Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Boy's Closet/ Play Nook

After I got the boy's bed off the floor, I decided it was time to do something with his messy closet.  He has a small walk-in closet.  My goal was to not just organize the mess, but to turn the closet into a play nook of sorts.  He doesn't have a large room, so I wanted to be sure to maximize the use of his closet space.

Here's where we started.

It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either.
I realized that I was using up a lot of space by hanging most of his clothes.  He has a tall chest and dresser in his room so this really wasn't necessary.  I decided to only hang up "dress clothes" - i.e. polos, dress shirts,  - and also a few of his lightweight jackets.

After painting, labeling, and playing with paper, here's where we are now.

I used scrapbook paper and a few coloring pages to create a paper wall collage.  Papering the wall gave this little closet a lot of personality and makes it feel less like a closet. 

I just taped the paper to wall with scotch tape.  I also added a few canvas boards with command hooks for hats.  Easy, simple, cheap, and fun  - my four favorites!  

The corners of a closet are where you typically lose some storage space.  In order to make every inch of this small closet count, I used a 3-shelf white laminate storage unit.  The previous owners left this storage unit in my girl's closet, but it works better for the boy.  Those canvas bins hold more than I'd be able to hang in that corner.  In addition, the clothing is much easier to access in bins than trying to deal with hangers in a corner would be.  

The wall opposite the paper wall has an attic access which is another reason why using that space for hanging clothes wasn't working out so well.  Anytime we had to get to the attic, we'd have to pull out a bunch of clothes first.  Now I'm using a canvas sweater organizer to hold his weekly clothing.  If you remember from this post I pick out the kids clothing on Sunday night for the week ahead.  I have found that this simple task makes 6:30 am not look so hard.  ;)  The boy gets up and just puts on the clothes for whatever day of the week we're on.  This organizer is also much easier to take down in order to access the attic than a rack of hanging clothes.  So, it's a total win-win.  

The other major change involves the ceiling.  The best way to maximize a small storage area is to use as much of your vertical space as possible.  This can be a little difficult when you have a slanted ceiling.  Also, using vertical space in an area that is going to be used by someone who is not very vertical yet can be tricky.  You get what I'm saying right?  The boy is 7.  He may be slightly above average in height, but he's not a giant.  I want him to be able to access everything really easily.  So, to put the ceilings to work I added a dry erase board, a calendar board, and some cork tiles.  

He loves the dry erase board and especially the calendar!  Who knew a calendar could make a kid so happy?!  He can reach everything very safely (yes mom I checked) with this stool.  It's not bar height it's counter height which makes it just tall enough but not too tall to be a safety concern.  Remember he's 7 (he'd like me to say 7 1/2 - you know because that half is such a big deal) so he can handle having this stool in here.  

Besides the paper wall, I added one other just-for-fun decor element.  These luminaries I picked up at Target.  I just loved them, and I thought they'd be a fun addition to the boy's closet.  

They make this closet not feel so closety - (Webster lets me make up my own words).  I added battery operated lights to them, and they are really fun little night lights.  

Here's the takeaway or rather what I've learned about organizing a space for a kid.

1. Kids like organized spaces as much as a grown-ups do.

2. Labeling may seem anal, but it actually makes cleaning up not seem like such a chore in the eyes of a kid.  At 7, even when friends come over they can read the labels and see where everything goes.

3.  Using chalkboard labels is a great idea for a kids space because while Pokemon might me a hit right now, that could change.  Then I'll just erase and write in whatever the new toy of the week happens to be.

4. Once again a hot glue gun is your bff. Wooden cut-outs from the craft store are easy to transform into chalkboard labels with paint, and they can then be added on to anything and everything with the help of a glue gun.

5.  Keep the heavy stuff low.

6.  If you don't want to see dirty clothes on the floor, make putting them in the hamper fun.  I think that's a 3-pointer for mom!  That was so cheesy- but it's true - you know it is.

7. Whoever invented the over-the-door shoe storage thingy is. a. genius!

The blue wall color will be the next change.  We're going grey.  
8.  If you are still reading this post you are awesome!  ;) 

- canvas bins, red wood chalkboard bins (years ago), rolling plastic storage bins, canvas sweater organizer, laundry hamper, luminaries - Target
- red baskets, blue buckets - Land of Nod (years ago)
- big blue plastic storage crates - Ikea
- wire baskets - Kroger
- shoe organizer - Lowes
- dry erase board, calendar, cork tiles - Walmart

Have a fab weekend!  I'm spending a long weekend enjoying some fun fall family festivities before we eat that turkey and the bells start to jingling!  

I'd like to leave you with my favorite Yoda quote. 

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  1. that is awesome! and that is my fave yoda quite, too, though having two short men in my life, i also like "size matters not". ;)

  2. I love it! You always do such a good job with the little one's closets:)

  3. Girl it's amazing. You always blow me away. I really love that colored version of the shoe hanger. And the checklist is such a cute idea. I think me little kinder-bug needs that.

  4. Thanks girls! Ha ha - Cassie - I like that one too! Really everything Yoda says is great!

  5. That closet looks amazing!! What a fun area for your little one. I'm sure he loves it!

  6. It looks great! I think I might have to run out for one of those shoe organizers...

  7. Carmel, that it the cutest most organized closet. Love the cute colors. Now you can come do my closets, please!

  8. Found your blog through pinterest (different picture pinned but not the direct link). Anyway, I just love this closet. My son who is also 7.5 loves Star Wars and things like checklists and calendars. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. First. I love the Yoda quotes. awesomeness.

    Second: The closet re-do looks great!!! :)

    Third: I just have to say, using scrapbook paper on your wall as a wall covering/collage and only using scotch tape is genius. Why hadn't I thought of that??
    (that's a really good idea for us renters!)


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  12. This closet is so cute! I can't wait to not rent so I can justify this sort of thing for my boys rooms!! So clean and so neat... I hope he keeps it this way!!


  13. Oh my goodness that is just too cute! So creative and so fun!

  14. BRAVO! Seriously, every time I pop over here you have some amazeballs project up your sleeve. And every project is so unique but "doable"... makes all of us think- ah, why didn't I think of that?! You are one smart cookie : ) Anyways, this closet is just fabulous- organized and cute! And the paper wall is genius! Such the perfect (inexpensive + fun) option for a small space like this. Great job, C!

  15. Carmel, this is amazing! I love how organized and easy it is for Collin to see things in their place. That feature wall is so awesome. I bet he loves it!! You did so well!

  16. Great job as usual, Carmen..Not sure which is my favorite element in this space but the scrapbook wallpapered effect is genius...I have recently discovered the variety and versatility of it.

  17. Man...that was a lot of work but it was totally worth it. What a difference and I bet there is no other closet that looks that good anywhere!!!

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  19. I pop over here you have some amazeballs project up your sleeve. And every project is so unique but "doable"... makes all of us think- ah, why didn't I think of that?! You are one smart cookie : ) Anyways, this closet is just fabulous- organized and cute!


  20. I am a new reader. I found your blog via IHeartOrganizing. I looooove your blog! I'd love to sit here and read more, but I have 2 little ones that need me ;) I'll be back soon to read more. Thanks for the inspiration to make my home more organized and beautiful!

    Btw, I am a Southern California girl, too. Born and raised.


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