Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From 5 Minutes to 5 Hours

For real though, please tell me I am not alone on this one.  Do you ever have what started out as a quick little "oh-this-will-be-fun" 5 minute project idea turn into a whopping 5 hour project?  Because this one over here (yeah- me - the writer of this little blog) is the queen of this!  Oh goodness, here's how this went down.

I had some fairly major projects planned for the weekend and not one of them got done.  Why?  Oh because I decided to open up the can of chalkboard paint in my garage to change one of the picture frames on the dining room gallery wall to a chalkboard.  That sounds easy enough, right?  Well, it was.  I pulled the frame down, took the picture out, painted the cardboard backing with chalkboard paint, and then when it dried hung it back on the wall.  Well that took all of about 5 minutes (ok, maybe like 15 minutes when you include the paint drying time).

Then it happened.  I stood back and looked at this new change, be it ever so small.  That's how it started. With the head tilted to the right side standing back looking at the gallery wall, I decided I needed to do some rearranging.  So the process went a little like this - take a couple frames down, change some pictures, rehang, stand back, tilt head, stare at the wall, rearrange frames, stand back, tilt head, stare at the wall and well, you get the picture right?  All I know is that after about 5 hours the hubs came in and said, "Seriously, you need to stop now!"  Ha!  You know it's bad when your hub comes in to "talk you down".  ;)  Whatev- I'm crazy.  You know this by now.  Long, crazy story short- I changed and rearranged the gallery wall in the dining room.  Oh, and I LOVE the changes!  That's what counts right?!

By the way, I painted the cardboard back instead of the glass because I want to have the option of going back to a regular picture frame again.  I really like the way the cardboard is kind of bumpy which really does make it look like carved initials.  I love adding in little bits of whimsy.

This is how it used to look.

And now. 

Apart from the chalkboard frame, I'm also loving that I added this photo of my hub dancing with my grandma at our wedding reception.  I remember the day we went shopping for her dress.  That was such a special day.  She was so excited to go shopping for a nice dress!  I hope I never forget that day.

I also love that we took down the door (which is now a headboard in the guest room) that used to separate the dining room from the kitchen.  Now I can see this wall while I'm cooking!

Did you see the backsplash?  Eeeek!  We are so close to being done with the mini-reno of the kitchen!  I can't wait!

So, that is how I spent almost my entire Saturday!  Awesome use of my time, no?  What did you do this weekend?  Anyone else spend countless hours doing something that didn't even really need to be done?  Oh, just me.  Alrighty then.

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  1. It looks wonderful! I really like the thicker black frames contrasted with the little lighter ones. The chalkboard frame is perfect!

    The photo of your husband and your grandmother is very sweet. It's the little memories that make the larger one special. :)

  2. The new arrangement looks amazing! Very balanced, but with lots of interest. You're so talented. :)

  3. I just spent the week at my daughter/blog partner's house. We had lots of projects lined up, but we kept taking on other challenges. We found a great buffet for her dining room for only $129, but it took four coats of paint. That took forever. But now it looks like a $2,000 buffet!

  4. I love the change... Yup I do the same thing! One quick projects turns into to 5 others! As I am reading this my son made a comment... those are nice pictures, did you make them? HAHA! He has good taste!


    PS. I will be sure to vote!

  5. i love teh changes- it feels more personal and charming!and i do things like that all the time, too! :)

  6. Um, that's only the story of my life. I swear I'll pick one thing up off a shelf to dust it, and the entire room ends up getting rearranged. In fact, just yesterday, I pulled my curtain down over the kitchen sink to wash it. Hmmmmm, you'll never guess what that turned into. As of this very moment, every single thing off of every single shelf is sitting on my counters. I pulled everything down to wash it, washed the ceiling, scrubbed the baseboards, counters, walls and cupboards, put up a new shelf, pulled out the fridge to clean behind it and this morning I've got my can of paint out to touch up cupboards after droppin' the oldest at school. Yep, all that from a curtain needing to be washed. It's a sickness. We should start a 12-step program.

  7. Looks GREAT! I love the changes! And yes, that happens to me all the time! 5 minutes to 5 hours!

  8. I could so relate to this post....Yesterday, I moved one piece of furniture and before I knew it I had rearranged every room in my house....Love the idea..."hubby talking you down"...The chalkboard frame is darling!

  9. Uhm...yes. All of the time! My hubs has to constantly tell me to stop obsessing, which just irritates me. So I just wait until he goes back to work and then right back to obsessing ;) Anyhow, love the changes!

  10. Looks great!! Found your blog via Hi Sugarplum and now happily following along. Can't wait to check out the rest of your house! :)

  11. All the time. I tend to stare at things to visualize what I want to do to them, so there is usually 10-15 minutes of staring, 10-15 minutes assuring myself that it is the right decision, a couples hours of making the project harder than it needs to be and trying so hard not to get distracted by another project!

    Haley @thedistractedblogger

  12. This looks great! Visiting from Homestories! Good luck with the rest of the competition :)

  13. SO pretty! The "before" pic is nice...looks like a quaint family photo wall. But the "after" looks like art. Something straight out of PB or BHG. :)


  14. Your gallery walls are always well put together, Carmel.. and this one is so special.


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