family art above the desk we and the kids painted a few years ago).  That was a must-stay-in-this-room.  I heart them.

Look at our layered hand prints (oldest- that being the hubs - to the youngest - our little Josie).  That tiny hand - I just want to squeeze it :)

Those black chairs were FREE!  The hubs picked them up from a satellite office that his old company was closing and they were just giving away their office equipment!  We've had them for about 7 years now.  They totally fit his style - very mad men-esque ;)   Which is also, by the way, why I popped the martini glasses and shakers over on the sideboard.  It's all about the ambiance ;)

Of course, even with all the rearranging we did, I still could not convince him to move the old cigarette machine down to the basement.  I'm telling you all, it would look a million times better down there!

I still have a few other changes in mind for this room.  Like a new floor lamp, and possibly a new office chair.  Oh, and I really want to paint the ceiling in there; but I can already feel the neck cramp coming on so I've been putting that off ;)


  1. Love the redo!!!! I just love his desk - where did you get it? I agree the chairs are perfect and the art work is GREAT! :)

  2. What a different! I love the old automat - it's so great!



  3. I love the changes! The rug is fabulous!

  4. I just love the retro look in your office. Great job!


  5. Lucky you, I never get deals like that!


  6. Great job. Love the desk and Steve Carrell :)

  7. I have not been over to your blog lately. Your updates and organizing projects look great! I love the office..looks like it could be a set from Mad Men. Nice job!
    Enjoy your day


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