Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky

What perfect timing for this post, and I didn't even plan it this way!  Pretty lucky, I'd say :)

Did you know that the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck?  Sure it's just a superstition rooted in folklore and ancient traditions, but I personally find these kinds of things interesting.  Not to say I believe in good luck or bad luck for that matter, but I do love a good legend.  In ancient times many believed (and some still do) that hanging a horseshoe with the opening facing up would catch good luck.  If the opening was facing down the luck would spill out.  There is some differing opinions on which way is preferred, but I personally like the look of the opening facing upward.

With the white beauty adorning my mantel, I've been on the hunt for a horseshoe to add to my gallery wall in the family room.

Oh what a lucky day it was when I stumbled across these beauties at the Hob Lob.

They were half off!  I paid $7 for the horseshoe wreath and $2 for the horseshoe (I don't have a before pic of the horseshoe because I got a little too spray paint happy, but it was the same brown cast iron color)!

I knew right away that I was going to transform the cast iron horseshoe wreath into a mirror.  I used one of the left over mirrors from the sunburst mirror project in the hubs office.  I busted out the gorilla glue (cuz that stuff is the real deal as far as strong holds go) and glued the mirror to the back.

In hindsight I would have glued it on after spray painting, but hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it?  A little painter's tape did the trick to protect the mirror from paint.  Sorry, I don't have any glorious spray painting pics for you.  The sun came out for a quick minute and there was no time for a camera :)   I did use primer first (Krylon) and then followed that up with a white gloss spray paint.

I haven't found a permanent home for the horseshoe wreath just yet, but I've got a couple of ideas.

I added the horseshoe to my gallery wall of Kentucky photography pics most of which I cut out of an old coffee table book.  I actually added a few other pictures from that book since the last time I showed you this wall.  I picked up some cheapity cheap white frames at Targay to frame a few more of my favs.  I really love the way the white frames play with the white framed art over the wine bar.

Sorry for the glare; patio doors are on the opposite wall and the sun is actually shining today!

Yep, still haven't decided what to do with the wine bar yet, but I'll keep you posted.

That's how we're gettin' lucky in Kentucky.  How are you gettin' your luck on?  We're sending our good luck to the CATS today!  Let the madness begin :)  

P.S. I'm over at Green Door Designs today talking about my favorite spring things!  Head on over!


  1. Hello from a fellow Lexingtonian! I saw your post at Green Door Designs today and naturally I popped over and LOVED the horseshoe artwork! I'm also a huge fan of Willow House so it's nice knowing there's someone in the area with the business. Keep up the great work and enjoy your Spring Break in Disneyworld!

  2. That mirror is amazing! You are the DIY queen! I need to remember to visit "hob lob" more often. :-)

  3. You always inspire me with your DIY ideas! The mirror looks great!

  4. I LOVE that mirror you made with the horseshoe wreath! Gorgeous.

  5. well, isn't that clever! :) You lucky girl! hahaha get it? lucky in kentucky for sure! From one lucky kentuckian to another.


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