Monday, March 28, 2011


I've had numerous e-mails from curious readers on my "pinch-and-clip" method for hanging curtains with drapery rings.  I thought rather than e-mailing each person individually that I would write a post for all to read.  So here's the 411, the low down, the method to the madness, the deets on how to hang curtains using the pinch-and-clip method.

Custom window treatments are beautiful but can be very expensive; and it's no secret that I don't know how to sew.  So how do I get a (somewhat) custom look without breaking the bank?  I use stitch witchery and the pinch-and-clip method.  I "mistreat" most of my windows - shhhh, don't tell anyone mmmmkay.

I typically prefer drapery rings.  I just like the way they look.  If you're making your own curtains using drapery rings allows you to skip over making a rod pocket.  Skipping steps is my idea of a good time!  Enter the pinch-and-clip method.

It's so easy.  It gives you more of a custom-made look (in my opinion).  I don't always use this method.  It really just depends on the look that I'm going for in the room.  Anywho, basically there are 2 different ways to pinch and clip.

The first way is to pinch a little fabric from the back (the side that faces the window) and then clip your drapery ring on the pinched fabric.  I typically clip the rings on about an inch to an inch and a half down from the top.

This will give you a sort of relaxed pleat look as it just gathers the fabric a little bit.  You will not see any of the clip from the front; you'll just see the tops of the rings.

For the second way, you pinch the fabric from the front (the side that faces the room) then gather and clip the pinched fabric on the back.

This way gives you more of a traditional pleated look.

The pinch-and-clip method gives you a few other options when hanging curtains with drapery rings.  It's a nifty little trick for the can't-afford-custom-window-treatments crowd!  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?  Any window mistreating going on in your home?

Here are the completed mistreatments (in the hubs office/man cave) using the first pinch and clip method mentioned above.
I rarely (if ever) line my diy curtains because we have blinds on all of our windows so it's really not necessary.  

On a side note:  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We sure did; the Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the FINAL FOUR BABY!!!!!!


  1. Pinch and clip how knew they could come together so well.Your rooms looks great.

  2. This is an amazing alternative to more traditional drapes, with a great looking result! Janell

  3. Amazing! What a great solution! I'm so going to use this in future.

    Looks fab!

  4. How convenient. Loving your husband's home office by the way.

  5. You're talking to a girl with foam board on her windows!!! Great tip!!

  6. Thanks for the made your method to madness look so easy. Plan on trying this out tomorrow in my bedroom, lol.

  7. I'm loving plaid these days, these look great.

    Since our Vols are out, we can say Go Cats:)

  8. wow this really works well! I especially love the front pinched look :)

  9. I am considering making my own drapes (scary, I don't sew), so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  10. They look so professional! You've inspired me!!! I love the whole room too...gorgeous!

  11. Okay, first, BRILLIANT.

    Thank you. I can't sew a lick. Don't even own a machine. This, THIS, I can do. Probably. Maybe. Anyway, YOU make it look good :)

    Second, I am definitely looking forward to following your blog for more. Such great ideas.

  12. I'm with Kymberly, BRILLIANT! I have to say I have been completely intimidated by doing my own curtains, but this makes it *do-able*(c: Love it!

  13. I saw that done a long time ago and forgot about it! It really is a great way to make them look more custom!!! You go girl :)

  14. This is a great idea. I think pinch pleat curtains look more expensive than rod pocket and this looks almost as good as proper pinch pleats. Genuis!

  15. the house look so fresh and the work it.

    Roman shades concord, ca

  16. Thank you so much! I have made rod pocket and pleated curtains, but just got a rod that has these little clips--I have never used them and couldn't picture how to use them. I sew, but am always looking for easier ways to do things, too. I will use your suggestions! Kentucky gave us a good ride this year in the Final Four. I've been a Wildcat fan for many years. My cousin was the manager of the team with Rupp's Runts and my mother and I got to see the semi-final game at Cole Field House in 1966 when UK beat Duke. The next night my dad and brother got to see the famous Texas Western game. Go Cats!


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