Monday, February 14, 2011

A Romantic Vignette

The stencil wall wasn't the only change I made in the dining room.  I also created a romantic vignette on the buffet (which is actually a dresser that the hubs inherited from his grandmother).

I wanted to balance out the black from the stencil wall by bringing in a little black and white art.  I found the calla lily print at Hob Lob, otherwise known as Hobby Lobby, for $6.  It caught my eye immediately because my wedding bouquet was a bundle of calla lilies.  I liked the sweet sentiment.  I also found the clock at Hob Lob for $15.  It was love at first sight.  For those that are just now tuning in, I'm a little obsessed with clocks (especially wall clocks).  I then headed to one of my favorite fabric stores in Lexington, The Rag Peddler.  I found this beautiful black and cream fabric.

I loved the print!  Since I didn't need much of it for my intended project, I didn't mind paying $20/yd.  A yard was more than enough, and I have lots of fabric left over for other projects.  My last stop was at Michaels to pick up a roll of chalkboard vinyl.  It's in the kids craft section, and it's awesome!  I just recently discovered this stuff while shopping with my daughter for supplies for a school project.  I can't remember the price, but I think it's around $5 a roll.  I feel the need to mention that all of this shopping didn't happen in one day; it happened over a couple days.  Who has time to hit that many different stores in one day?  Certainly not me!

Then I gathered my supplies to create the fabric covered chalkboard that I had envisioned in my head. I used my handy dandy staple gun to cover the canvas that I used for my stencil paint test.

Then I grabbed a black and gold frame that I already had (from Michaels) in the craft closet.  I took the easel off the back of the frame and removed the glass front.

I lined the frame back where a picture would go with a piece of the chalkboard vinyl.  Then I realized that I should have put down something over the back because these little bumps were showing through.

I grabbed a piece of thick cardstock, cut it to size, taped it down, and then added another piece of chalkboard vinyl on top.

Problem solved!  I wasted a little vinyl, but I learned a lesson (that I'm happy to pass on to you)!  You have to start with a smooth surface when applying chalkboard vinyl.  Most of you are probably thinking - duh!  I, obviously, could have used that bit of advice :)  Then I used my favorite glue in the world - Gorilla Glue - to adhere the frame to my fabric covered canvas.

If you've never used Gorilla Glue before it totally rocks because it is really super strong; but just so you know a little goes a long way, as it expands when it dries.  I let it dry overnight with a pile of heavy books on top and it was perfect in the morning!

It came out just as I imagined!  When does that happen?  For me - almost never!  I love the pattern and texture it adds to the room.  I'm so enamored with any and all projects involving chalkboards lately.  It just adds a little fun to the room!

To frame my black and white calla lily print, I grabbed an old black frame that I've had for years.  It was pretty beat up.  I gave it a really good sanding.  Then I painted it with - wait for it - chalkboard paint!  How'd you guess?!

Since I'm the self-professed queen of "changing things up" these kinds of projects are perfect for me!  I can easily erase and write something else.  A dinner menu, a special quote, a sweet message, a bible verse - and you get the idea!

I was going for a layered look.  I used another old black frame that was already glassless because of a "moving accident".  I took the back off the frame and hung it on the wall with a couple of command strips (love them!).  Then I hung the clock right in the middle.  I also used a couple of command strips to display 3 tiny bowls.  I bought a package of black vinyl alphabet letters a long time ago, and I added our monogram to them.

I already had the lamps and the other accessories.  The plate stand is a Willow House item that I just adore!

Here's how it looked before.

And after.

I love simple updates that don't cost much and make use of things you already have!  I also love displays that are personal and meaningful with just the right amount of romance.  It's just sweet enough, but not too syrupy (that's a word -right?!).

So, do you have any romantic vignettes in your home?  Does art that reminds you of a sweet memory jump into your cart while you're shopping?  Or maybe that just happens to me.  Was I the last person on Earth to find out about chalkboard vinyl?  I was, wasn't I?!  

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Your vignette is absolutely stunning. I love it. Now, I didn't know about chalkboard vinyl until now, so I have to check it out. Looks fabulous. Where did you find the vinyl letters? I need some. Hugs, Marty

  2. really love the after! think i mentioned that i noticed that b/w chalkboard when i viewed the stenciled wall! :)

  3. Carmel, that vignette is perfect. I did not know there was chalkboard vinyl. I will have to check that out.

  4. Your yummy metamorphosis is absolutely fabulous. I so hope that you enjoy every bit of it.

    Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Completely adorable! I need to copy some things here. I love the look of the fabric with the frame on top. You have a great eye. Happy heart day.

  6. Beautiful! Loving that fabric!

  7. oh have I never seen your blog? I have to list all the things I love...

    #1 Your absolutely lovely...
    #2 Chalkboard vinyl? seriously? where have I been?? (Does it erase well?)
    #3 Your choice of fabric...delicious
    #4 You say Hob Lob...that's hilarious
    #5 That dresser is absolutely looks like someone in your home actually shines wood furniture :) (unlike in my house where we paint it all so I don't have to shine it...)
    #6 said dresser is even MORE fabulous with your additions...kudos girl...your artful eye is fantabulous!

  8. Carmel - I love this. I saw it on the other site and thought it looked new and know I know it is - I just love every aspect of it! GREAT job!

  9. This is a lovely vignette. You have a real knack for this kind of thing! I love your use of levels and the way the eye goes straight to your beautiful framed Wedding picture.

    Best wishes,

  10. Lovely vignette! Most definitely prefer the second look.

  11. Thanks everyone! The chalkboard vinyl is like the paint. You have to rub it with the side of a piece of chalk to prep the surface in order to make it easy to erase. I made the mistake of skipping this step, but a wet paper towel seems to do the trick. Hope that helps!


  12. Beautiful....I love every detail.

  13. I think my comment went to cyberspace :)
    Love the fabric you used, everything is so pretty!
    Your stencil in your dinning room is also so gorgeous!

  14. This is the perfect mix of old and new that I love. Traditional with a twist. Very nice!


  15. I love this vignette -- and the fabric choice is perfect!


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