Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Striped Lampshade Tutorial

Thanks for your kind words on all the little changes I've recently made in the dining room.  I'm back today with the striped lampshade tutorial I promised!  This is the easiest project in the world and costs practical nothing in terms of money and time.  Actually writing this tutorial was much harder than doing this project.  In my opinion that's the mark of an awesomely easy diy project!  Here we go!

The Supply List:
- lampshade (preferably a round drum shade because it's the easiest to work with)
- grosgrain ribbon
- hot glue gun
- ruler/tape measure
- pencil
- scissors

The Process of Striping a Lampshade:
1. I think it's best to work with the lampshade while it's on your lamp.

You will start on the bottom with a small bead of hot glue to attach the ribbon.  The starting edge of ribbon doesn't need to be perfect since it will be covered.

2.  Let the bottom edge be your guide as you work your way around only adding a small strip of hot glue to the bottom edge of the lampshade about every 2 to 3 inches around.

You don't need to hot glue the entire bottom edge.  With just a few spots of hot glue the ribbon will stay in place.

3.  This step only applies if you use a tapered drum shade like I did.  What happens in this case is that the ribbon on the bottom will gap a little.  So, to get rid of the gap all you need to do is use your thumb to iron out the gap by pressing down from one side all the way around to the other.

Then hot glue the gap down.

The bottom back won't be pretty but in this case no one will ever see the back.  If you want your shade to be perfect from all sides use a regular round drum shade (as I recommended in the supplies list) instead of a tapered drum shade and you won't have to worry about any gapping at all.  Even with a tapered shade though the only place where you have to deal with this gap issue is on the very bottom.

4.  Once the bottom stripe has been added, move to the very top.  Then repeat step 2.

5.  Once the top and bottom stripes have been done get out your measuring tape/ruler to decide how many more stripes you want to add as well as the distance you want between each stripe.  This will obviously vary depending on shade size and ribbon width.  In this case my ribbon is about an inch wide and I chose to do have 2 inches in between the black stripes.

6.  Use your pencil to very lightly mark where your ribbon will go.

7.  Add a small bead of hot glue to attach the ribbon and then instead of hot glueing every few inches just pull the ribbon tightly around to wrap the shade.  Then add another small bead of glue to attach the end.

Basically for any/ all of the ribbon stripes you add to the middle section of your lampshade you will only want to hot glue at the beginning and end of your ribbon.  You do not want to hot glue every 2 to 3 inches all the way around as you did with the top and bottom stripe.  Why?  When you are done "striping" your lampshade you will want to be able to scooch (for lack of a better word) the ribbon to make sure it is the same distance all the way around.  Only glueing the ends basically gives you some wiggle room and allows you to make any small adjustments to level out your stripes.

That's all folks!  The back looks like this when you're finished.

One last thing I want to add is that I don't recommend pre-cutting your ribbon.  I think it's best to just work with the ribbon on the roll stripe by stripe  Plus this takes out a lot of extra measuring and reduces any too short ribbon mistakes.  Wonder how I know this?  ;)  Trust me, mmmmkay.

Now go forth and stripe some lampshades!

P.S.  Today's my birthday!  Another year wiser - woot!

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I am already considering some lamp shades that could use some stripes!

    And happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. It looks fantastic! And so smart to not glue the ribbon on those middle stripes.hmmm.... what could I stripe...?
    Happy Birthday! :)

  3. You make it sound easy and it does a 'wow' change in your lamp shades...congradulations.
    Sylvia Faye

  4. P.S. It was my birthday, the 25th only ended 13 minutes ago. My daughter took me to a great tea lunch and to see 'The Help'. My dear one bought me the loveliest roses...a mix of colors made them extra special. October birthday people are special. Congradulations to you and I will say 'Three Hail Mary's for you.
    Sylvia Faye

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is great and this next year is filled with many blessings :)

  6. Great tutorial, now stop striping things and go celebrate your birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! and thank you for reminding me as the 31st is a dear friend's birthday (you would think I would remember sooner with all the halloween hype and all but I rarely do! LOL)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  8. I first have to start with Happy Birthday (my favorite occasion of all time!). Hope you have a great day.

    I love the striped lampshad and the tutorial could not be easier to follow. Yours look great!

  9. I love the new look of your lamps! Such an easy project, but such a big impact! Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a beautiful day!!

  10. Love the new lamps. So easy, but it looks so classy!!

  11. Perfect and very effective stripes. A very Happy Birthday! I like how you just slipped that in at the end when you could have done an entire post on yourself :) Have a wonderful day!

  12. Happy Birthday! The lamp shades are sharp. Great idea.

  13. It is amazing what a little ribbon can do, isn't it? Too bad I don't have any lamp shades in my apartment. My studio apartment is so small regular lampshades don't fit on any of the tiny surfaces I have to work with. Desk lamps only. Sad isn't it!

  14. yay! happy birthday, carmel!!!! hope the next year is the bet yet!

  15. Great tutorial! Love the look of those lamps! Hope you have a great Birthday!

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  17. Such a great project, it looks AWESOME!

    Just found your blog, so glad i did, its lovely!


  18. Stripes tend to make a lot of things better :) Happy belated birthday!

  19. oh my goodness! Its gorge!! I love anything black & white- so sophisticated!

  20. It looks so so great - and happy birthday sweet friend!

  21. Happy {late} Birthday! And happy passing 500 :-)


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