Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's For The Love Of Chairs #8

Happy Friday!  Man, do I love me some Friday!  It's like the diving board to the weekend pool - awwww yeah!   I especially love Fridays since starting this series.  I get to feed my obsession with chairs, and mamma's always hungry for more!  HA - what has gotten in to me?!  Crazy much?!

At any rate, craziness aside, I've got a really good chair for you today.  Just one because it totally stands alone.  Look at this beauty y'all!!!

I know right?!  Shut your mouth; you're drooling.  Oh wait, that's me.  :)  Is that not the most gorgeous chair that you've ever seen?!  Do you all know Sherry from Design Indulgence?  She's an amazing designer and is darn funny too!  Her blog is one of my favs!  

 She's been making some changes in her home recently (like the beautiful white hardwood floors!).  She shopped her home and found this beauty of a chair in her basement!  She bought it for like $10 about 8 years ago, painted it white, and had it covered in an old zebra hide.  I just love this chair.  Timeless. Chic.  Stunning.  

Go say hi to Sherry if you don't already know her.  She's got crazy mad design skillz!  

Have a fabulous Friday!  Anyone have any great weekend plans?  


  1. I think the chair looks SO cute but I have to wonder how zebra hide feels on my legs. I think the texture would get to me after awhile...but I am weird like that. :)

  2. It looks so good - I don't care how feels :) I'll bet its really soft though - most hides I've felt are.

  3. Is it bad that I knew this was Sherry's chair? Of course not!! Love it and hope to be sending some chair love your way soon...we'll see.

  4. Hi Carmel! I'm your newest follower! I love your blog. This zebra chair is amazing! I also love the white hardwood unique and pretty!

  5. this chair rocks and so do the white hardwood floor! her home looks so clean! love it!

  6. I LOVE that chair. Like in an unhealthy way. I want it badly!!! Now where am I going to find one just like that???

  7. That chair is to die for!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  8. Well...this is the first I have seen of this! How sweet are you??? And...since that chair really does not get much use, I am not sure how it feels to sit in it. I am all about the look baby :)


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