Monday, January 31, 2011

Redeeming Myself

Last year I, gasp, didn't have any professional pictures taken of my children!  I have always had pictures taken once a year around their birthday, and of course I had lots of pictures taken of them during their first year.  For whatever reason I just couldn't make it happen last year.  Mainly because I'm so tired of "studio" pictures.  The best pictures we have of them were taken a few years ago during a beach vacation.  I've been looking for a photographer in my area, but I haven't found the right person yet.  So, rather than put it off any longer I decided to just take some pictures myself.  I really wanted to capture them at their current ages - 4 and 6.

For their 3 and 5 year old pictures, I took them to The Picture People and actually got a few keepers from that photo session.  I used some red felt and appliqued numbers to their shirts to show their age.

This time I decided to use some paper mache numbers I picked up from Hobby Lobby.  I used scrapbook paper and craft paint to embellish them.  I just traced the outline of the number on the scrapbook paper, cut it out, and then used a little Mod Podge to adhere the scrapbook paper.  It was really simple.

Then before the sun went down on Saturday afternoon we had a little backyard photo shoot.  Now, I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.  I have a very basic digital camera - Panasonic DMC-ZS7, and beyond that I really don't "know" how to use this camera.  However, there a tons of blogs that give great advice on how to take a good picture.  Katie Bower of Bower Power has given lots of great tips for how to not only take a good photo but also how to edit the photo (if you're a photoshop person).  Also, the Centsational Girl has lots of great tips.  I especially love her post on the joy of using Picasa to edit your photos.  It's FREE- so enough said, and if you don't have photoshop (like me) it's even more awesome.  The main thing I've learned about taking photos is TURN OFF THE FLASH!  What a huge difference that one thing alone can make in your photos.  Seriously, the flash is not your friend.

So, here's my little photo session.  Again, I'm not a photographer.  I'm just a procrastinating, cheap, can't make up her mind mom who decided to take matters into her own hands and just git her done already!

The paint wasn't totally dry so I changed this photo to black and white :) 

I had to get a close up of the toothless wonder :) 

The candid photos are my favorite; they really captured their personalities.  I can't rave enough about Picasa.  Editing your photos makes such a huge difference.  It's so easy to use.  If you don't want to edit your own photos Katie Bower offers a photo editing service so you can send your photos to her and she'll do some professional editing for you!  Seriously though, you should give Picasa a try!  


  1. They are so darling! I love the candid photos sweet! All of the pics are wonderful!

  2. They are so darn cute. The pictures are adorable. What little hams. You can tell how much they make each other laugh. Learning to turn my flash off was the best advice I ever received. There should be a public service announcement about that!

  3. cute pics! Love the numbers you made!


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