Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Favorite Room

Good morning!  I'm hanging out over at Sadie + Stella's today.  They invited me over to share my favorite room.  Here's a clue.

If you've never seen the before pics of this room you really need to head over there right now.  It was quite the transformation.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.   Guess what?  When I cleaned out my daughter's closet I took her outgrown clothes over to a children's consignment shop.  Yesterday I stopped in there to settle my account, and I earned $75!  Now I'm even more motivated to head on down the hall to my boy's closet!  Woot-woot!  Do you all consign?  


  1. I stopped by to say hi, saw your fabulous dining room again on Sadie and Stella this always blows me away...the black and white ikat stencil is so dramatic. Congrats on making $75 consigning, I really should take some of my clothes to the consignment store.

  2. Your room is one of my favorite rooms in blog land!! You've got to love a good closet cleaning AND getting paid for it!

  3. You know . . I forgot about the consignment shops. Maybe I will do that with the clothes. We have given many to friends or family but I have more to go. Thanks for the idea. And I just love your dining room. Stunning.

  4. Love, love, love your dining room! I give most of my kids' clothes to my sister's kids, but I do consign my things sometimes. It's a great way to earn a little extra cash.


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