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Favorite Places To Waste Time

The Centsational Girl is having a party and I'm joining in the fun!  Who doesn't love a good party?!

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There are so many things I love about living in Lexington, Kentucky.  I grew up in Southern California so living here is quite a change for me.  I enjoy having all four seasons and being surrounded by beautiful horse farms.  Sure I miss the beach, but there's something really special about living in a town with such a rich history.  Of course I love going to Keeneland (a day at the track is always fun!).
2011 Toyota Blue Grass (G1)

You may not know this but much of the movie Secretariat was filmed there.  Lexington is also nearby a number of bourbon distilleries which are really fun and interesting to tour.  Maker's Mark is one of our favorites located in Loretto just about an hour and half from Lexington.

Known for their wax top when you visit you can actually dip your own bottle (although you have to be 21).

While Kentucky is known for its bourbon there are some wineries here too.  Without a doubt our favorite winery in Kentucky is Jean Farris.


You seriously must go and read the story behind this winery here, and then if you are ever in Lexington you have to make Jean Farris dinner reservations.  The food is unbelievable!  We visit them quite often and are members of the wine club as well!

While horse racing, bourbon tours, and great dining make living in Lexington absolutely wonderful; my favorite places to waste time in this town are not so obvious.

This might look like just an ordinary strip mall.  At first glance if you didn't know any better you might just drive right by.  What a mistake you'd be making!  These two stores are unique and fabulous.  Hitting them both up in the morning is my idea of a great way to start the day!  Coffee Times Coffee House is without a doubt the best coffee place.  They roast and flavor their own coffee.  My personal favorite from the espresso bar is the Mexi-Cappuccino which is espresso, steamed milk (non-fat for me), and Mexican spiced cocoa topped with whipped cream (but I usually take mine without the whip).  It is heavenly!  They also have a cute little gift shop and they're connected to favorite spot numero dos - Street Scene.  It is the coolest little vintage shop.  I love the way the store is styled and the inventory is constantly changing.  They sell everything from vintage clothing and accessories (their jewelry is always awesome!) to sofas, coffee tables, and well you name it and they have it.  It's hard to go in there and not buy something.  There's just too much good stuff, but even if you are just window shopping it makes for a fun place to lose yourself in time (if you have time to kill that is) with a great coffee in hand, of course.  ;)

On the morning I snapped the above hipstamatic pic, this guy was my shopping buddy (our vet's office is right across the street).

This is Prince.  Named for the greatest artist ever.  ;) 
Which is just so fitting because my third favorite place to waste time is the Wellington dog park (Lexington has quite a few dog parks around the city).  We don't usually bring the dogs with us; but instead we load the bikes up in the back of the swagger wagon (yeah- we've got one) and head out there to ride around the trail.  The dog park is a great place for "bike riding beginners".  The kids absolutely love it.  The hub and I love that we don't have to worry about cars pulling out of driveways like we do in the neighborhood.  It's a nice place to spend some time outside together as a family.

My bike is the green one.  It's a $30 yard sale find that my bro-in-law found.  I'm kind of in love with it and the cute basket I bought at a beach shop in Kiawah, SC a few years ago.  Guess who rides that pink Hello Kitty number.  

Yeah you guessed it.  The girl rides that one.
There's a sweet little garden that's maintained by volunteers.  

Check out the helmet!

The boy is much harder to photograph. 

He is at one with the trail.  :)

Busy perfecting his "tricks".

Occasionally I get close enough to snap a decent photo.

Those three favorite spots filled up much of our summer.  With the start of school and soccer season, we don't have as much time for them.

It's funny how the simplest places can be your most favorite places to spend/waste time.  What are your favorite places to waste time in your town?

Then again, time you waste having fun really isn't time wasted - is it?

****UPDATE - Somehow, I scheduled the wrong draft to post last night?!  - Oops - I apologize to anyone that read the "unfinished" version of this post. -- My bad!


  1. Agreed...time spent having fun is never wasted (c: And how fun is the park with the kiddos??? I'm diggin' the retro awesome bike...the green is purdy...and that's really what matters, right? (c:

  2. I lived in Lexington during college and it's such a great town. So much to do and so much tradition. Looks like you guys are enjoying it!

  3. that looks lovely! we had a park like that in the town we just left- a trail i used to run on with a friend, there was a farm with animals, and a couple playgrounds, gardens... it was awesome! they had a fall festival every year that was so fun for the kids!

  4. You captured some of the great aspects of KY! I found you through Centsational Girl, by the way. I wanted to see if anyone had written about good ol' KY. I love finding fellow KY bloggers! I'm off to read more on your blog.

    I had no idea Wellington had a trail. I grew up in that neighborhood but obviously some things have changed since I lived there.

  5. If you haven't, visit Woodford Reserve. It's a small distillery outside Versailles (my hometown). You drive back some beautiful roads (surrounded by horse farms) just to get there!

  6. Sounds perfect, Carmel! Love the sound of a winery to visit, vintage shopping and mexi-cappuccino too. And biking is one of my favorite things to do when they close the local parkway some weekends. Have yet to buy something to hitch the bikes onto at the back of a car (I know, that's crazy)'s a male purchase I have not attempted yet.

  7. Ha! Look at Prince riding shot gun. How cool is he? Your hometown sounds wonderful!

  8. I've been wanting to visit Woodford. I've heard they have a great brunch!

    Prince is the coolest - I think he thinks he's a person :)

  9. I grew up in Loretto, KY - home of Maker's Mark. It was funny to see the name of that itty bitty town in a blog post!!!

  10. I need to get out more next time I am in Lexington for work. I also told my husband that you can dip your own Maker's bottle because that seemed right up his alley. His response was "yes, I know. You are talking to a Makers Ambassador." Well, excuse me! He definitely needs to make a trip up there!

  11. Thanks so much for this post! My son just started school at University of Kentucky and we have been curious about Lexington! It was such a fun surprise to see your link at Centsational Girl! Come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!

  12. Aw looks like fun! I have never been to Lexington, so I need to schedule a trip. It looks adorable : ) PS. Love that helmet! ha ha

  13. I read this post a few weeks ago before I went to Lexington on business. I went to Whole Foods and got turned around. I found myself in front of these stores. So random! I stopped in and loved the vintage goodies. I left with some coffee to bring home. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. So glad you stopped in there! Isn't that store so fun?!

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