Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning - The Coat Closet Plus A Consignment Update

In truth, this really isn't spring cleaning; this is more of the old "operation organization" that was on the list.  Either way it feels good to get it done.  The first closet I tackled a few months ago was the master that the hubs and I share.  We kicked the clutter ghost out of the house back in January.  Those who were along for the ride back then probably remember these terrible images.

Sorry if I just scared you.  I'm happy to say that it currently looks like this and still does to this day! Pinky swear!

Woo to the hoo!  Why am I mentioning a closet that I already organized rather than just showing you the coat closet that I tackled over the weekend?  Well, because you might remember that when we de-cluttered we made 3 piles - trash, goodwill, consignment.  The consignment pile went to a store here in the L-E-X called Apres Vous.  This was our first time ever consigning our clothes.  We just received our second consignment check the other day!  The first check was for about $80 and the second was $87.24 to be exact.  We've earned almost $170 for getting rid of things that we were no longer wearing (or didn't fit anymore)!  So, I just wanted to give you a little update on the consignment front.  It's seriously worth the effort, which really isn't much.  Apres Vous requires the clothes to be on hangers (just use wire ones- the cleaners will give them to you for free) and ironed.  Every consignment store works differently, but I think it's definitely worth checking into in your area.

Ok, so on to the coat closet that I tackled this weekend.  I don't have any scary before pics to show you because I was on a roll.  Just imagine shoes thrown in there and an assortment of different hangers with items just basically here, there, and everywhere.  We had already pulled all of the unwanted items out of there back in January, but we had never taken the time to get things organized.  I decided to separate each area into sections - the kid's coats, our coats, and the hubs shirts.  He keeps his casual shirts down there (this closet is in the basement right next to the garage door) because he only really needs them on the weekends.  I also pulled all random hangers out of there and decided to only use white plastic hangers.  Luckily (again with the luck! :) we had enough!  I think using all of the same color/type of hanger really makes things look more organized (just my opinion).

Sorry these aren't the greatest pics.  It's a narrow hallway without any windows. 
I also used some of the left over chalkboard vinyl that I purchased from Michaels and used here and here to label things because, well, labels make me happy :)   I used a pair of scrapbook scissors to cut the vinyl, and I'm obviously not very good at cutting a straight line - oh well.  The plastic bins we already had, so I decided to use them to store small items that we like to keep in the coat closet.  I like to have this stuff right by the door where we go out to the garage because it just makes things easier to find when you need them.

I even pulled everything out and vacuumed inside the closet, wiped down the baseboards, and used a handy dandy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove all the scuff marks!

This is also where we keep the chargers for our electric tools - it's nice having an outlet in there!  Oh yeah, and the hubs has more shoes than I do!  It's ridiculous!  He keeps his "casual" shoes down here, and yes, you are seeing correctly those are cowboy boots :)   He's from the South y'all!
All in all this project cost me - nothing!  Except for about an hour of my time.  So. have you been doing any spring cleaning or organizing lately?  Anyone else consigning their unwanted clothes?  I'm saving my consignment money for something special!!!!   Awww- yeah!


  1. Wow! That must feel so good to have organized. If only I could follow suit!

  2. I love looking at organized spaces and this is awesome and I bet it feels pretty good too! :)

  3. it's done.. now breathe. :) {that's a reminder i have to always give myself when i finish a project, cause i tend to immediately begin to obsess about the NEXT project!}

  4. Looks so tidy...you go girl..Congrats on the consigment checks.....that is good money!

  5. Looks great. Ahhh so nice. And wow on the consignment checks. Fun project money.

  6. Thanks everyone! It feels so good to get something whipped into shape around here!

  7. It looks awesome! I need to get my butt in gear and do the same!

  8. Your closets look amazing! I do consignment also and am overdue for another trip. I want my closets to look like yours!

    Newst follower, great blog, love some of your ideas. Going to read some back posts now!




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