Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Little Girlfriend's Closet

All of my 30 minute organization projects have motivated me to take on some more-time-consuming-but- much-needed projects around here. One of which was to spend some time organizing my daughter's closet.  It is ginormous!

Clearly this is the before picture.  ;) 

I think she has more closet real estate than anyone else in the family.  There's no way she'll ever have enough clothing to fill this closet.  That would be crazy!  I decided to use the left side for clothing and the right side for toys.  We don't have a playroom so this will work out quite nicely.  I decided to work on the left side first.

I pulled everything out........

and painted the inside of the closet a very light gray (Olympic moonstone).  This is the same color I'm planning to paint the rest of her bedroom.  I organized, labeled, and prettied things up in the closet; and it looks like this now.

I'm so glad I finally took the time to do this.  It makes getting her dressed and ready for school in the morning so much easier.  I re-purposed a Stella and Dot jewelry box (from a necklace I recently purchased that I'm in love with!) to make cute hanging labels for her white storage containers.

I laid a piece of chalkboard vinyl (purchased at Michael's months ago) right on top.

Her room is going to be done in a turquoise and pink color palette, so I wanted to keep that flowing into the closet.  To label the large storage containers on the floor (Ikea), I used some wooden oval cutouts (Hob Lob) and more chalkboard vinyl.

I used a black sharpie to color in the sides.  Then I hot glued a little bow on top to make them fun and girly.

I used a piece of Command tape to stick them on the containers. 

My little girlfriend is all about the accessories.  I think she may have a career in jewelry design.  I'm not kidding.  I think her first word was necklace - or rather "neck-yes".  Anyhow, I wanted to give her a better set-up for all of her pretty little things.

These were all items that I already had.  I used a plastic planter that I picked up a while ago in the floral dept. of Kroger to hold her sunglasses and headbands.

The metal rose wall hook I attached with command strips.  This is from the Shabby Chic line at Target (years ago) and it used to hang over the crib in her nursery.  It's perfect for more headbands and necklaces.  Vintage teacups are so great for charms or squinkies (whatever you're into).  ;)

The pink acrylic container was a vintage find and it holds more of her little hair pretties.

The mirror and framed footprints I brought in just for fun.  I like the way the mirror makes this closet look a little less closety.  You know what I mean right?!  If it's pretty we'll work harder to keep it that way.  That's my hope at least!  Don't even get me started on those tiny little 10 day old feet.  I heart them.  I love seeing them in here with all of her big girl clothes.  It makes me realize how fast time goes every time I open her closet doors.  It's a great daily reminder to slow down.

The only thing I really bought for this little closet makeover was an over the door shoe holder (Kroger).

It was the best $9.99 I've ever spent.  Seriously, I love it!

Okay, I lied, I also bought some command hooks (with a coupon of course at Target).  I wanted her to have an easy place to hang up her dance bag, robe, and other VIP things.  I placed them low enough for her to hang things up all by herself.

Hanging these command hooks low left room up top for a hair bow holder.  I had this canvas in my craft closet.  I glued some grosgrain ribbon to the back.

Then I was inspired by this gorgeous piece from Cocoa and Hearts by Jen Ramos.......


and painted my own version.  I'm soooo not an artist, but I don't think my little girlfriend minds too much.

She loves it, and that's what matters right?!

So here's the left side of the girl's closet.

Much better than before right?  Now I need to get busy on the right side.

Anyone else doing any organizing lately?

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  1. Too cute! such a sweet closet for your little girl! I love it, well done! :)

  2. I love this! I promised myself I would redo my childrens closets before school started, but my procrastination and a fear of what may be lurking in them has stopped me.

  3. Great job Carmel! I would love to have a closet this size. Lucky girl!

  4. Two things - I like your painting better. The other one looks like lipstick samples.

    Do you have room in the toy area to make a study station? Then you/she can just hide it away when not in use.

  5. This is so cute Carmel and it looks so good! I bet your daughter loves seeing everything in its place. I thought of you this past weekend because I made a cake stand out of a plate that I got at Homegoods for $2 and a plastic goblet for $1 - slap them together with a command strip and I had a cake stand! (I think it was on your July 4th post that I saw this). You are queen of organizing and entertaining ideas girl! :)

  6. Oh Carmel this is so cute! I just love the little vanity set up! Too precious...such a lucky gal to have a closet space for clothes and toys!

  7. Love this! I'll probably take some of these tips for my own closet :)

    After your Ikat wall tutorial, I decided to go for it and try painting curtains. Just a casual chevron print, but I'm glad I took the plunge - it was easy (and so inexpensive).


  8. WOW! it looks so gorgeous and so girly and fun! when i finally get into a house can you come over and do my closets! i will trade you a piece of furniture or 2 or 3!

  9. Are you kidding me. Where to begin. The size is unreal. And she has two!! I love that the doors open out. I must adopt some of these ideas. We need a little re-arranging in Riley's closet for sure. Loving the sunglasses and headbands around the bowl. We need to live closer.

  10. So inspirational! I love the box organization and the sunglasses on the cup. I am SO envious of all that closet space. I think your Little Girlfriend has more square feet in her closets than I do in my apartment. Okay, so I may be exaggerating a little....

  11. Wowza...I never thought I would be jealous of a little girl's closet...but I also never thought I would be a mom that let my kids eat cereal for dinner. I guess life is full of surprises! Ha! I love all the organization and the hairclip holder is so adorable! My little princess is in desperate need of one of those babies!

  12. A study station would be great, but I think she needs/wants a little play area nook instead.

    Thanks everyone! I kinda wish this was my closet ;)

  13. Great job. Those command hooks rock! Now I NEED to tackle my big girl closet and give some items the heave ho. I'm inspired.

  14. You did a beautiful job and there are so many creative ideas! My faves were the teacup and the ribbons to hold all the clips - you have inspired me to do those for my daughter's collection - thanks!

  15. Amazingly cute and kind of grown-up (because it is decorated so purposefully and organized). Great job, Carmel. Lucky little girl!

  16. What a FAB closet! Lil girlfriend is a LUCKY girl!

  17. Such a great makeover!! It looks awesome!! Love all of the decorative labels!

  18. It looks great! I love all of the special little touches!

  19. Looks great! Makes me so excite to be having a girl! Can't wait until my closet has "hair pretties" in it!

  20. Very cute! I love the decorative labels on everything.

  21. This is so cute Carmel and it looks so good! I bet your daughter loves seeing everything in its place. I thought of you this past weekend because I made a cake stand out of a plate that I got at Homegoods for $2 and a plastic goblet for $1 - slap them together with a command strip and I had a cake stand! (I think it was on your July 4th post that I saw this). You are queen of organizing and entertaining ideas girl! :)HID bulbscash advance

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