Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacay Wrap-Up and More Guest Posting

One of the things on our Summer list was to go to the beach.  Being a Southern California girl, the beach (no matter what coast) makes me extremely happy.  We've been vacationing at Kiawah Island, SC since we got married almost eleven years ago.  The hubs parents have a house there, and we usually head down once a year.  It's a nice, relaxing family vacation filled with playing at the beach, riding bikes around the island, and eating too much seafood.  Yeah, it's the perfect vacation trifecta!

The drive from Lexington, Kentucky is about 9 hours.  With two kids in tow, it can take a little longer.  :)  So, the most essential part of the packing process includes road trip survival kits.

The math workbooks were a nice thought in theory :)  
I keep these plastic bins (dollar store) in the van (yes, I drive a swagger wagon - cuz I'm cool like that) all the time.  When we are headed on a long trip somewhere, I clean them out and add in a few new things.  Everything usually comes from the dollar section at Target or the dollar store.  They're a nice way for the kids to keep their stuff organized, and they know that if it doesn't fit in the bin it's not coming on the trip. This helps keep my van free of stuffed animals and other large items.  These car kits give the kids something to do besides snacking on junk food.  Obviously, we also have an entertainment system so there's always a movie marathon as well.  By the way, if you haven't seen Megamind yet you seriously need to rent or buy it.  It's HI-larious, and the soundtrack rocks!

The kids aren't the only ones that need a little help making it through about 9 hours on the road.  Momma needs to survive too!

I learned to crochet a few years ago.  It keeps me busy so the time flies by.  I did help drive (a little) - thank goodness the hubs was back to driving a week before we left.  His ankle is almost completely back to normal.

All the time spent traveling was so worthwhile.   Watching my little peeps play on the beach was priceless.

I taught the boy how to boogie board this time.  He was pretty impressed with his momma.  I don't know how to surf, but I can boogie with the best of them.  :)  Just sayin'.

All in all we had a great time!  The icing on the cake was meeting up with a blog friend.  There's something magical about the beach, and Kiawah Island never disappoints.

Where do you like to vacation with your family?  Do you like to beach bum it as much as we do?  Anyone have any road trip survival skills they'd like to share?

On another note, I'm guest posting over at Living Savvy today!  Tiffany invited me over to join her spray painters anonymous support group.  :)  Clearly she knows I'm obsessed.


  1. Well, you know I am a Kiawah lover - the most amazing water, biking, and so on. My kids taught me how to boogie board "properly" after all these years of trying. Amazing place. Great organization tips for road trips!

  2. We go to Seaside, FL every summer (except this one) and we like to bum it too. Love your ideas for what to take for the kids. Last year, I got 10 $1s for each of my kids and I kept them up front with me. We told them that every time they got in a fight with one another or asked "how much longer" we would take $1 away. Whatever was left was there's to spend when we got there. They all made there with the entire $10. We did have to give the three year old a few warnings! ha.

  3. Yes, I love going to the beach! Sounds like you had a great vacation! Love the pics of the kids - so precious.

  4. wow, you read some really intellectual and deep books! i love them, don't get me wrong. but when i am on vacation i tend to pick up quick light reads!
    and yes activities are definitely good! each of our kids gets a bag packed just for the car, too!

  5. I keep meaning to put together some kid-friendly containers like that for the car. You've reminded me to get on it.

    I'm completely jealous of the fact that you can read in the car. I'd be pukin' out the window.

    My sister just loaned me the 'dragon' book. I have yet to start it.

    I'm IN LOVE with the term Swagger Wagon. I'm writing it down. No, really. We're expecting baby number three, and a minivan is the only way we'll survive it. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a bumper sticker made. (or at least a homemade sign for the inside window) :o)

  6. Wow you are so organized! Such great ideas for road trips!!

  7. I just love vacations...being able to have time to read is a hot commodity around these parts, too! (c: Those trip survival kits are *genius*...I'm definitely going to copy that idea.

    CODE: Megamind is AWESOME. Ferrell and Cross combo is the shiz.

  8. We've been going to Kiawah for the past three summers and each year it just gets better. We love it down there, the beach is beautiful.

  9. Hi Carmel! Your vacation looked like fun and it is always good to be prepared! I love it!! Thanks for the tips! And thank you so much for joining my "meeting" I loved the urns! I am off to spray paint something... seriously I'm not kidding!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  10. I promise I'm really not that organized. I just like to survive (with my sanity) long road trips :) Love Andrea's idea -incentives are always a good thing!

  11. Great ideas! Funny, my legs usually end up on the dash on long trips as well! I am also a Kentucky girl. :)

    My husband and I almost honeymooned there but ended up in Florida. We may have to go there sometime.

  12. girl, you have been a busy bee!!! i had a lot of reading to do to get caught up with you! Your kitchen is going to be fab...and don't you love that rub and buff?!?


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