Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter of 2008

Back in 2008 I didn't blog.  I don't even think I knew what a blog was.  I did however take lots of pictures. They aren't very good pictures mind you, but there are plenty of them.

So, I was looking for some pictures of a fun little craft project that I did a couple years ago with my son, and I quickly realized that I didn't have any great pictures of that particular project (just one and it's not real good - more on that later).  However, I did find some oldies but goodies (not project related, just family related Easter fun) that I thought you might enjoy.

I bring you the Easter of 2008 - Phillips style :)

That year we spent Easter vacationing in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  It is literally a small heaven on Earth (in my opinion).  It's a beautiful island about 45 minutes to an hour from Charleston.  The hubs parents have a place there, so for us it's a lovely free vacation!

The kids loved almost every minute!  It was a little bit cold (I think Easter was early that year?) hence the sweatshirts.

Look there's a baby granny on the beach :)

This is still my favorite picture of the kids.

It was all fun and games......

until someone mentioned the Easter Bunny........

then.... well a picture is a worth a thousand words!

Oh, the ways we torture our kids!  This was the last day of our vacation :)  Just so you know I've never EVER made either of them take pictures with the Easter Bunny since that day.  This holiday isn't really about the bunny anyway.

So, I'll be working on my Easter breakfast table this weekend amongst a few other projects.  Anyone planning to visit the Easter Bunny?  ;)


  1. I have a similar photos - except with Santa Claus :)

  2. Oh, that is so priceless! Memories to treasure.

  3. Too funny! Oh my word...I'm sure I have pictures like that, too!

  4. That picture is *hilarious*!!! I would treasure it forever (c: It always makes me laugh the way they react to people in costumes...mine is still freaked out about the Chic-fil-A cow...

  5. To be fair the Chic-fil-A cow is a little scary looking :)

  6. Love the picture!

    I will be working on my Easter Table this weekend too and for the first time, I feel like I have no idea or direction for the setting. I've been scouring the interwebs looking for ideas, but nothing strikes my fancy. Hopefully you'll be having better luck than me~

  7. Love the baby granny! lol! too funny!

  8. I love South Carolina but haven't been in years. I used to vacation with a (currently ex) boyfriend in Sullivan's Island and LOVED it there. So beautiful and so relaxing. I miss that area (but NOT the ex! haha).

  9. OMG...the baby granny picture is priceless!


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