Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Michaela's Learned - "You Could Learn A Lot From A Blog" Guest Blogger Series

Today I've invited Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs to talk about what she's learned from blog land.   Michaela is one of the absolute sweetest bloggers!  She has such a passion for design and life.  I always look forward to reading her posts!  This one is no exception - take it away Michaela!  

Well hello Our Fifth House readers! Don'tcha just adore Carmel? I'm so excited to be here today sharing what fun things I've learned from blogging. Where to even start?! I've learned so many things.  The most important thing I've learned since starting my blog is how important it is to find people who share in your passion.  I've been so blessed to meet such wonderful ladies who share in my passion for design. 
But, let's get down to specifics here! 

I've learned some crazy good DIY projects.

Centsational Girl taught me how to refinish an ugly old dresser I found at Goodwill into something drool worthy:

Michaela Noelle Designs
Megan from Honey We're Home inspired me to cover my bookshelves with fabric!  Here's hers:

I learned flowers always make me {and everyone else in blogland} smile.

Melanie from Pretties and Posies shared how to create the prettiest little carnation heart bouquet (:

Even paper/fabric flowers for pins and headbands! Jones Design Company has great tutorials:

I've learned I have a sweet tooth.

I've been sparked to want to start being more creative in the kitchen with all of Val's amazing recipes!  Some of my faves:

A special treat for those who love both candy and cake! Butterfinger Cake:

The only sushi I'll ever eat: PB&J!

Do you like how I cheated and added a few things per category? I just couldn't narrow it down to three!
Thanks for having me, Carmel!


Thanks for sharing what you've learned Michaela!  Those PB&J sushi rolls are the cutest thing I've ever seen!  I'm so going to make those for my kiddos!  Tomorrow Courtney from A Thoughtful Place will be here to share what she's learned, and you won't want to miss it!   


  1. Ok, really really gonna love this series! I am still relatively new to blogging but I can't believe how much I have learnt from all the talented ladies out there in blogland! Gotta agree with Michaela, DIY projects and new recipes are my favourites!

  2. michaela is so sweet! love her blog! and i am sad to hear we will never eat sushi together. :)

  3. Ha-ha Cassie - you can eat sushi with me - I basically live on it :) I've been trying to get my kids to try some rolls but they won't touch them which is why I think the PB&J rolls look so fun!

  4. Great ideas. Can't wait to visit her blog. I'm loving this series!

  5. Carmel, I am new to blogging and have been following your blog for a short while. I like that you make yourself (and it's your style) so accessible and approachable. Thank you....

  6. Thanks again for having me, Carmel!! (: So fun to put together!

  7. Michaela, I feel so honored! Carmel....nice to meet you! Your blog is great!

  8. I love Michaela!! I'm definitely agreeing with ALL of her "lessons" learned from blogging. I am constantly inspired by the blogs that I read!

  9. Michaela is hands down one of the cutest/sweetest things to ever hit blogland...and I couldn't agree more on the things she's learned...the blogosphere is an inspiring place! (c: This is such a fun little series, Carmel!


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