Thursday, February 24, 2011

They Had Me At Hello

I'm a big fat lover of gallery walls.  I have yet to see one that I haven't loved.  I like them in living rooms, offices, kid's rooms, hallways, and stairways.  Honestly, I don't know of a room where I wouldn't like a gallery wall.  They just add so much character!  These are just a few of the gallery walls that I have saved as inspiration.  Just a few walls that had me at hello!

Emily A. Clark
I love how Emily created a gallery wall around her television.  What a great way of making it just blend in seamlessly with your design!  I love the mix of black and white frames too!  My favorite is the family silhouette!

Isabella & Max Rooms

Ummm.....a gallery on a chalkboard wall!  Uh-mazing!  Janell's entire home office is just gorgeous, and this wall just puts it over the top.  That one small gold frame is like the cherry on top of a vanilla sundae! 

It's Great To Be Home

This wall created by Liz really packs a colorful punch of color!  She even hand painted that striking artwork on the bottom left!  You have to go over and check it out!  This is such a beautiful collection.  The butterfly is perfection!

Centsational Girl
Look how Kate turned this bare wall into something fun and playful!  Framed children's artwork gets me every time.  LOVE!

Amanda Peet: House Tour via Domino
There are no words- just love!  This reminds me a lot of the one from Brothers and Sisters, one of my favorite television shows.  (I actually grew up about 45 minutes from Pasadena, so I especially love the setting of this show.  Pasadena is such a beautiful city! )  

Hooked on Houses

A staircase filled with family photos is just so warm and welcoming.  Julia over at Hooked on Houses did a great post featuring Nora's house (the mom on the show).  

Pottery Barn
I'll bet you recognize this one from Pottery Barn.  I love everything about this display from the mix of frames in different finishes and sizes to the different mattes used to frame the photos.  

I'm drawing on all of these great and inspiring photos to create a new gallery wall in the hubs office.  YES, I'm still working on this room!  So much for a quick weekend makeover.  :)  Such is the life, I guess.  There are about a million images of gallery walls out there to gather inspiration.  Seriously. google gallery walls and see what you find.  These are just a few of the ones that had me at hello.  


  1. Carmel, keep strong! Take your time with the office because we'll still be here when you're done. :-)

    Love Emily's wall the best.

  2. I am on the fence with my gallery wall. Yes I have one in the making, but I wondering if I should move it from the upstairs hallway, to the stairs. Also I want to be able to add to it.

    So in my ramblings, I am saying yes I love the gallery wall as well, but stumped on how to do mine.

  3. I love them all too. I'm in the process of gathering my things for one of my own. It's been a long gathering process :)

  4. love them too! just something sort of comforting about them. a collected feel. :)

  5. Love your collection of images, and thanks so much for including mine! Made my day. :) Good luck with your gallery wall!!

  6. I'm so on the same page as you, girl. I LOVE gallery walls. I just did one in my bedroom at home over Christmas break. I can't believe I'm not home enjoying it. OH well- school first! Janell and Emily's are fabulous. They're in my inspiration folder already!

  7. Hanging a gallery wall is on my to-do list! Thanks for the great inspiration!


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