Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Erin's Learned - "You Could Learn A Lot From A Blog" - Guest Blogger Series

Today I'd like to introduce you to Erin from Richmond Thrifter.  She's one of my new blog friends!  I think I found her on twitter?  Her blog name really caught my eye because I used to live in Richmond, VA.  In fact they say Virginia is for lovers and I'd have to agree considering both of my kids were born there ;)  Anyhow, I was instantly drawn in to Erin's blog as she's constantly impressing me with her thrifty finds and fantastic makeovers!  So, take it away Erin!  

Hi Our Fifth House readers!  My name is Erin and I write the blog Richmond Thrifter.  I am honored to be included in the guests this week sharing what they've learned from the blogosphere.  What a talented group of gals!  I "met" Carmel a couple of months ago when she graciously became my 200th follower and I've loved reading her blog ever since.  Love her sense of humor and amazing design sense!
So here goes!  Just a tiny glimpse into all that I have learned from this wonderful world of blogging!  Let me tell you, it was not easy to narrow it down!
1.  Oil based Primer is a lazy girls BEST FRIEND:
And my best friend goes by the first name of Zinsser.  This stuff will literally stick to ANYTHING!  Without sanding.  Yes, you heard me right, NO SANDING!!!  I am super lazy when it comes to prep work so I would be lost without this!  It seriously stinks though so use it in a well ventilated area!  I just bought the spray for the first time yesterday and it makes me insanely happy!  I was a little nutty looking around the garage trying to find things I could prime!  I rolled the top and sides of a dresser and sprayed the intricate doors in no time!   Another tip, since its oil based primer soap and water doesn't really take it of hands but vegetable oil will!
2.  No Reply Bloggers are the pits!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments from readers.  It makes my day!  I would be mortified if anyone ever found out how often I check for comments!  But hopefully that will never come out ;)  So here's the lowdown on No Reply Bloggers.  If you are one I can't reply to you through email (which is how I prefer since some people don't check back to the blogs they commented on).  Good news though!  Follow these steps to become a Reply Blogger!
Sign in to Blogger and bring up your Dashboard or Profile Page. Click on EDIT PROFILE.
See the third box down (SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS) there should be a check mark in it.

Scroll down; see the section titled IDENTITY. See the box labeled EMAIL ADDRESS. Your Email address should be in that box.
If there is no email in that box or if you don't have the Show My Email Address box checked. You are a NO-REPLY blogger and I can't email you back.
3.  Floetrol totally floats my boat!

I just learned about this stuff and your very own Carmel just wrote a hysterical post on this amazing product.  Basically it reduces or eliminates brush and roller marks when painting.  I mean...where has this been all my life?  I just picked up my first bottle yesterday and I could kick myself for not using it on the million projects I have done up to this point!  So hurry up and go get some, its pretty cheap too, around $7.00.
So thats all folks.  I could go on and on but 3 is the magic number!  Thanks again for having me Carmel!  It's been so fun!

Thanks Erin!  Funny thing is I learned about Floetrol from Kate the Centsational Girl, and I've been in love with the stuff ever since!  It's amazing what you can learn from a blog.  I feel like a learn something new just about every day!  


  1. This is such a great posting that I hope I can figure out a way to print it out. Such great advice!!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Well, I just learned two more things! Seriously, there are so many great tips in the blog world.

  3. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Lowe's today. Thanks for the tips, Erin and thanks for sharing Erin, Carmel.

  4. totally agree about the no reply bloggers- the pits!!!

  5. Thanks for this series Carmel! So helpful for a newbie blogger.

  6. Thanks for sharing the tip about Floetrol, I've passed on a few projects because I thought the brush strokes would be too obvious.

  7. Thanks for having me Carmel! So glad I could pass on some helpful info!

  8. I love this series!! And why the heck have I never heard of Floetrol?! I learn something new from blogs everyday too!!

  9. I'm sorry what?!?!?! Lazy girl primer AND something to reduce brush/roller marks! I'm loving this post!!
    I totally threw these in my Pinterest to help me remember!

  10. Yeah - Zinsser and Floetrol - can be your diy bff's!

  11. I learned that from Kate, too! Worked like a charm on my dresser. And I love being able to reply to comments via email!

  12. Thanks for the tips! I'm with you--it is such a bummer I can't reply to a comment via email. Why do people do that?!

  13. Thanks for these tips-I've been feeling so guilty looking around me as I've been doing a serious disgrace to my beautiful old spanish home-as soon as I kick this cold/flu bug thingy, me and my 2 yr old are gonna do some summer projects! Thanks again!


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