Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Missoni Pumpkin Patch

I wasn't there with the masses at the crack of dawn when Missoni hit Target, but I did hit up my store before noon.  I showed you the vase I scored here.  In addition to that vase, I also scored this tray.

Missoni Serve Tray Neutrals.Opens in a new window

The tray was really the main thing that I wanted, so I was pleased as punch to grab the very last one my Target had on its shelves!  Especially because I paid just $19.99 for it and it's all over ebay for $49 and up!  Crazy huh?  The reason I wanted it is because the print on this melamine tray reminds me of a sofa my parents had when I was a kid.  They had a chevron stripe sofa in this same color way.  Although even if it didn't bring back fond memories of my childhood I probably would have brought it home anyway.  I honestly believe that there is no such thing as too many trays.  You can do a million things with a tray!

Anyhow, I put together a little pumpkin patch on my Missoni tray.

I spray painted these foam pumpkins white last year.  This year I used a my magic pixie dust to give them some holiday sparkle.

I cut out circles from white paper plates and hot glued some moss around the edges.

This is just a little collection of goodwill candlesticks mixed with the crystal candlesticks my mom gave us for our fifth wedding anniversary.  I hung some leaves on the lampshades and called this vignette done.  Easy and simple, which is my favorite kind of decorating.

The horse photo was taken by a photog friend of ours.  I replaced Big Lex with this black and white photo because I like the way it looks against our black and white kitchen table.

So are you still getting your pumpkin love on, or are you ready to put them all away and bust out the Christmas ornaments?


  1. Adorable!! Love the tray and the way you displayed the pumpkins (: Great November decor. We won't be bringing out the ornaments until after Thanksgiving!

  2. Very fun! Am I the only one who doesn't own anything Missoni? Love the tray:)

  3. Very cute! I am still sportin' my pumpkins around here! Probably when I get my fall decor just the way I want will be time to take it down!!

  4. i love it carmel! i love that your style is so classy, yet always has that modern zing- awesome!

  5. Beautiful tray and love the extra little touch to the pumpkins. I'm still loving pumpkins especially painted to get away from all orange.

  6. Still have pumpkins here. The tray is very chic. I bought several pieces of the Missoni clothes and took a couple back because I did not like how they were made. It was craziness how people were grabbing them. I really liked the bike but it was gone.

  7. Ohh what is that pixie dust stuff, tell me more!

    I took down Halloween last night and brought out the pinecones, but the need some sparkle.

    I always love how bright your photos are, they look great!

  8. So darn cute. Love the tray. I keep eyeing my orange ones and procrastinating with the spray paint! Time to "November" them up!

  9. It's called Glamour Dust by DecoArt - it's acrylic craft paint you just brush it on!

  10. Still enjoying my pumpkins. I love how you change things around so quickly and easily and you have so many vignette options for each season or occasion. Great job, as always!


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