Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 Minutes Or Less

I'm all about a challenge.  What about you?!  Up for a challenge this month?  Since I reorganized the school supplies cabinet, I've decided to devote 30 minutes or less each week for the entire month of August to get more organized around here.  If I don't challenge myself I will never get it done.  So I figure if I give myself a goal I just might get something accomplished!  That's the plan anyway.  I can handle 30 or minutes or less a week to get some organizing business handled.  Who's with me?  Anyone?


Alrighty then.

Well, this week I tackled the games.  If you have kids you've got board games.  We happen to have them coming out the waazoo.  I don't even know what a waazoo is, but that's where they're coming from.  I've declared to my family that we are bringing back family game night.  We used to do it all the time, and last year we totally slacked.  Family game night is super fun, mainly because I am the master of all games.  Go ahead - challenge me - but I warn you - you better bring it!  Uh, huh, I said it!  Now what?!  Silliness aside, I decided if I'm bringing game night back I'd better get the games in better order.  I separated the ones we play the most from the ones we only play occasionally.  I left the occasionally played games in the basement to be dealt with at another time and brought the most used games into the family room.  My brassy treasure of a coffee table has two drawers that are perfect for storing these types of things.

First, I ditched the cardboard boxes so that everything would fit in the top drawer really easily.

Then, I used Ziploc bags for all the pieces/cards to each game.  The Ziploc bags are much easier to store than those big boxes.

And now, it all fits in the top drawer of my coffee table so nicely!  I kept the Jenga box; it just seemed like a crime to let it go.

You can't see the board games but they're all stacked underneath the Trouble board. 

And just for fun,  I'll show you the bottom drawer too.

Yeah, I'm slightly obsessed with throw blankets, but I don't like to fold.  I just roll them up which actually utilizes the space better than folding them would.

So, there's my 30 minutes or less of organizing for the week!  Woo-hoo!  I'm doing good.  I believe start to finish this took less than 20 minutes.  Now, when game night rolls around; I'll be set.

How do you store your board games?  Anyone else up for a little organizing challenge?  We should start a club or something.  Let's do this thing!  (My daughter says that like a million times a day so at this point it just rolls off my tongue or rather my typing fingers - sorry!)

Speaking of board games, does anyone remember the game Payday?  It. was. my. favorite!  Yes, I was and still am that dorky.


  1. Great job!! It does help to do this every so often...it's time for me, again!

  2. I love this idea - must do!!!!
    Thanks for the tips - they're great.
    cheryl xox.

  3. I have read that taking 15 mins a day to organize your surrounding is the first step to changing your habits! I love the idea... I will need to do the same!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  4. So great! First of all, Candy Land is my favorite board game (: I would always beg to be Queen Frostine. There would be trouble if I didn't get her haha!
    I love your 30 minutes or less a week devoted to organizing. Great goal (:

  5. Yes, organizing is a constant in my house. We do board games in ziplocs (the boxes get battered after years of use (or abuse!). I also do love rolling items for storage (it almost looks prettier)..I do these for towels in the linen closet.

  6. I love this idea. Until my kids go back to school, 30 minutes is about all I have each day anyway. I think I'll start today. Let's do this thing!

  7. I like to roll my blankets and towels. I think the bags are a great idea to keep all those little pieces together.

  8. I loved Payday! That's the one with the little credit card machine right? That thing was so fun.

    30 minutes sounds do-able to me. Count me in!

  9. I love the challenge! I have several other projects I need to get done and a busy month ahead of me or else I would be in! Unless you count organizing your to do list by checking things off of it. :) It is amazing how long it takes to hand sew pleats and Velcro.

  10. I need to just toss half of our board games. they are barely touched, and take up a ridiculous amount of space!!! I mean insane amount! thanks for encouraging me to clean them up!

  11. I want to join the organizing club. I could use a big dose of motivation! Good job for getting going on this!

  12. i wish i could join the organization train! but i have to pack it all away. boo!!!!

  13. Such a good idea to use ziplock bags! I am totally game for an organization club.

  14. We don't have too many board games around, but I definitely need to be a member of the organizing club!


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