Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Move That Bus!....... Or....Ummmm....Maybe Not

I have secretly been planning a mini office-redo for the hubs.  Being that it was a "secret" I obviously didn't  mention too much about my plans on this here blog.  The office already looked pretty good.

Here's the before.

I just felt like the room wasn't quite finished (as if it ever is!).  It's the first room on the right when you walk through the front door, and it's actual a living room that we converted into an office (for the hubs since he works from home).  I was going for a welcoming, more "lived-in" look.  My plan was to turn it into a reading room/ den that would also function as an office.  I wanted to give him an organized office space that would inspire and encourage him.  A room that the entire family could use; but one that felt like "his" space with a masculine yet totally warm feel.

He was gone on a business trip this past weekend, so I had just the opportunity I had been waiting for to surprise him with a totally reinvented office when he came home!  To test the waters and see if he was game for the changes I had in mind, I non-chalantly mentioned to him that I might play around with the furniture arrangement and paint the ceiling (which was already on the list) while he was gone.  He seemed ok with the idea and even mentioned that he could really use some better organization!  He left Friday afternoon, and I started putting my plan into action (otherwise known as running around like a crazy person).  I went to the fabric store and then to Target.

A couple of things threw me for a loop and plans changed.  Don't you just love when that happens?!  I bought a couple of  these bookcases at Target on Friday evening.

Ummm.....yeah..... I didn't realize how looooonnnngggg it would take me to put them together!  The instructions were easy enough.  I mean it's not rocket science, but it was indeed a process.  So, then after I got one bookcase built I thought that maybe a little grasscloth wallpaper would be just the thing to add to the back of the bookcases for a little texture.  Great idea, but it was already 10 p.m. so I'd have to wait until tomorrow to hit up Lowe's.  No worries though because I had to run out to the other Target anyway because the first Target I stopped at didn't have everything I needed in stock.  Oh, and I needed to pick up a couple of things at the used furniture store that I had stopped at on Friday but had already closed!  All of this with the kids in tow.  Fun times!

I could literally write a book about all the reasons why this room didn't get finished before the hubs came home, but instead let's just skip to the pictures.  So true what they say  - a picture is worth a thousand words.  What I was hoping would be a MOVE THAT BUS moment for the hubs...... was this.

Yep, this is what my dear sweet man came home to on Sunday night.  Not exactly how I saw this happening in my head :)  I wish I had a picture to show you of his face!  Priceless!  He's not mad or anything, but I don't think this was quite what he expected to find upon his homecoming :)

Ok, so your turn now.  Anyone else ever fail miserably when attempting to surprise someone?  Anyone ever under estimate the amount of time something will take?  Anyone?  Ok, so it's just me.  Oh, well.  It was the thought that counts  - right?!


  1. Carmel, that happens to me all the time--basically a million times a day. EVERYTHING takes longer than I think. Your pictures made me chuckle though because I can picture the whole thing going down in my head.

    It's tricky when you can see the finished product in your head but it's just not there yet. It's going to look great!

  2. Carmel I can totally relate to this post. Whenever my husband goes on a business trip I start a project and then little things like the kids and the house get in the way of finishing it! The story of my life! You are so sweet to try to surprise him and I'm sure he'll love the final result!

  3. Hi! I'm finally getting around to visiting everyone in the Circle of Bliss! Better late than never is usually my motto! :-)Things always take ..Waaayyy longer to finish than I plan for! than I think they will!I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I've signed on to follow!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Oh, so cute you tried to surprise him. Yes . . last time I did that, I ended up surprising him with a spray painted garage floor. Not cool at all! Love that zebra rug.

  5. happens all the time! it ALWAYS takes longer than i expect.. cause something always pops up! so no, it's not just you! :)

  6. It's the thought that counts and you executed that thought very nicely if I must say so myself. From what I can see in the 'in-between' photo... it's going somewhere good :)

  7. You are not alone my dear....I have still yet to fully complete my master bedroom. I have decided to just embrace the process and enjoy the chaos...b/c if I don't, I would probably cry. :)

    I think you have the roots of something beautiful...and no worries, I will be here ever so patiently awaiting the bus to really move on.


  8. I can totally relate with things not going as planned! But what a sweet idea to surprise your hubby! I love where you are headed!

  9. Oh yes indeedy. I can always accomplish things faster in my head (can't we all!?)! I'm sure he LOVED the end product though, and that's what matters! Can't wait to see the AFTER pics!

  10. Oh boy you're definitely not alone on this one. But you tried and as long as hes not mad thats what matters. Im in love with that zebra rug,BTW!

  11. I can't say I have tried to surprise any one, because I am just to talkative to keep it a secret when I get motivated- Sorry it didn't work out...

    Anyways, I am a new follower and joining in the circle of Bliss- getting around to visiting everyone.

  12. you are too funny - that is how most of of my projects look - 1/2 done for days! I am impressed you tried to tackle it over the weekend - I know it will be great when done! :)

  13. I like the changes! I recently painted the kitchen without consulting hubby. I picked a color right in the store, a light green, and it took less than two hours, start to finish (that's how small our kitchen it) Well, he was surprised, and doesn't like it. No biggie though, he got a promotion and work and we'll be remodeling the whole kitchen later this year!

  14. Thanks for helping me not to feel like a total failure :) It's nice to know I'm not alone in the "I-think-I'll-have-enough-time-to-get-this-done" department!

  15. I suprised my hubby with his man room while he was out of town. I could hardly contain my excitement when he came through the door, it quickly turned to frustration when he wouldn't stop lolly gagging around. I finally had to show him, he loved it anyway!!


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