Monday, August 15, 2011

What To Do About The Hallway

When we were on vacation in South Carolina last month I stopped in Pottery Barn.  It was such a treat for me because we don't have one in Lexington.  I know right?!  I happened to find some beautiful, must-have pillows on sale - 50% off!  I snagged them up immediately!

That's my pirate's booty treasure chest that I use as a coffee table ;)  I heart it so very much! 

The two white ones and the navy floral are my new PB pillows!  I just love them!  Especially because I got them at half price and didn't have to pay for shipping!  Oh happy day!  The ikats are from Ballard - love them too - bought them months ago.  The solid navy is a Target find.  Love the texture of that one.

Okay, so enough pillow talk, let's get on to the good stuff shall we?  I have been stumped on what to do about the hallway.  (It leads to the master and the guest bath.)

It was painted red (Porter Apple) by the previous owners.  When we moved in our painter friend gave the walls a fresh coat of paint in the same color (the previous paint job was terrible) because we surprisingly liked the red walls.  Red isn't the most popular color for walls right now.  I believe in doing what you love in your home regardless of trend or popularity.  Something about this color just spoke to me, and I decided we should keep the room this color.  It's bold, warm, and spicy......just like us.  ;)  However, I've decided that I don't want the hallway to be the same color.  I want it to feel separate and break up the wall.  I painted a large swatch of Waverly Cafe Cream (the color in the dining room) to see how breaking up the color would look here.  I definitely like the break it creates, but I'm wondering if I should do something more fun.  What do you think?

Should I paint the hallway one solid color?

If so, should I stick with the cream color for a little house continuity; or should I try another color?

Or, should I stencil this hallway and bring in a fun pattern to the space?

                                                                Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

That birch stencil is amazing!!!!!

Or, should I get stripey with it and add bold stripes?

Black and White?

                                                                                Source: None via Carmel on Pinterest

Navy and White?

                                                              Source: via Carmel on Pinterest

I'm not leaning in any direction yet.  I can't wait to hear what you all think!  Because you all always give me the very best ideas!  So you better bring it!  Ready - set - go!


  1. ooh i definitely think the black and white stripes suit that space perfectly! can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I say stripes. You have a lot of gorgeous patterns throughout that room and I think thick stripes in that hallway will really stand out. :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Im thinking navy and white or either a stencil...not sure why but I think that the navy and white combo would look great with the red in your living room.

  4. I think some sort of stencil would look great. It would be subtle, but still make a statement. Whatever you do, though, will be gorgeous and I can't wait to see the progress!

  5. I think a navy and cream stripe of stencil would look amazing!

  6. i like the idea of a horizontal stripes in two soft colors! susan

  7. I think navy would look awesome. The stripes might be a little overwhelming in such a narrow space... but I think a navy & white stencil would be beautiful and tie in with the colors of your drapes and pillows.

  8. I'm with Susan, I think soft colors like the ones in your beige ikat pillows would give the eye a break from color but stripes or the birch stencil would give it interest!

  9. Oh so hard...I love stripes, and had a striped bathroom for a long time, but I think if you do bold stripes in that space, it would immediately draw the eye there and not be able to focus on anything in your lovely living room. The birch tree or other soft stencil idea is a great one! You could so something a little more involved like that in a small space without going crazy, and it would look interesting from the living room w/o commanding attention, you know? Ok enough of my two cents (or was that three, lol?). Hope you have a fabulous day!

  10. You are on the right track. You do not have a stripe in the room other than the throw(?) on the woven chair against back wall..muted, lighter stripes in neutral, cream/beige-family color scheme would tie the spaces together while keeping that wall interesting and lightening it up. Great mix of throw pillows and that treasure chest is truly a treasure!

  11. Hey Carmel! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my camera strap cover..those would make great gifts! :) I just LOVE how it turned out..I was so excited when I finished it!
    Your room is beautiful...I do think you need to carry some of the color from your living room into the hall, but I wouldn't go too bold...I'm thinking muted tones in a pretty stencil. Or if you do want to go with stripes...keep them in the soft tans and creams. Just my look like you're doing just fine on your own without the help or opinions of anyone! :)
    Hey, the Haven tickets went on sale today....haven't bought mine yet, we had a lot of storm damage, so I'm trying to decide if I'll be able to afford it or not. :(

  12. Well, I'm biased...but I say STRIPES.

    They're bold and beautiful. Good luck!

  13. I like the idea of a trellis like stencil like on the pillow in the back on the chair. I think it would break up all the lines and create a little "flow" in the space. Cream and navy would pop while lightening the space without being boring.

  14. I think the Navy and White stripes would be awesome!

  15. The horizontal stripes with navy and your Waverly cream.

  16. First of all, I'm drooling over your pirate booty chest! LOVE! Hmmm, I'm going to vote... Stencil!

  17. Love the about horizontal stripes in the taupey beige of the ikat pillows....soft colors but bold pattern!!

  18. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! I knew you all would bring it! Now I just need to make up my mind- geesh!

  19. I love the pillows! I think you should do stripes... navy and cream or cream on taupe. It would still look cohesive, but add a fun pop of pattern! Good luck trying to choose!


  20. Horizontal striped in the muted tones of the Ikat pillows would be my vote....Love those pillows and just used most of them on a job with a leather sofa also!!!!


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