Monday, October 31, 2011

The Boy's Bed

My son's room is on the small side and has an odd layout.  The queen size bed he had wasn't working out so well.

This was the only before pic I could find.  Excuse the random rug under the bed and the no comforter.

It took up so much square footage and didn't leave any room for storage.  Part of the problem with the bed was its shape.  The sleigh style took up even more space and the headboard blocked the window.  So back in January of this year, yes I just wrote January, I took the headboard and footboard off the bed.  I kept the side rails and support.

Then it stayed this way while I decided whether or not to keep the queen size or move down to a full or even twin size bed.  I wanted to be sure before I bought something.  After many, many months of living with this bed on the floor I finally decided that even if it doesn't really fit that well a queen size bed is the best option for my boy's room.  A bedroom is about sleeping afterall, so the most important piece of furniture in the room should be the bed right?  I think it's the most comfortable option for him.  So I got to work creating a queen size storage daybed in an effort to make better use of the space.  If I was Ana White this would be when I'd get my power tools out and get to work.  Unfortunately, I'm not so savvy with the power tools, so instead it was Closet Maid via Target to the rescue.
Sorry for the not great photo.  It was a gloomy rainy day. 
I did use some tools.  ;)  I used 6 of these cubicals from Closet Maid, which were $19.99 at Target, and put them underneath the bed slats.  Then the hubs screwed them into place.

I'm also planning to paint the walls grey, in case you were wondering what the story was with the random
patches of grey paint on the walls.  ;)  One step at a time people! 

Then I used my favorite no need to sand primer.......

and painted the side rails white.

It's not an exact match but it works. 
These cubicals weren't made for this, but they are quite sturdy.  Keep in mind that we aren't using a box spring so they are just supporting the weight of a mattress.  These cubicals are made out of mdf board and seem to be doing the job just fine.  I think using as many as would fit around the outside edge helps to ensure a really good support and screwing them in place keeps the top from sliding around.

Once I put the mattress back on, it was time to dress the bed.  In case you missed it the boy wants a Star Wars theme.  My advice - go ahead and give in when it comes to sheets.  No one will see them except him so why not let him have exactly what he wants.  These sheets are from PBK.  They are really soft and wash very well.  The most important part is that the boy LOVES them.  Over the sheets is a solid grey king sized comforter from Target that I bought about 6 months ago for $29.99.  Using a king size comforter helps to cover the sides since I'm setting up this queen bed as a daybed in order to solve the no-headboard-in-front-of-the-window thing.  Instead of a standard pillow he's using a body pillow (also from Target).

The body pillow is completely covered by the shams that I bought back in the summer.  Star shams came in a package of two for $11.99 at T.J. Maxx.  The red Tommy Hilfiger canvas sham was a $6 clearance find at Marshalls.

Next I layered on a quilt (also Target - it's a full/queen from the kid's dept. that came in a set with 2 shams for $89.99) and some throw pillows.  Flokati pillow (Target -$14.99).  Blue and cream pillow (Meijer Katie Brown line - $11.99).  Star Wars pillow (PBK - gift).

So now I just need to get to work on making the headboard and ummmm.....painting would also be a good idea.  ;)   Honestly, I have like a million things to do.  It will get done.  It might take a meeeeeellllllion years but it will get done!  For now, I'm at least out of the mommy dog house for taking this bed from this -

to this.

No one cares that it took almost an entire year to do it right?  At least it's a step in the right direction!  So, what did you do this weekend?  Anyone else bust out the ol' screwdriver and hammer?  Who's ready for Halloween?  I'll have a little Dorothy and a Bumblebee Transformer in my house tonight!

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  1. I feel so much better knowing that other people cant take a year to finish a project as well! You wouldn't even want to see how many of those projects are sitting around my house :) The bed looks great, love the storage idea, and it looks pretty simple to achieve as well!

  2. Awesome idea and who cares how long it took you! Certainly not me, I'm the queen of lingering projects. I bet your son loves his new bed! Happy Halloween.

  3. love it, carmel! so genius with that storage! and i love all the blended bedding and pillows!

  4. Great idea! Love the added storage! I also like how you gave him his star wars theme without going over the top! My oldest is going to be Optimus Prime tonight! Sounds like our boys would get along wel! :) Happy Halloween!

  5. That looks so great Carmel!! I love the idea of the storage underneath and the pillows look fantastic. Yep, I busted out the screwdriver and hammer this weekend and finished up some projects. Some of mine were a long time coming too so just know you are in good company! :-)

  6. Great Job! It looks really great! :) I hope that he loves it!

  7. Wow! Brilliant idea! Those compartments are the best and it now has a modern touch to it. Really nice!

  8. Great idea for storage and an added bonus - no need for a bedskirt. You are so smart! PS most of my projects take many months to come to fruition so you are NOT alone!

  9. That is awesome..and oh so clever and savvy!!! What a great bed! My son has a queen too, only bc it was our old bed. he loves it, but boys don't share beds when they have sleepovers (who knew?), so his friends are always forced to sleep on a floor pallet.

  10. I love this idea..the storage fit perfectly under the bed (one can never have enough). I cannot wait to see what you do with the headboard. He will grow with this bed and it looks very comfortable.

  11. I love this bed and was inspired to do this in my daughter's room with her twin bed. I bought the bed slats from IKEA for $20 and plan to attach them to the cubicals from Target. But i do have a question, do you think a box spring would be too heavy?

  12. I want a Star Wars cushion, where did you find it??

  13. need to pin this idea for future. well done!

  14. I know this is quite a bit after the post, but what type of screws did the hubs use for this project? I am taking this project on this weekend and would like to make sure I've got the right stuff

    1. Wish I could remember the exact ones -it's been so long - I know we used screws with a thicker thread but I'm not positive of the size.

  15. This project is amazing! I have been wanting to replace a "really old and squeaky" full-size bed in our spare bedroom. With your idea, I could make one out of the frame (I think). To me, the cubicles for storage is just what we need. We rarely have company, so a big ol' bed is just taking up so much space. I can't wait to get started! Thanks - you are brilliant!

  16. omg please do this for me how much money do u want to do this for me please reply back

  17. omg please do this for me how much money do u want to do this for me please reply back


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