Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Fall on the Patio

One of the best things we have done to our home since moving in over a year and a half ago was to turn the ginormous gravel bed underneath our deck into a patio.  I never got a good before picture because I started the blog after we did this project, so I wasn't really snapping pics all the time like I am now.  Here's an idea of what we started with back here.

We pushed all the gravel over to underneath the deck stairs (where we'd never be able to get grass to grow).  Then my dad (he's a retired landscape contractor) helped me lay pavers.  I wish I had "working" pics because my dad and I make a pretty good team.  I also wish he lived closer.  He lives in California, so he was working on his vacay.  That's what you do when you're a parent right?!  The hub helped with the transporting of pavers from Lowes to our home.  Then he stood back and let me and my dad do the heavy lifting.  ;)

I had planned to extend the patio to go all the way around the firepit this summer, but the new floors and mini-kitchen reno have eaten my house project budget.  So, maybe I'll tackle that next summer.  Ok, so get ready for a ridiculous number of pics.  It's Fall on the patio y'all!

Using my pumpkinaries in the backyard this year!

We used concrete stain to make the walkway blend in better with the pavers.

See that patch of mud there in the corner that's one of the reasons I want to extend the patio.

You've seen the potting bench before, and yes, it doesn't matter the season or the time of day because it's always 5 o'clock on the Phillips' patio!

I painted the tops of these 12 x12 concrete pavers with chalkboard paint a few months ago.  They make the gravel bed really fun!

The reading nook turned doggy daybed is a hit!

We really want to add a 6 ft. privacy fence around the entire backyard, but for now the holly trees that were planted last Fall are helping to create some natural privacy.

Happy Fall Y'all!

I told you there was going to be a lot of pics!  How are you getting your outdoor Fall fun on?  Oh, in case you were wondering, the furniture and pillows came from Target.  I bought the floor sample at the end of Summer last year; which means I got a great deal and I didn't have to assemble anything.   The chairs over by the firepit we bought at Lowes this Summer.  We bought 6 of them and keep the others stacked up in the garage unless we have a s'more party!  Then we bust them all out on get our fire roasting marshmallow fun on!  Awwww to the yeah!

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  1. it looks so warm and pretty! i missed out this year on the pumkpin and mums this year since we just moved in here. i hope to get at least a couple pumpkins this weekend, but i am already looking forward to fall next year so i can embrace it like i normally do!

  2. Looks great! I love how the dogs took over your cute reading nook.

  3. Oh wow, so many things to say about your patio!! It looks amazing - so warm and cozy feeling!! I LOVE the pic of the dogs with the fall decor in their new beds. ;) Adorable!!! Also, I'm so stealing that idea of painting the concrete tiles! Genius! I think I might put a couple at the front entryway and write messages to great guests.

  4. This is the most delightful space I have seen in a long time. Gorgeous!

  5. SOOO jealous. Outdoor space is on my list of projects but I just want it to look like yours now!! Good Job

  6. Love your patio! Do you have any issue with rain dripping between your decking slats onto your living space? I'm building a house soon and will have a similar setup and was worried about that. I might copy your "dog bed" too. :o)

  7. So so beautiful! And we have matching pillows. I LOVE your space

  8. Love this space, Carmel! It's so pretty and I love the canopy that the deck provides. All your touches look great!

  9. It's so absolutely perfect, and I'm giving you a *woot woot* for being awesome and doing the pavers yourself...well, with dad (c: And I desperately wanted to get those pillows from tar-jay but never could figure out a place I could put them, they look fantastic on your cute and cozy patio!

  10. Hi Kristin,

    Yes, the boards of the deck over the patio are about 1/4 inch apart, so we do get rain on the patio. Our plan is to put a roof over our deck in a couple years which will keep both areas rain-free. Hope this helps!

  11. You have an amazing back patio with room for so many (perfect for entertaining or quiet time) and it is perfectly decorated. I have not touched my patio but I think I need to do something soon. Problem is we are having an issue with mosquitoes from all the wet weather we have had over the past few months so it is difficult to stay outdoors too long. Will try.

  12. What an awesome space!! Such a great idea to make it usable. Love it!

  13. oh my gosh, this space is crazy good. love the pumpkin topiaries, the pallet bed, the arched "window" looking space. fab.u.lous!


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