Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Green and Why I Need to Learn How to Sew

I'm packing lunch for not 1 but 2 kids now.  I choose to make their lunch because I'll admit I'm somewhat of a control freak, and I like to know that my kids are eating healthy food.  I'm sure before the school year is over I'll allow them to buy lunch in the cafeteria.  Thankfully, they've been happy with what I pack for them and haven't even asked if they can buy their lunch.  Although, I've noticed that I'm going through Ziploc bags like crazy!  I'm using 2 or 3 per child per day.  I'm not always super green, but more and more I'm getting there.  The other night I ran out of bags and had to run to the grocery store just for Ziploc bags to pack their lunch!  I thought that was ridiculous so I headed over to Etsy to see if I could find any reusable baggies.

To my surprise, there are tons of shops that sell them.  I guess I might be the last mom on Earth to jump on this bandwagon- oops, my bad!  I was like Alice going down the rabbit hole checking out the various shops that make and sell reusable lunch, sandwich, and snack bags.  I happened across one, the high fiber co, that I liked and ordered a starter set which included 2 sandwich sized bags and 2 snack bags.

Starter Sandwich and Snack Bags, Set of 4

I love supporting mompreneurs and knowing that the items they sell are tested by their very own kids!  I chose this shop because their bags are designed with a boxed bottom and are lined with a stain and water resistant food-safe nylon.  Plus you can hand wash them or throw them in the washer!  She also had lots of fun fabrics.  I chose these styles for my kiddos.

For the kindergarten-loving girl -

Batik Apple Appliqued Reusable Sandwich or Snack Bag

Chicken Scratch Apples Reusable Sandwich Bag

For the second grade rockin' boy -

Guitar Reusable Sandwich Bag

Rockin' Guitar Reusable Sandwich Bag

I love the little tabs on the top that make for easy opening!  These bags would be a great little teacher gift filled with some baked goodies.   I'm thinking of ordering one for myself to use as a makeup bag.

I just had to share this shop with you, especially because right now she's running a 15% off back to school sale!  I have no doubt that these bags will end up saving me money not to mention they'll keep me from running out at 9 pm for ziploc baggies.  I'm pretty sure when they arrive the kids are going to love them too!

And once again, there's just one more reason I need to learn how to sew!  This list just keeps getting longer!

Have you switched over to reusable baggies yet?  Anyone else ever have to run out to the grocery store at night to pick up just one stinkin' item?!  That always puts me in a bad mood.  ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We were thinking of our friends on the coast and hoping everyone stayed safe.  Wonder if the name Irene will be a popular one in about 9 months?  You know what they say about power outages.  Our son Collin might have been an Isabel as we lived in Virginia when that hurricane came through.  Ummmm..........maybe that was a little TMI!  ;)   Happy Monday!


  1. My mom always made my lunch and I loved it. What adorable little bags (:

  2. We always had homemade lunches and I would often find little notes or pictures on napkins that my dad had drawn--those always made me smile. These bags are super cute!

  3. those are adorable! i make my kids lunches, too. well just sawyer for now but i will also pack emmy's. it's a good way ti ensure they get something they like and is better for them than school lunch. we use a reusable lunch bag and i bought a plastic compartmentalized piece that fits in the lunch box to separate foods which also eliminates the use of plastic baggies. i feel much better sending him to school with this!

  4. I know what you mean about plastic bags! I currently pack 4 lunches each day. Okay usually only 3 as my husband usually gets his own packed. Currently only one of the boys uses reusable packaging because he prefers salads. The eldest is adamantly opposed to anything other than a brown bag and plastic bags (he's a senior and I've learned to pick my battles with him....) I have to admit I am currently trying to find a source of food safe nylon because the younger two are willing to use the bags. In fact we use glass straws that they LOVE!!

    Keep us posted on how your bags hold up, please. Have a great week!

  5. I don't have kids to pack lunch for anymore, but those are the cutest bags. What a great idea those moms had that came up with those.

  6. Those are cute bags. I don't have any reusable baggies, but I have a supply of small plastic containers in various sizes that I use for lunches and snacks for school. I can't remember the last time I bought Ziploc baggies!

  7. Those are soooooo cute!!!! Love em! I used to make fun of my mom because she would wash and reuse her baggies, but of course now that I'm a mom I am singing a different tune! She was "green" when it wasn't even hip! Haa! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to keep these little reusable baggies in mind for when my triplets start school in a couple of years. (sniff sniff!)

  8. One of my favorite memories was opening lunches from my mom. Ok . . hilarious with the power outage comment!

  9. What cute bags! And your hurricane comment cracked me up! After Ike hit Houston, there was definitely a surge in babies being born 9 months later. :)

  10. cute bags -- thanks for the link! I just started packing lunches as my kindergartener doesn't like the cafeteria line. My son loves it, so i never had to worry before. How about a post with lunch box meals?! ;)


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