Monday, July 18, 2011

Date Night

I love date night!

Date Night Poster

Not this Date Night, although Tina Fey and Steve Carell - need I say more?!  I'm actually talking about my own date nights with the hubs.  We are date night regulars.  Dating each other is how this whole "let's get married" thing got started, so we figured why stop after the altar.  

Date night is always a good night.  It's a chance to get out of my yoga pants.  ;)

It's a hot Southern summer, so yeah I'm wearing shorts out on a date.  Were you expecting a dress or something?! 
It's a chance for us to speak to each other without interruption.  I love family time, but spending time alone with my love is really special.  It's nice to talk, laugh and enjoy each other.  To drive in the car without listening to the Squeakquel soundtrack (not that I don't love me some chippettes).  To eat a meal without having to cut up someone else's food.  To enjoy a nice meal and a glass (or 2 or 3) of wine.

Like I said I love date night.

What about you?  Are you a date night regular?


  1. All couples should take time to spend some time together without the kiddies. We go out a lot, but of course we are empty nesters which makes it a whole lot easier. We go to a movie almost weekly if there is anything worth spending that much money on. We did not go last week since there wasn't a new one we wanted to see. We have been married 36 years so it works.

  2. if i looked that good in shorts i would wear them on a date, too. :)

  3. After 7 years of pregnancy and nursing, we finally have a regular sitter who comes to play with the children every other week!! In love with this!! Who knew my husband and I still "liked" one another!!!! BTW in love with your blog...we are on our 6th house not counting corporate apartments during temporary assignments....I adore blogs which share stories along with decorating!!

  4. Hi Carmel! I totally agree about date night. The hubby and I just started doing date night, sad to say since we've been married for 17 years. I love it, no kids, no fuss...often we forget about ourselves when our lives revolve around children. Good for you!


  5. You know I couldn't agree with you more but I hate to admit it our date nights have gone by the wayside in the past year. Who know having teenagers could fill your schedule up so completely especially when they need to be in three different locations at roughly the same time (and only one drives!) We will be married 21 years in a few short weeks and I think its time we revive a dying tradition. Last time I checked I still really enjoyed spending time with my husband. That and the sudden realization that in 6 short years our eldest will be graduating and then it will be just the two of us again.... how did that happen so quickly?!?

  6. We get one every 2-3 months. It's super nice to get out without the kids. For real!

  7. We need to make it a point to get out more - meaning once a month. We are fortunate to have family close-by that can watch our daughter, so we need to cash in on the babysitting offer and get ourselves some hot date nights!

  8. ohhh, how sweet! I'm so glad ya'll do this on a regular basis!
    I don't have a "date", so, nope!
    hope you have a great week!

  9. How sweet! The last time I was on a date with my husband was a very long time ago. To be honest I can't remember when, maybe a year ago. We do not have family living close to us which means that there is no one to watch our daughter.

    Is that the new haircut? Very cute!

  10. So nice that you guys still make time for date night! I need to remember that once we have kids! And PS -- you two look fab!

  11. Good for you...Date Night! And by the way, I love your shorter hair!!!

  12. Way to go... on the date night and the legs. Hello, jealous! Oh, AND the hair. Is that new? Because I laaahve it.

  13. Y'all look so cute! I love date nights with my husband! :) Oh, and I have to tell you how I found your blog.. looking for hair inspiration. I did a search and somehow you popped up -- your post on needed a hairstyle change. I scrolled through your posts to see if you were brave enough to get the cut, and you did! I love this on you! It seriously is super cute on you! I'm actually getting my hair cut tonight! Going from really long to a just past the shoulders cut with longer bangs. I'm scared! lol

    I'm glad I found you.. new follower!


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