Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painting With A Smooth Criminal

Ok, so I know I said that I was going to show you the other change I made to the fireplace wall in the family room, but I wasn't able to get any good pictures today due to the rain.  Ugh, the storms we've had here are ca-ray-zay!  Hello, sun .....are you out there?  Please come back soon ok!

Anyhow, instead I thought I'd give you more info on my new diy bff, that I met through the Centsational Girl.  I call him the smooth criminal, but his official name is floetrol.

Don't confuse him with the original smooth criminal though.  The orange bottle is good but not that good!

Floetrol is a latex paint additive (pentetrol is for oil-based paint) that extends the drying time and increases the paint flow which basically enables you to paint without brush marks.  It's not a paint thinner, and it doesn't change the color of your paint.  The directions on how much you need to add to your paint are on the back of the bottle.  A little goes a long way.  I found it at The Home Depot in the paint department (duh) and it was about $8.  Worth every penny!  The bottle says that adding it to your paint can increase the VOC.  I didn't notice any super strong paint fumes while using this product though.  I just noticed how wonderfully smooth the paint went on and what a great finished result I was able to achieve.  So after I painted the header on the fireplace, I decided to paint the picture frame moulding in the dining room and the foyer (which was in desperate need of repainting).  The smooth criminal made a mundane, not-so-fun project super easy!  

I used these supplies and got to work. 

This also gives you a peek at the new floors in the dining room! 

I mixed my trim paint with floetrol in a small paint can I picked up at The Home Depot. 

I love this short angle brush for painting trim.  

I used a foam roller for inside the picture frames then went over it with that same angled brush.  

Here's a picture where you can kind of see why I repainted.  The white moulding (after 20+ years) had started to yellow just a bit.  In the picture below you see the old (on the left) and the freshly painted (on the right). 

It was a much more dramatic change in person-  I promise!  

I'm really glad the smooth criminal inspired me to get a project done that I had been putting off dreading for over a year now (since we moved in last March)!  Here's a closer look at the super smooooooth result!  

I'll never paint trim or furniture without the smooth criminal again.  There's obviously nothing criminal about him, unless being awesome is a crime!  I guess I was just listening to a little too much MJ while painting :) 

Don't laugh!  I'm already laughing hard enough for the both of us!  

Or maybe there were some paint fumes and they got to my head?!  What, you mean you don't randomly bust out your fedora while painting and listening to a little MJ?!  

On another note, doesn't "floetrol" sound like something your doctor would prescribe?  Seriously, that's probably why I never knew this product existed!  Why don't they start naming home improvement products like MAC names their lipsticks?  Smooth criminal it is then :) 

What do you all think of my new bff?  Have you used this product before?  Don't you just love when you find something that inspires you to get a big, boring-but-important project done?  

Linking up to The Stories of A to Z and The Lettered Cottage.


  1. You are too funny! I read that CG uses this product and have been curious to give it a try. Wish I had used it when I painted my kitchen cabinets recently!

  2. hilarious! I have been known to bust out in a little Ice Cube while caulking so who am I to judge:)

  3. Gotta try it. Thanks for the scoop girlie!

  4. Thanks for the review. I have been looking for something like this, I hate brush marks. Thanks for sharing, I love the last photo...hilarious!

  5. Brilliant find and *HILARIOUS* are just too cute...but hey, if you can't have fun while listening to a little MJ,then you need to re-evaluate your life (c:

  6. What a cute post! Love the picture!!! So glad you went for it! I have to try this stuff out! There is nothing worse then working your butt off to paint something and then have it look terrible!!!

  7. Love the last photo! You have to have a sence of humor when painting at least that's what I tell myself. It looks great.

  8. thanks! I read that on CG but didn't pay much attention...but you've convinced me! Your trim looks awesome, btw. I have the same style in my dining room and it *desperately* needs a paint job.

  9. Thanks for the tip, I am moving soon and dreading re-painting. This should make the process easier and the end result something I don't need to shove large pieces of furniture in front of!

  10. Hey, I just mentioned you and Floetrol on the Young House Love facebook page. Scoot over there and link up so that people can find you like I did! ;)

  11. I bought this tonight. I will be using it all weekend. We are re-doing a dining room set for the beach. I sure hope it works really good. My husband wanted to keep the set wood colored, but I said it just had to be done in aqua. I am keeping my fingers crossed.;)

  12. I've been using Floetrol & Penetrol for 25 years! Wouldn't paint without it. It's a superior product and it really does make your paint consistency feel smooth just like oil paintI Wouldn't paint without it. It's a superior product and it really makes the paint smooth and silky. If you think it seems a little expensive it really is NOT when you consider that it's going to give you additional paint (I.e. if you add a pint to a gallon of paint that means you'll actually increase your available paint by 1 pint). Try it... I think you'll be glad that you did! Ken C

  13. Hi I was wondering is it thinner so it gets drippier? Plus how did ypu get such clean lines while painting the quarter round on the floor? I was told it was impossible...mmmm...

    1. It is a bit thinner not much though. I have a pretty steady hand for the most part but I've also been known to tape the floor around the quarter round so I won't have to worry so much and I can paint a lot faster!

  14. great tip and I loved your beautiful stairs, what color did you use on the trim? it's gorgeous!


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