Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Room

I'm starting to get crackin' in the guest room.  I made a rash decision when we first moved in and painted it a super-blindingly, bright aqua.  This is why I didn't say a dang word about the bright orange bedroom on Design Star last week.  I believe it's he who is without sin may cast the first stone.  ;)  I've made a number of bad color choices.  No big though; it's just paint people.  Better to have tried and repainted then never to have tried at all - right?!  ;)

I snapped this pic after I had started cutting in with the new color.  

After repainting it Waverly's Lambswool, I'm back on track now.  I've decided to go neutral with pops of red so I can easily change the look of the room by switching out the accessories.

The room is sort of small for a king size bed, but we want our guests to be really comfortable when they visit.  We moved our old mattress in here ( I say old but it's only about 7 years old) when we bought ourselves a tempurpedic a few years ago.  Best. Purchase. Ever.  Anyhow, there was nothing wrong with the mattress we had so we moved it into our guest room.

Using all white bedding really helps to make the room look larger and less cramped.  I just love all white on a bed!  This set is from Target.   The red rose pillows are from Pier 1 (last fall).  The suzani pillow was a HomeGoods purchase.  I'm slightly obsessed with it.

Now I just need to figure out what to do for headboard.  Any ideas?  


  1. i think a curvy upholstered headboad would look fabulous- right now everything is so square- the bed, pillows, and even the shapes on the bedding, so i think curves would help soften the look. the bed looks very cozy so far!

  2. Carmel, I think you'll like this easy/free headboard that I saw at my French friend's home in Belgium. We wrote about it here:

    By the way, I live in LEX and can't find the chalk pens. Where did you get them. Thanks,

  3. Pretty new color and love that suzani pillow is so pretty. I have not seen that at our Home Goods. Always a hit or miss. I think an upholstered headboard would be beautiful or old doors.

  4. I'm in love with that bedding and that suzani pillow. Your guests are never going to want to leave with that king size bed.

  5. I totally agree about painting- it's easy to paint back over a "what-was-I-thinking" color, so you should always just go for it! I love the new look of the room, and walking by it down the hallway and seeing the hall's wall color reflected by the pops of red in the room will look great!
    As for the headboard, I've got a one-track mind with those at the moment cause I'm planning to make my husband and I one with shipping pallets. Our bed is set up like this one, mostly white, so I plan to sand the heck out of a couple of pallets and paint them a bright white. Not sure if that's the kind of look you'd want to go for or not in here though. Like I said, I have no other ideas at the moment cause I'm really excited about making mine! :)

  6. Looks fantastic! Great changes. In our very first apartment my "yellow" wall turned out a horrible mustard color. We still laugh about it. I am feeling a stained wood plank headboard . . sort of lived in feel. Whatever you do will be gorgeous.

  7. i'm happy share my headboard idea i've had in my head for a while.. use a hollow core closet door! paint, stain, stencil, etc. i've had ideas of painting stripes, stain using colored stain, or my biggest idea, using typography [email me if you want my idea for this!]

  8. Oh yeah, paint is a quick update - no problem and your room looks great! I love the pops of red. I think you should attempt a DIY headboard if you're up for that challenge - either an upholstered number or maybe using some old doors to distress? (since you're so good at that!)

  9. obsessed with the suzani pillow. gorg. xoxo


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