Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mint Julep June Jaunt

This past Saturday I actually met a group of local bloggers for some shopping fun and a great lunch at the cutest cafe, Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY.  This fun blogger meet-up was planned and organized by Gail from My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD from Beauty in the Attempt.  Thanks so much to both of them!  I have to admit that I was really nervous but excited to attend this event.  I mean do people actually meet the people they meet online in real life?!  I'm a little more shy and reserved in person than I am on this here blog.  It takes me awhile to warm up and feel comfortable.  The crazy thing is it didn't take long at all to feel right at home with this great group of ladies!  They were all so sweet and welcoming!  Even if I may have seemed awkward they were nice enough not to tell me.  :)  

I was a little late because I wanted to help the hubs (you know he broke his ankle last week) with breakfast for the kids before I left home.  Better late then never though!  I was a bad blogger in addition to being late because I didn't take too many photos.  I blame it on the nerves.  :)   I did take a few fun shots at our fabulous lunch location.

Missy, Joi, and Jessica (MeganDVD's sister)

Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a wonderfully eclectic restaurant!  The sweet potato fries were off the hook - yum-O!  It even has a fun little shop in the lobby area.  This table of shrine to bacon cracked. me. up!

I know, right - you're thinking - seriously, this is when you chose to bust out your camera?!  Yep - that's me.  :)

Here's a pic I borrowed from MeganDVD of the group at Regalo, the coolest boutique shop right next door to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

From left to right  -  Donna, Mallie, Peggy, Jennifer, Elisha, Missy
Terri, Beckie, Cathy, 
Hollie, Joi, and Me, 

I loved this shop and they even gave us a discount!  I picked up these fun frames for less than $20 for my boy's room.  

As if getting to meet, shop, and eat with some fabulous bloggers and their friends wasn't enough, we even went home with some great goodie bags.  

I actually won an extra box of Gorilla Glue!  The other one came with black spray paint.  

Thanks Gorilla Glue, Krylon, and Mallie from DecoArt for the goodies!  As soon as I got home I put one of my goodies to work. 

Nope - I didn't waste anytime at all.  :)  I'll show you the rest of this project soon. 

I even gave the hubs a little something to say thanks so much for staying home with the kids (broken ankle and all).  

Gorilla tough indeed!
Clearly he was beyond thrilled.  ;)  Bless him - he has to have surgery on his ankle this Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that the best part of all is that I learned MeganDVD's real name!  It was like finding out what Mr. Big's name is.  :)  I'll never tell - buahahahahaha!  

To all the ladies I met on Saturday - thanks for not making me feel like a dork.  You all are just so sweet, and I hope we do it again sometime soon!  

Go say hello to these wonderful bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting, and thanks again Gail and MeganDVD for planning such a fun event! 

Shannon from Quarry Orchard
Miranda from Just Drink a Coke
Elaine from Honeysuckle Hollow
Terri from Creative Eyedias


  1. What a sweet post! That really was a fun day with what started out as a group of strangers and turned into a group of gals all leaving as friends! I'm so glad that I got to meet you; you're too sweet. Have a great week!


  2. Hey Carmel!! :) I couldn't tell you were nervous at ALL! lol I think we all just seemed to mesh nicely together, it was so fun! :0) I hope we get to do that again sometime, maybe we could go together next time, since we live so close. We should definitely keep in contact, maybe we could do a project together or something too! :)
    Have a great week

  3. I'm doing my first meet and greet this weekend! Eek! It's with a bunch of other twin mamas from a forum I'm active on. I hope they don't realize what a goober I am!

    Looks like you had fun, it gives me hope. ;)

  4. You cut your hair!?!? Did you do it, did you do it?! I'm thinkin' it looks like you did it.....photos please....

  5. How fun, girl!! So wish you could come to the meet up in SF! Always fun to meet our online friends (:

  6. Oh that looks like such a fun day! Isn't it so great to meet in person after knowing each other online?

  7. You my dear are so darling!!! I feel so blessed to have found you and even MORE blessed that you took a big risk and came up to Louisville. I am glad that you had a good time and that you have a bunch of goodies to remember the day by. I hope this is only the beginning for us and for IN/KY bloggers. Trust me...when I am in Lexington...I will be looking you up. AND...next time you know you are coming to Louisville...I say we should meet for lunch. :)


  8. What a fun Bloggy meet up! I had to laugh about finding out Megsn DVD's real name! I knew MeganDVD when she and I would post on the Decorating and Renovating Message Board from TheNest.com! Love her! Glad you had a great time with a great group of Bloggers!

  9. First time commenter here...I love your style and voice!

    I know you said in a comment on one of your last posts that you didn't think you liked the new hair style, but I think it looks great!

  10. Oops! I didn't mean to be anonymous in my comment above!

  11. Aw, I just saw this post over on Joi's blog! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

  12. Looks like you ladies had so much fun - I'm hoping maybe someone will organize one of these in PA but I really don't know many PA bloggers.

  13. It was so fun meeting you Carmel! You are absolutely gorgeous and so sweet. I knew we'd be friends when I saw our taste in handbags! ; )


  14. Carmel it was nice to meet you, wasn't it fun !!? I wish I had more time to talk to you other than the brief conversation about our withdrawal pains as our babies refuse to no longer wear their hair bows! It's hard, believe me I understand :) Look forward to seeing you again E in TN

  15. so fun! I LOVE Lynn's Paradise Cafe - my husband was staffed in Louisville for 8 months on a project and I was able to visit a couple of times, one of our fav places to visit! Such a fun day y'all had!

  16. That looked like so much fun! What a great day. And your poor hubby! Oh dear. Fingers crossed the surgery goes great.

  17. It was so fun - definitely worth stepping out of my comfort zone! Thanks Carrie - the hair is growing on me - wish I knew how to actually style it and it look good :)

  18. Looks like such a fun time! Wish I lived closer! :)


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