Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Valentine Mantel

Well, it's not quite Valentine's Day yet; but I went ahead and decorated my mantel in honor of the holiday of love anyway.  I was in need of a little mood lifting with all the snow we've had recently.  I'm anxiously awaiting Spring!  Did you hear that Spring?  I miss you!  Where are you?  Please come back soon!

Anywhoo, decorating my mantel really did give our sad-after-Christmas mantel a lift.

For the new followers here let me say, yes I have a horse head (I call her "White Beauty") over my mantel.  We live in the horse capital of the world- that's right - the bluegrass state - Lexington, Kentucky.  We're obviously on our fifth house (hence the blog title) and we've moved around quite a bit.  So, when we finally decided that we'd set up shop here in the bluegrass after 10 years of being "on the road again" we decided to dedicate our family room to our home state.  The horse head is from ZGallerie (bought it last October) and. I. love. it!

Now that we got that out of the way, on to the love fest!  I didn't want anything too over the top and I didn't want to spend lots of money.  I used what I had, and just bought a small bouquet of fresh flowers for $6 at my grocery store (Kroger).

I used a little chalkboard paint that I already had left over from this project to make a little chalkboard sign out of a piece of wood I had in my craft closet.

I just sanded it with a 400 grit sandpaper (the edges were really rough).  Then used a foam roller and a small paint brush for the edges.  I like to use foam rollers for chalkboard paint projects; the paint goes on very smoothly.  This was really a perfect project for my Valentine mantel because I seriously LOVE chalkboard paint!

I also played a little game of he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not as I cut the petals off of a few silk roses I had in the craft closet.  Guess what?!  He loves me!  :)  I just sprinkled the petals here, there, and everywhere.

I placed a glass of water inside one of my Willow House parisian luminaries and turned it into a vase for some fresh flowers.  It's so nice to bring home fresh flowers when your world is freezing cold.  Looking at them makes me feel warm inside :)  

I added in a few willow branches here and there.

I also used a couple of branches from the backyard that I spray painted white last fall.  I tucked a few rose petals in between the branches.

So how do get in the mood for love?  Do you go all out or do you keep it pretty simple?  Share the love!

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  1. Your mantel looks great! I love the chalkboard idea -- super cute and can be changed for each holiday. And I love your parisian luminaries -- they are beautiful and look fabulous as a vase!

  2. The red & white is a fun touch and that horse head is amazing. I guess you do need a horse or two in KY.


  3. Your mantle looks GREAT! Love the chalkboard idea! And you can use it even after Vday! :)

    - Lauren

  4. I'm so glad you linked up! And how do you resist the temptation to put a Valentiney wreath around that horse's neck :)? I totally would. Love it!

  5. It looks awesome! Did you notice we both have a white bird on our mantles? :-)

    I'm a new follower. So glad to "meet" you today!

  6. Chalkboard paint is addictive! Very cute idea!Your mantel and that horsehead drew me to your blog. What a statement it makes. Looks like something out of a magazine! Your home is so cozy!

    Thanks for sharing! A good night to you!
    ~Michelle :)

  7. I love that horse head! It's totally awesome.

  8. It look awesome - just the right amount of valentines!

    I might have to get those luminaries - they look great!


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