Monday, December 19, 2011

The Naughty List

My front door is on the naughty list.

In fact it is so on my "things that don't make me happy" list that I totally skipped over pumpkin season.

Yeah, I was that neighbor.  The problem is this.

The frame around the door is basically rotting away.  It's sad.  Really the whole dang door and the sidelights need to be replaced.  We had to have our patio doors replaced (they should be installed early January), and we didn't have it in the budget to replace the front door in addition to them.  The patio doors are much worse off than the front door is so we had to prioritize.  We planned to put a band aid on the situation until early spring. Unfortunately, we waited too long and now the weather isn't warm enough to put a proper band aid on the situation; so now it's a waiting game hoping for one warm day so we can deal with this rotting issue.   Now you understand why decorating my front entry has not been on my list of fun things to do.

However the ferns started to turn brown (as you saw in the first photo), so I couldn't turn a blind eye any longer.  I don't want my neighbors to hate me.  I put together a little something simple and festive using things I already had.  I purchased a few evergreen potted trees to replace the ferns.  They have a Charlie Brown kind of look, and I'm a little in love with them.  I will plant them in the backyard this coming spring.  I also bought the fresh wreath.

I filled each of the lanterns with a string of lights.  They are really fun and oh so pretty at night.

To give these little lanterns more height I used a couple of white pots as stands then wrapped them with lights.

When I was taking photos it started snowing!  I captured the very first snow!  It was like the best Christmas present ever especially because it only snowed for an hour and never stuck.  Most people never even saw it coming down.  I felt like it snowed just for me!  Thanks God, for such a special afternoon!

Yes I know we need to get the leaves out of the yard.  It'll happen.  Maybe.

So my house might not be a Christmas lights spectacular like my neighbor down the street.......

but anything's better than dead ferns right?!

I had the hardest time trying to get a good night photo!

Do you do lot of outside lights?  Anyone else have any home improvement projects lined up next year that they are dreading?  Can you even believe I didn't have a single pumpkin out front during fall this year?!  Crazy right?!

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  1. It looks great. Let go of the pumpkin guilt there is always next fall!

  2. Your front door looks so lovely at night! The trees are perfect....and I like the color of your front door. Our front entry needs work too and I'm all about distracting the eye!

  3. i love the tress on either side- so pretty! and definitely better than brown ferns. :) thanks for keeping it real for us. :)

  4. Oh, it's so pretty. I have front door envy. Looks so inviting and magical lit up at night.

  5. I think you definitely turned lemons into lemonade on this one Carmel! You would never know the wood around your door is rotting, it looks so pretty with your trees lighted and your cute lanterns.

  6. It looks so fantastic! I love the pictures with the inclement weather...Yay for snow! Even when it doesn't stick (c:

  7. I think it looks wonderful! And, I cannot for a second believe that your neighbors wouldn't like you. So nice that you can plant those trees in the yard later and they are so pretty all lit up at night. Thanks for joining the party Carmel!

  8. So nice to have found your blog! I am always working on projects. Yes, water...the single most damaging factor to a home. We just finished our basement for the second time after water damage. This time, I made sure that I will never touch that project again. Like you mentioned...a much larger expense that was (not) planned for.

  9. Love your front door looks, it is so lovely!


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