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Winter Skin Care

Once upon a time I wore a white lab coat to work.  No, I wasn't a scientist.  I used to work at the Clinique counter.  I was also a manager for Origins.  Let me see if I can make a long story short.  I realize that would be a first for me.

After earning a BA in business and going into finance, I had a minor early-life crisis.  I worked like a dog to get my series 7, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was way too young to hate my job.  I didn't have a car payment at the time, and thanks to my dad's awesome advice I had zero college debt.  I might have a BA from a state school instead of a fancy UC school, but the state paid for half of my college tuition (it pays to get good grades in high school) and my dad could afford to pay the rest.  I graduated in four years, and I didn't owe anyone a single cent.  At 23 I was a college grad and newly married.  I was also hating my work life.  So, I decided to get a fun job that would allow me the flexibility to go back to school for a Masters in Education.  I wanted to be a middle school math teacher.    I had only completed one class when we moved out of state for a job promotion the hubs was offered.  I thought about starting another program in Virginia, but I found out that I actually really liked working in cosmetics.  What?  Huh?  It was quite the surprise to me too!

Working for Clinique and later Origins, both of which are a part of the Estee Lauder companies, was a great experience.  Both companies provided great training.  I learned a lot about skin care during my time there.  In fact, I think I would have eventually moved away from sales and became a trainer if I had continued my employment.  When my son was born, I found my true career.  I never looked back.  However, if you ever lose track of me at the mall it is a safe bet you'll find me in the cosmetics department.  I like Sephora too, but trust me when I tell you the peeps that work in the cosmetics departments are better trained.  Shop Sephora when you know what you want; shop Macy's or Nordy's when you need some questions answered before you purchase.

So much for making a long story short.  I tried people.  Really I did.  I just felt like I needed to give you some background info before I get up on my skin care soapbox.  ;)

Winter makes many things look really beautiful.

                                                       Source: thingssheloves.tumblr.com via Diane on Pinterest

The drawback is it tends to make our skin feel less than beautiful.

                                                                       Source: google.com.au via Dolly on Pinterest

The best tip I have for your winter skin care is one word - exfoliate.

Most people tend feel like their skin is dry or drier than normal during the winter months.  The weather and the heat in our homes has a tendency to suck out the moisture.  Typically when you feel dry you reach for a moisturizer.  I think most women use some kind of facial moisturizer everyday .  However, many women (and this applies to men too) find themselves feeling like what they are already using isn't getting the job done when winter rolls in, so they find themselves in the market for a new/better moisturizer.  Well, I'd like to change your thinking.  When you think your skin is dry and you need a better moisturizer, more often than not all you need to do is exfoliate.  Your moisturizer isn't working because it can't do its job.  It can't get through that layer of (don't freak out) dry, dead skin cells.  Your skin needs a little extra help getting that layer off during the winter.  In diy terms  -   Your moisturizer wants to act like a stain on wood (skin) but it can't do that if you've got a layer of primer (dead skin cells) on your face.

Okay, so most people think exfoliation equals scrubs, but that is just one form.  I'm a fan of the 7 day scrub cream from Clinique, but there are a number of great facial scrubs out there.
                                                                              Source: allure.com via Crystal on Pinterest

Skin care is not a one size fits all; every ones skin is a little different.  More sensitive skin types should really only use a scrub once or twice a week.  I use mine every other day.  I would stick to scrubs that are grainy and not too coarse.  Whatever scrub you choose, use it regularly.  Whether you're a once-a- weeker or an every-dayer, your skin wants you to stick to a routine.  It doesn't like it when you only scrub every now and again.  Also, be gentle.  Scrubbing your skin is not like scrubbing a pan.  Treat your skin nicely and she'll be nice right back to you.

The other form of exfoliation is chemical.  I'm a big fan of salicylic acid.  It's the best for over the counter use.  The bonus is that it doesn't make your skin more sensitive to sunlight like some other chemical exfoliants can.  Clinique's Clarifying Lotions are great for a twice daily chemical exfoliation.  I use the #2 morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing.

                                                                      Source: vittoriaprofumi.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Last but not least is a new favorite of mine that I just had to share with you!

Clinique's Turnaround Overnight is an exfoliating cream that also moisturizes!  Jackpot!  It's an overnight cream, and it is awesome!  It is $44.50 and worth every penny!  You only need to use a little bit (think less than a dime size) and only at night, so it lasts for a good long while.

So in a nutshell, if you aren't exfoliating you need to start.  If you're doing it already make sure you're diversifying.  You know, like don't just use one form of exfoliation.  Ideally, you should be manually exfoliating (scrubs) and using some form of chemical exfoliation.  I just wanted to share this with you because the winter weather can be quite harsh on your skin.  While you're decking the halls, trimming the tree, and holiday shopping don't forget to spend a few minutes on you.  That way you can put your best face forward.  ;)  It just came out -I couldn't stop myself.

I wasn't paid to write this post.  These are just my personal opinions of products that I love and use.  However, if they wanted to pay me ........

Do you have any tried and tested winter skin care tips?   What works for you?

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  1. i am a huge fan of aveda- their hand creams are fabulous in the winter! i also love burt's bees lip balm. i try to stick with all natural products because they react with my skin so much better!

  2. Such a great post!!!! I feel clueless when it comes to skin care and I have so neglected my skin since my daughter was born. Thanks for the tips!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. This is a great post as I am currently looking for products to use on my skin. Ok I will admit it! At 46 years old I know NOTHING about make-up. Seriously! I have never, ever owned a single bottle of foundation, cover-up or any of that kind of stuff. mascara, yes, blush-yes, eye shadow-check, and even a bit of eye liner but nothing else. But I only wear those things 4, maybe 5 times in the course of a year. So now I am trying to learn the art of make-up, moisturizer, etc... and it is killing me. We do know I can NOT use Mary Kay (tried samples of it all and my skin freaked out... turned red, scaly in areas, and looked horrible!)
    All that to say I need help! and lots of it. So any suggestions you can offer would be more than appreciated! (i am actually asking for facial products for christmas... haha!)

  4. Seriously are you reading my mind this morning? I'm totally obsessing over my skin lately (could it be that I just turned the corner on a new decade?) I LOVE your educated suggestions and would *love* if you talk product in future posts. And I also love your likening exfoliating to sanding before staining - you're speaking my language girl!

    PS Does exfoliating help with these fine wrinkles that are starting to march across my face? Please say yes, please say yes.

  5. Exfoliating creams, like turnaround overnight cream, is great for those fine lines. It gives your skin a more even tone. Your moisturizer will also work so much better when paired with good exfoliation and well moisturized skin shows less lines.

    Lisa- I'll write a post soon that is more about product centered.

    Peggy - lots of times its the fragrances that are added to skincare products that cause reactions in the skin. That is one of the reasons I like Clinique - their products are fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

  6. Great advice. I too, am a bit uninformed about skin care. I did have a nice long chat with the Estee Lauder lady last week. Very helpful. Loved this post, do it again soon.

  7. Ah, the dreaded series 7...I used to work in finance for way longer than I should have considering I hated that job too! It wasn't until I quit to have children that I realized I was in a completely wrong field for me. Right now I stay home with my kids but someday I hope to do something in a creative field for work. Thanks for all the great skincare advice. I feel like my skin has aged a lot in the past few years so maybe I will try some of your suggestions!

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  9. Im confused. Are you a mind reader. Clinique is my fav, and I just emailed my friends that my skin is dry!

    I just learned so much about you!

  10. Well, that explains why your skin looks so perfect (like the new pic). I have been a huge fan of Clinique since I lived in London. My sister and I would splurge on the turnaround cream once in a while when we could (not really) afford it. It is still a favorite.I must try the 7 day scrub.I also combine with some olay products and am a big fan of drinking a lot of water..it helps:)Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Hmmm... these are very useful tips for winter skin care. My skin gets all red and patchy during this time of the year. Thanks for this awesome post!

  12. Just wanted ya to know I tried exfoliating (vs upping my moisturizer for the winter season) and BAM! you were so right! Made a world of difference!! Thanks for the tip!

  13. As the post shows the fabulous information about complete winter skincare. This one is truly one of the glorious featured source for me. The contents and features of his source really drives me on the most craziest way about it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I absolutely LOVE Clinique and recommend these products for anyone!


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