Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All You Need Is........A Glue Gun

You probably thought I was going to say, "All you need is love!"  All you really need in life is love; but when it comes to DIY projects, more often than not all you need is a glue gun.  For realz!

Besides the stencil wall and the new vignette in the dining room, I also tweeked the drapes just a little.  It was so simple, and I've done this many, many times before.  I wanted more of a custom look so I decided to add a little trim along the edge.  I've found that (at least here in Lexington) JoAnn Fabrics has some of the best trim at good prices.  Most of the time you can even use one of their 40% off coupons too, and you know how I feel about my coups!  With my 40% off coup in hand, the trim ended up being about $4/yd!

What does this have to do with a glue gun?  

Oh yeah, that's right!  I glued the trim.  It works like a charm every time!  I recommend using a low temperature glue gun.  

It keeps you from having to worry about burning your fingers, but most importantly it makes it easy to remove the trim if you ever decided to make a change in the future.  It will stay put as long as you want it there; but for all you mind changer-uppers, if you want to take it off it will pull right off without damaging the fabric or the trim.  This is not the case with a regular glue gun.  You have to use a low temp if you want to keep that option open.  Now I need to tell you that while it will pull off without damage (as in rips or tears) it will leave a little glue gun residue.  So, you'll have to add a different trim or a strip of fabric to cover that up.  Also because you're using a low temp glue gun, you need to work in small sections because the glue will dry pretty quickly.  

Anyhow, not bad for a 5-10 minute project that still allows you the opportunity to change it later on down the road!  Don't you think?  I'm not gonna lie - it makes me feel like I have a magic wand - and poof, it looks custom made!  And now you know I'm crazy because I just removed all doubt :) 

I also FINALLY found drapery rings large enough to fit around this big ol' honkin' rod!  Thanks Lowe's for restocking the black rings (after 4 months)!  I used my "pinch-and-clip-from-behind" method to create the illusion of pleats and to once again give them a little more of a custom-made look!  Love!  

Here's the before.

Here's after the magic of a glue gun (otherwise called my wand) and the "pinch-and-clip-from-behind" method (not to be confused with the "bend-and-snap" from Legally Blonde, although it does draw lots of attention)!  

Ok, so that's the last of the dining room changes.......for a while ;)  I know you must be tired of this room already!  


  1. That's a great idea! I never would have thought to use a glue gun for adding trip to drapes. Oh man, the possibilities are endless...


  2. I have 3 glue guns! Don't ask me why!!!! No DIYer can ever have too many! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  3. Oh my!! I love this! I was actually thinking of adding trim to our drapes in our bedroom. :) Love the use of a glue gun and I love the detailing. Great job and great inspiration.


  4. Don't you love glue guns? I have been going nuts with them lately. Got a problem? - Get the glue gun! Love your site. Keep in touch.

  5. First off, I LOVE this EASY idea of adding trim to dress of your draperies! Secondly, I just found your site through Jenn of Green Door Designs. She mentioned that I had to check out your blog and that you are a fellow Willow House consultant. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Check out my Interior Design & Decor website, SAS Interiors @


  6. great idea! I always sew trim on but this is so much easier! :)

  7. Those look great. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips. I've been looking at plain white drapes that I would love to jazz up with some trim. (And I've been to Lexington several times for work; maybe next time I should stop by JoAnn's!)

  8. Ha! Just read this. Drapes look amazing. What a difference. . . but he bend and snap is cracking me up. One of my favorite movies of all time!


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