Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Organization Station

That title makes me think of.......conjunction junction, what's your function.  In case you can't tell by the School House Rock reference, I've got school on the brain.  I can hardly believe it, but school starts in 8 days for us!  This year, I've got a big time 2nd grader and get ready for baby starts kindergarten!  Yes, I'm going to cry.  I just about cried during her 5 year old physical at the doctor's office today.  It just goes way too fast.

With the start of another school year looming over my head, I had to address this situation.

That would be the "homework/art supplies cabinet" in my kitchen.  The kitchen is where it all goes down in our house.  Homework and art projects are typically done at the kitchen table so keeping all of the supplies in there just makes the most sense.  Obviously this cabinet had seen better days.  Or had it?  Regardless, with not one but two kids in "real" school (no offense to the preschoolers) this year, I had to whip this cabinet into shape.

Late one night over the past weekend, I pulled everything out......

and sorted it into 2 piles - keep & discard.

I believe we had something like one meeeeeeeellion coloring books.  Most of which had been colored page to page.  The girl likes to color - a lot!  It was time to purge; good thing she was asleep.

I put together a homework caddy (Target dollar section) for Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I think having their own supplies will make homework time a little easier.  There is still plenty of space to add flashcards or reading words that their teachers may send home.

I even put together a "mommy's supplies" box with a plastic pencil box we already had.

I recycled a couple of tomato sauce cans for some other art supplies.

I used some cork tiles on the inside of one of the cabinet doors.  I had to cut them to make them fit, and I wasn't crazy about the look of the seam.

I decided to cover the seem with some left over scrapbook paper and add one of my favorite Seussisms.

Hopefully this will help me do a better job of collecting box tops as well as function as a good place for spelling word lists and the like.

Here's the new and improved homework supplies cabinet!

So. Much. Better.  I use double-sided tape to line the back of the cabinet with scrapbook paper (Hob Lob - 30% off sale) just for a little added fun.  My thought is if it looks pretty I'll do a better job keeping it that way.  Let's hope so at least!  The wire shelf (from Walmart) gave that side of the cabinet much better function and will help to keep our coloring book hoarding tendencies under control.  ;)

The cute Seuss buttons were a Target dollar section item.

I command taped them on the containers.

The manila folder underneath is for homework packets.

Okay, so just for fun, here's the before.

Here's the after!

Now, we're almost ready for school to start.  I just need to grab a box of tissues, and I'll be all set.  What about you?  Are you getting ready to send your kids back to school?  Anyone else preparing to send your baby?  Oh the waterworks - never fails!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the addition of the "thing 1" and "thing 2" buttons - so precious! And the paper along the inside back of the shelves is so cute. Great job!

  2. You did a fantastic job on this. I love your use of scrapbook paper and all the Seussical touches. Can I ask what product you used to affix the cork to the cabinet?

  3. I love the your "new" school cabinet! And the buttons, how did I miss those?!? I guess it'll be Target for me this morning once I drop the boys off at band camp.

    And yes I know exactly how you feel!!! My "baby" starts JUNIOR HIGH in exactly 8 days!!!! How did THAT happen? And our eldest??? He is a SENIOR! ARGH I am just so NOT ready for graduation.... :( its bad enough he has a steady girlfriend again but she does have him thinking about college again instead of going straight into the Marine Corps. Time will tell! He has the grades for college, that's for sure!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. um, can you come over and organize my cabinets next??? wow!! it looks soooooo good!!!!

  5. Such a quick improvement and I bet the kids love it! I can't even begin to think about my daughter going to school - I've got time though.

  6. Carmel, Where do you buy the chalk markers? I checked at Michael's in Lexington, and they didn't know what I was talking about. Please answer.

  7. Wow, Carmel what a huge difference. Now you can come organize my house.

  8. I love all your special details Carmel. Nothing looks this good for long at my house :)

  9. What great organization. You are inpsiring me to get on my organizing! My kids are ready for school to start...they are starting to get a little stir crazy...I will have a (gasp!) 4th grader, 1st grader, and my baby will be at preschool 2 half-days/week.

  10. Well that's friggin' awesome! I love me some good organizing. :o) And yes, I'm getting ready (????) to send my baby off to kindergarten. I just may have a complete meltdown. I think I'm in denial.

  11. I am completely in love with this transformation...nothing gets me like a beautifully organized space...and it's clever, too! Loving the "thing one" and "thing two" nicknames, absolutely adorable! My oldest is starting preschool and that is going to be plenty hard on me...I got the intro letter and I got teary eyed...I can't even imagine how his first day will be!

  12. Love it! I also just picked up some organizational items from the amazing Target bins :)

  13. I bought the chalk markers at Hobby Lobby - they come 4 to pack - white, blue, red, and black. I've never been able to find them in singles anywhere.

    The cork tiles came with adhesive squares. I used one in each corner.

  14. I feel your pain! My big girl goes to 2nd grade and my baby goes to Kindergarten this fall also!! My son thinks I am crazy when I start weeping about it! Thanks for the inspiration...somehow when something is pretty- it makes homework that much more manageable! Good luck with the first day of school (ours isn't until Sept in NY!)

  15. Some great ideas here! I am on the same time line as you - my older son starts 2nd grade and my younger son starts kindergarten too! I am much more emotional about kindergarten this time around...We start after Labor Day here in NJ. Enjoy the rest of the summer with your kids!

  16. Your scaring me with all of this organization stuff!!! Might have to stop reading until this phase is over:). Afraid I might catch it. Well.....I actually wish I would!


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