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The Evolution of a Room & My Favorite DIY Project of 2011

It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over!  I still have lots of projects I'd like to get done before the end of the year, but in all honesty, I know that when turkey day is over I'll be lucky to have time to sleep let alone squeeze out another diy project.  I was looking around my home while vacuuming the other day; and maybe it's the time of year but I'm feeling really grateful.  I'm grateful that I started this blog last fall and that I started blogging regularly in January of this year.  You all keep me inspired and make the process of making my house a home even more enjoyable.  So, thank you for coming here to read my random thoughts!  I'm truly grateful for the simple joys this blog has unexpectedly brought into my life and for the new friends I've made!  Virtual hugs to all of you!  Ok- enough mush.  

My favorite project of the year is the stenciled wall in my dining room!  

In fact, the House of Fifty feature is still the highlight of this little blog's year too!  I love that wall!  I'm so glad I found that awesome stencil and that my original plan to use it on the ceiling didn't work out.  Big props for plan B! 

I realized that many of you weren't here when this little blog started so you have no idea just how far this dining room has come.  It has definitely come a long way since the day we moved in over a year and half ago.  I thought for all the newbies here you might enjoy a little trip down memory lane.  It's fun to see how a room evolves.  Don't you think?  I don't have a true before pic but you'll get the idea. 

I took down the wallpaper we inherited from the previous owners.  It was not fun.  That alone made a huge difference.  

This old dining room set was a hand me down.  It was never really our style.  We craig's listed the china cabinet and buffet.  

The table and chairs were given a black and white makeover, and were then moved into our eat-in kitchen.  

We pulled out the white wall to wall carpet. 

Then we stained the sub floor. 

In October of last year, this room looked like this after I painted the walls Waverly Cafe Cream and brought in our old kitchen table (World Market- years ago).  Kristin even featured the original makeover of this room. 

Then in January I switched out this rug for a natural fiber option and brought in an old dresser (that we already had) to use as a sideboard.  


I also styled a new vignette with an easy diy chalkboard project

With my trusty hot glue gun I added some trim to the curtain panels and rehung them using my pinch and clip method. 

Then in June, I found a new dresser to use as a sideboard at a local consignment shop.  

I also found some new lamps at Target. 

You can also see from the above photo that we had black bamboo floors laid.  These were done back in March of this year.  

Cleaning out the garage this summer I found some bling and added it to the chandy. 

Then early in October, I spent way too much time rearranging the gallery wall.


And now we've come full circle and you've seen how we went from this......


to this. 

Some of you already know that I've recently made a minor tweak in here.  I was craving some stripes in my life. 

Oh, and I needed some leopard too! 



I haven't taken a new full room shot yet because of this situation. 

Ummm......yeah that would be the stain left by a bottle of olive oil that my hub spilled on the rug.  Ahhh, the life of a diy'er.  After I stopped hyperventilating, I started doing a little of this. 

Hopefully, I'll have some good news for you soon!  Like I always say, it's a journey not a destination.  

So there you go that's the evolution of our dining room which is clearly not completely evolved yet.  

I have to say a huge thank you once again to Janell and Lakeitha!  Having my stenciled wall featured in the fall issue of House of Fifty was seriously one of the highlights of the year for me!  

I'm linking up over at Rene's Room by Room party!  Everyone is invited so come on over to party!  Has your dining room gone through an evolution?  What was your favorite diy project of 2011?  

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  1. The room looks great! I'd love to know how the rug painting turns out. I have a similar rug in my dining room, with similar stains.

  2. This is serious evolution! I love the whole transformation and that stenciled wall is my favorite.

  3. Carmel this room is so gorgeous! It's so funny how many of us had similar formal dining room furniture with the brass hardware. I love you updated the entire room by changing out the furniture and stenciling the wall - what a difference!!! Love it.

  4. it's so fun to see it all come to life in thes photos! you have such a great eye for a mix of classic with dramatic- i love it!

  5. What an amazing transformation! Every detail so well thought through and full of impact. Thanks for sharing the evolution of this room and congrats on your House of Fifty feature!
    Cathy @ Room Rx
    (visiting from Cottage & Vine)

  6. Great evolution of the room and congrats on the feature. I love the lamps and the vingette on the stencil wall.

  7. Carmel every time I see this room I fall more in love with it...I had never seen the actual before's...WOW, you really have come a long way baby!!! Great job!

  8. I love love love your dining room, it has so much personality now!

  9. It's truly a work of art. You have created such a gorgeous space, Carmel. I love it.

  10. I do love the entire transformation and had not seen all of it as I only started blogging end of May this year. Very inspirational, Carmel. I will be undertaking a stenciling of my dining room soon. Fabulous room!

  11. You have been working your butt off! And it shows!

  12. This dining room has been on one heck of a journey!!! I am loving the end result and I am still craving that Ikat wall!!!

  13. Gorgeous room! I loved seeing the transformation...the stencil wall is amazing!

  14. Wowee!! Talk about a truly amazing transformation Carmel! I had seen bits and pieces of this room before but never all of the process from beginning to end and let me just tell ya that it is gorgeous my friend! :-)

  15. It's a fabulous makeover, and it's been so fun to follow along! I still have your pinch-pleat curtain tute bookmarked! :)

  16. Wow!! Your dining room is gorgeous!!! Wonderful job and I love the stenciled wall. Stopping by from Cottage and Vine!

  17. Wow! You've truly created a one-of-a-kind dining room, I love your mix of elements!

  18. Thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments!

  19. I remember the first time I saw your blog, because we both had the same china cabinet. Only I still have mine :(. Should probably list that bad boy on craigs. Love the changes you have made to your dining room Carmel. If just keeps getting better and better.

    Thanks so much for joining the "room by room" series!


  20. Your living room is gorgeous!! I love the wicker chairs...where did you find them!? Cassie from P&P just let me know about your blog...I featured some gold/white/black spaces today and she said your dining room would be the topper...and I agree!! :)

  21. I'd be a happy girl if I got to eat in your dining room. Love the stencil, love your vignettes and how you are constantly tweaking them, and I absolutely adore your use of black and white with natural materials. Now, did you really just stain the sub floor? I need to search your blog about that, because it looks so GOOD and could be the answer to my prayers in our kitchen!

  22. Hi Camille - yes we stained the subfloor at first (fall 2010) and then in the spring (March 2011) we had bamboo floors laid. Staining the subfloor was a lot of work, but it was good alternative until we had the funds for hardwood.

  23. You know I'm a huge fan of your dining room. Seriously everything is so beautiful. What an amazing difference that stenciled wall makes!! (:

  24. I forgot how incredible your dining room transformation was. Beautiful, with great styling touches,
    Have a great week

  25. love your room and your style! absolutely beautiful transformation & photos!

  26. it's so fun to see it all come to life in thes photos! you have such a great eye for a mix of classic with dramatic- i love it!

  27. Beautiful! this room is stunning! Can i ask what paint colors you used?


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