Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Change, Big Impact

Remember this post from last week?

Well, I had to conquer my fear of heights in order to make a small change in the family room.  You see the top of our fireplace has a header.  The header is made of wood and was painted the same color as the walls rather than the trim (by the previous owner).  Ever since I whitewashed the fireplace it has really stuck out like a sore thumb.  Here's a picture so you can see what I mean.

This was taken at night. Sorry, it's so dark. 
I didn't even own a ladder tall enough to reach up there (for obvious scaredy cat reasons) until recently.  With the new ladder staring me down (taunting me really) I no longer had any excuses.  I finally painted it white to match our trim and it's just so amazing to me how something so little could make such a big impact!

In order to achieve a really smooth finish I used this amazing product that I learned about over at Centsational Girl.  It's called Floetrol, and it's rock your world amazing!

It's a latex paint additive that practically eliminates brush strokes.  I am so glad I learned about this product.  I will probably never paint trim or furniture without it again!

Ok, so here's the little change that's currently making a big impact in my family room (at least it is to me).

Ahhhhh, it's so much better painted white to match the trim.  It makes the fireplace look taller and grander and well, just better (in my opinion)!  To get all dramatic on you and to really show you how far this fireplace has come here's the initial before. 

And the after. 

I'm so glad I conquered my fear of heights, climbed that ladder, learned about floetrol, and got this little project done!  So, are you getting any little-projects-that-make-a-big-change done around your house?  Any diy projects forcing you to face your fears?

I'll be back to show you the other change I made to the fireplace wall tomorrow!

Linking up to Centsational Girl's Paint Party, Savvy Southern Style, and Domestically Speaking!

****Check this post here for more info on the awesomeness that is floetrol.


  1. It looks fabulous Carmel!! I'm still loving those curtains too. Might need to pick your brain about those.

  2. WOW Carmel that really did make a big change and it lightened the the whole area right up! Martina

  3. Love it! What a difference a little paint can make I am going to have to try out that product also.

  4. What a huge difference this made! Each time you look at this wall you'll be so happy you got up on that ladder!! Janell

  5. It looks a ton better! Love it!!

  6. yay for your Carmel! It looks great. You have really transformed the look of your fireplace (and maybe conquered a fear?)

  7. It looks great! I love it!! Gonna have to check out that floetrol too!

  8. WOW what a difference! I mean, from beginning to end the difference is huge, but even just painting out the red makes a huge difference.

    Way to go!

  9. I love the difference! But I have to let you in on a little secret... the horse head really freaks my husband out. I think it is so funny to watch/hear his mumbled reaction every time I show him a picture of your fireplace. However we BOTH love the changes you've made.

    Now about the floetrol? Have you notice an increase in odor when you added it to your paints? Can it be added to any latex paint? Even non-VOC paints? Any chemical odors/fragrances tear me up so I have to be very careful!

    Once again I love the changes you have made!

  10. Oh my gosh, looks sooo much better! I agree, it makes it look taller or something! And yesss I'm with Peggy, can you tell us more about the Floetrol? I've never heard of it!

  11. What a big difference! Love the change!

  12. Thanks so much! Peggy and Michelle, I'm working on a post now with more info on floetrol. I'll come back and leave a link to that post! Oh and Peggy - I get it with the horse head - it's a love it or hate it kind of thing. I just happen to LOVE it like a LOT! ;)

  13. Am I wicked or what? I just love messing with my husband and showing him any post with the horse head in it! It is the only thing that I know of that causes a visible shudder, a slight one but its still there nevertheless! LOL I think it definitely works in your setting! In our home, not so much... think low ceilings with a cottage like feel (well when we are done ha ha!)

  14. That does look so much better. Good for you tackling that project. Thanks for joining WUW.

  15. Looks great, I agree the trim color is much better, I LOVE the new curtains (I am combining all my comments into one post - LOL) and the panel at the bottom, I agree they look better tall and I just love the blue band on them now. Also, I am so loving your MJ posed picture -priceless!

  16. In response to Peggy's question about the odor:
    I added about 1/2 oz of Floetrol to a zero VOC acrylic paint prior to painting a ceiling that had some texture. I thought the additive would allow me to use less paint. The smell has been TERRIBLE. It's been three weeks of air drying, and the odor is still very strong. I even bought a dehumidifier to help dry faster, but it has not helped.
    It may be less noticeable if you're just doing trim, but I'd steer clear of it if you're sensitive.
    I do hear it helps a lot with brush strokes on trim, but after my experience, I'll just live with the brush strokes!

  17. I really don't notice a huge odor but I have only ever used floetrol for trim and furniture. I don't think I would use it on a wall or ceiling. Thanks for the heads up.


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