Tuesday, October 4, 2011

He said, She said

"We" have this piece of furniture.

I say "we" because I just own it by marriage.  ;)  The hubs inherited it from his grandparents before we were married.  It's an old Zenith record stereo thing.  I don't dislike it; however trying to find it a home in our home has always been a challenge.  We are currently using it in our entry foyer.  We needed a hall table in there and this just so happened to be the right size.  The only problem is we are once again faced with that age old question.  To paint or not to paint that is always the question isn't it?

He (the hubs) says, "Absolutely not; do not come near this thing with a paint brush!"

She (that being me) says, "A coat of paint would make this piece!"

In an effort to stop rocking the boat I restored the finish and gave it a hardware update, which it desperately needed.
It's amazing what new hardware can do!

I have to tell you when I say I restored the finish I mean I literally used Restor-A-Finish.

 This stuff stinks to high heaven, but it did do wonders for restoring the shine.  I just followed the instructions on the back of the can.  It recommends that you follow-up with Feed-n-Wax.  This combo worked quite well.  However, I'm still on team lets-paint-the-thing!  Who's with me?

Here's a full view to give you a better idea and help you decide which team your on (which you better be on mine-kidding- kind of).

The Bellesol mirror from Ballard Designs is really hard to photograph.  I finally ordered it a few months ago.  It took a long time to find a mirror that would fit between these sconces and not look too small.  This one totally works, and I love the way it bounces the light all over.  Now back to the issue at hand, wouldn't this piece of furniture look great with a fresh coat of paint?!  I'm thinking about a super glossy coat of navy.  Kind of like this gorgeous desk

Danielle just painted, but maybe just a tad darker.  She even used the same ring pulls!  Seriously, how gorgeous is this desk?!

So, what do you all think?  Are going with what he said, or with what I (the she) said?  Paint or don't paint?  Or maybe you think I should paint, but you'd suggest a different color.

In the meantime, while I wait for you all to hop on my "paint it" bandwagon, I'll be styling and restyling 'til the cows come home.  I switched the topiary for an orchid.

I think I like this better.  But mainly I think I'm forever restyling this space because I'm dying to paint this piece of furniture!   Any he said, she said scenarios going on at your house?

Oh yeah and don't forget you have until tonight to vote in the Crafting with the Stars competition!


  1. It looks great with its mini makeover and it is an heirloom from his family so I am on team DON'T paint.

  2. I am on the fence but wanted to say that I LOVE the mirror!


  3. I think the wood tone looks great in your foyer, especially with the gold rings. It's a pretty piece....reminds me of the record player my parents used to have. Love the tray with the leopard print lining!

  4. Painting it navy would look FANTASTIC! Do it!

  5. Carmel, I hate to do this and all but I am going to have to "side" with your hubby on this one. The finish is spectacular since you refinished it and the new pulls make all the difference in the world. There is a richness to the wood and an organic feel that you would lose if you painted it. Plus its a family heirloom.... which is why I don't paint our hutch! At 160 years old it could look spectacular but I won't because of all the memories associated with it... plus I am afraid of what my MIL might do to me! LOL (just kidding!)

  6. I always hate to side with a husband, but I love it the way it looks now. It looks fabulous with the new hardware and all restored. It's very classy!

  7. I have to side with the hubs on this one. It looks very classic. I think some people overdo it with the painted furniture. I like one piece of painted furniture in a room, kind of like an exclamation point. Since this is your entry, it gives a very classic look, especially with your new painted steps. That being said, I'm at my blog partner/daughter's for a week, and we want to paint her kitchen cabinets, and her hubs is saying, "No way!" However, the walls are about to be transformed.

  8. I actually really like the wood. It's such a unique piece with interesting lines (something you'd never find in a store now), that I think painting it would erase all that.

    I need to know about this finish product! my secretary needs refinishing, and I'm looking for anything that will allow me to not sand and stain from scratch!

  9. I think the piece looks great now!! The new hardware did make a HUGE difference. My mom uses restore-a-finish too. She used it for a game table my grandmother gave her, and it did wonders as well. That stuff is amazing!

  10. DON'T paint it. I know marriage means what's-mine-is-yours and everything, but this is a piece that's been passed down to your husband, it's got history with him and his family, and he should have the final say on this piece.

    Painting can bring new life to beat up thrift store nowhere-left-to-go-but-up furniture, but this piece is gorgeous exactly as it is and you can never get that back once you paint it.

    Lastly, I agree with a previous commenter that people can go overboard with the painted furniture. Not to mention that if in a few years your style changes or painted furniture becomes very unhip in the blogosphere, you're stuck with a whole house of it!

    Leave this piece the heck alone - the hubs couldn't be more right on this one!

  11. Ooooo...this is a toughie and I'm just wondering how he would feel if you went darker rather than lighter? Like, would he be ok with you staining instead of painting and maybe going a couple shades darker? Ugh...why don't they cover this stuff in pre-marital counseling?!! :-)

  12. I'm a do what I want kinda girl when it comes to decorating stuff in the house. The Dad just smiles and nods. That being said, "we" have an old ice chest of his that if I ever went near it with a paint brush, they'd probably never find my body.
    My vote is, leave that one thing alone - find a different piece for there that you can paint and put this one somewhere that the natural color will make you happy. :o)
    I like it and think the new hardware looks good, but I know what it's like to covet something different.

  13. i like the way the wood looks, but i think i would say "wow!" if it was painted. it would make those brass pulls really pop, too. and i think if i were to paint it i would fill the holes on top and center one ring on each side. that is more than you wanted i know, but i think that would help, too! i really think painting it would make it a stand out and modernize it a bit more.

  14. I do like how it looks - it retains its antique character which paint will do away with. Live with it for a while in the new finish (or maybe you have already) and perhaps it will grow on you. It is a family heirloom and those are tough to part with in their original state. I had my old piano made into a different piece of furniture but kept original finish - but it was tough even tho' I knew I didn't need 2 pianos & this one didn't work any longer. You did a great job with it though. (sorry!)

  15. That's a tough one. I usually paint everything, but I think the wood on that piece is really pretty and looks good in your foyer.

  16. Something tells me the cows aren't coming home anytime soon. I could go either way on the paint . . but love the new hardware.

  17. I think you have done a splendid restoration and that it already has a commanding stance in the entry way. I agree with "he says."

  18. I actually like it how it is. The tone stands out in the foyer there and it's in good shape. Maybe you'll lose this battle with your hubs but you will win the WAR! :-)

  19. Thanks so much for all of your comments! You've certainly given me a lot to think about!

  20. Sorry! I am on your husband's team! I think it's a beautiful piece the way that it is! It's hard to find antique pieces with the wood in good condition. Anything can be painted!

    Love your mini-update though!

  21. I'm normally a HUGE fan of a fresh coat of paint! However, I love how it looks! The wood adds a warmth that is lovely!


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