Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dining Room Gallery Wall

There's a wall in my dining room that you almost never see here on the blog.  It's not as exciting as this wall. 

A gorgeous ikat stencil is sort of hard to compete with though.  The wall directly opposite of the stencil wall houses a gallery of photos.  I just added the finishing touch, so I thought I'd show you.

The finishing touch was turning this 


into this. 

I finally found the perfect fabric to line the back of this frame!  This is a dollar store frame and I used command tape to adhere the stainless letter "P" to the front.  The letter was a Target purchase from years ago.  It sat with a cardboard backing for about 8 months until I found this fabric!  Here's a closer look at a few of the other frames that make up this gallery wall. 

My hub proposed with a fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant where we had our first date, Peking Dragon in Dana Point, California.  Clearly I kept my fortune from that night.  It's the only one I've ever kept! 

We took a generations photo a few years before my grandmother passed, and I've treasured this ever since.  While I love this picture because of what it represents, it also makes me think whoever thought highlights only in the front was a good look was clearly mistaken.  :) 

Awwww - once upon a time we were young!

I framed our moving announcement.  I found these on Etsy from Greencard Designs.  She makes personalized moving announcements and lots of other cool stationary items.  

So that's the ikat wall's step sister, what do you all think of her?  I know a dining room isn't the room you'd usually add a gallery, but I really love having all these family photos/keepsakes in a room where we break bread together.  There something about this wall that gives this room a comfortable, casual vibe.  At least it does for me.  Do you have a gallery wall in a not so common place in your home?  Do you like to mix your frames or are you a one frame color person?  

Oh yeah and did you watch The Voice?!  Who do you think is going to win?!!!!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Repurposed Cabinet Doors

Hello Tuesday!  First off I need to say a great big thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday on my potting bench and summer list post!  Really, you know how to make a girl feel all kinds of special!  :)   Second - Ahhhhh- I can't wait for The Voice tonight!!!!   Who's with me?!  Who's your favorite?  I'm on Team Blake!!!!!

Ok, so before I talk your ear off about my love for The Voice let me give you the deets on the ol' repurposing of the kitchen cabinet doors from yesterday's post.  I think it's sort of self-explanatory, but sometimes it's nice to break-it-down ya know?!

We took the cabinet doors off here to make room for a made-to-look-like-it's-built-in-microwave.

repurposed cabinet doors

More on that later.  Once the doors were off I knew I wanted to use them in some way.  These doors have a raised panel on the front side.  They are a honey oak wood that the previous owners painted white.

repurposed cabinet doors

When you turn them over to the other side there are recessed panels.  The wheels started turning.  I thought the recessed panels would be perfect to use as a chalkboards, and so an idea was born.  These kinds of doors are easy to find at your local ReStore in case you want to make some of your own but don't want to tear up your kitchen.  :)

repurposing old cabinet doors

I filled the holes where the hinges were with this stuff.

wood filler

Then when it was dry I sanded the doors and dry brushed them with Valspar's Basin Blue color matched to an exterior latex paint by Coronado.  It's the same color as my front door.  Then I sanded again using a fine grit sandpaper and painted a little of this color in spots.

outdoor craft paint

Then in the recessed panels I used a foam brush and chalkboard paint.  I painted 2 coats.  Then I let them dry overnight.

repurposed cabinet doors into chalkboard shutters

I think your supposed to wait like three days before you prep your chalkboard surface to allow the paint to cure or blah blah blah.  Clearly patience is not my middle name.  Whatevs.  I used the side of a piece of chalk and rubbed all over the surface and then erased.  Then I used a chalkboard pen emphasis on pen, they are the bomb - yeah I just went there with it, to write down our summer list.

chalkboard shutters

Easy breezy.  I love this project!  These cabinet doors would have been destined for my local ReStore or Goodwill but I gave them new life!

You want to know why I'm so crazy about the chalkboard pens?!  Apart from the fact that they write so smoothly, the chalk pen ink doesn't smear when it gets wet.

It will erase if you wet a paper towel and wipe them down.  However, if they just get sprinkled with water your list won't smear off!  I told you - the bomb!

Have you done any great projects with old cabinet doors?  Anyone else head over heels in love with chalkboard pens?  Oh my gosh are you as excited as I am for The Voice?  My DVR is set!

Take a look here at all the lists we've made on these chalkboard shutters!

And to see how our kitchen renovation turned out check here

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Potting Bench And A Summer List

Do you remember this?

work bench turned potting bench

I blogged about this work bench here when I cleaned up a small section of our garage.  Well, it went from work bench to potting bench. 

potting bench

potting bench

I used some left over paint from when we had our shutters painted last summer (Valspar Graphite in a Coronado exterior latex paint).  I added some water to the paint to give this bench a washed look.  

summer list potting bench

I created a shelf by turning over two old urns and placing a scrap piece of wood on top.  These urns used to be black.  I used Rustoleum's Heirloom White and a some of our exterior trim paint ( I don't know what color it is.  It was left by the previous owners).  Then I sanded them in places and used some antiquing glaze by Valspar to give them an aged/weathered patina.  

summer list

summer list of fun activities

I re-purposed the cabinet doors we took out of the kitchen to create "shutters" to go next to my "trellis window".  The kids and I had such fun putting together our summer list of things we want to do!  The "trellis window" is a ReStore $5 purchase.  It's a twin headboard that I've turned into a trellis, and I'm hoping that sweet potato vine starts to wind its way upward.  I've also decided to use some twine to hang my garden tools here as well because one of my small garden helpers misplaces my things (even though she has her own "princess" garden tools).   

chalkboard shutters

What's not to love about chalkboard paint?! 

chalkboard flower pots

Those chalkboard pens are amazeballs!  I. big. fat. love. them!!!!

diy painted flower pots

Painted pots in fun summer colors aren't too bad either!

painted flower pots

painted flower pots

Here's a closer look at our summer list. 

summer list on chalkboard

summer activities list

diy chalkboard shutters

Uh......did someone say......have a watergun fight?!  

What's on your summer list?  Have you been doing any re-purposing lately?  

Take a look at how I've used this bench for all the different seasons! 
potting bench for all seasons

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's For The Love Of Chairs #5

Since I started this series, I've featured a few chairs each week.  Today I'm featuring just one.  Yeah because it's just that good!  Ready?!


Oh my gosh it's shut-yo'-mouth good is it not?!  You have to see the before to really and truly appreciate this beauty. 

Can you even believe the transformation?!?!  I mean even with my deep love of chairs I would have run away from this girl screaming.  Not JC from My Rustic Cottage Life though; nope she said, "Bring it on!"  This was her first full scale upholstery job!  I know - once again- shut-yo'-mouth! 

Look how great she did! 

I'm so inspired.  I mean really, truly, inspired!  I can, I will learn to reupholster.  Hey JC - wanna teach me?  :)  She gives a nice little step by step, and I love her honesty as to how much time it took to complete.  It was so worth the effort!  I really love that she left the wood legs; it gives it a nice rustic look - perfect! 

Ok, one last look and one last bit of information, then you must head over to My Rustic Cottage Life  to give JC a big high five!

So, are you wondering about this beautiful fabric?'s from Walmart!  It's called "Ansley Park" and it was.......wait for it.......$13.75......FOR 3 YARDS!!!!!!  Yeah, I just love ending a post with another BOOYAH!  :)

Go say hi to JC , clearly she's got skillz!

If you have a chair makeover or just a great new chair purchase you want to show off, send me an e-mail at  I'd love to feature your chair - clearly I'm obsessed!  I mean who on Earth says booyah when referring to a chair makeover?!  Crazy, obsessed chair lovin' people that's who!  :)

Have a great weekend!  You all make me smile, and I hope I make you smile too!  I know I've been quite the slacker with the projects lately (being a taxi-driving nurse will do that to you), but I hope to be back next week with some good ones for you!  The key word there is HOPE!  :)  I may even have a chair makeover of my own to show off, and it may or may not be gold.  HA- I'm such a tease!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hey all today Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival invited me over to share my thankful heart!  She's started a great summer series celebrating a spirit of thankfulness!   Head on over to check out the the top five things I'm over the moon thankful for.

Here's a sneak peek!

Amazing right?!

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold Chairs And Two Screws

I know you're thinking......say what?  Yeah, it's a weird title for a blog post but it's my life at the moment.  The hub had surgery on his ankle today.  They had to put two screws in his ankle.  So, he's home and in pain but doing ok.  I'll be a taxi driver and nurse for another 6 to 8 weeks.  Bear with me as I attempt to continue with the many home projects I'm currently in the middle of in between administering pain meds, icing his ankle, and being his personal driver.  It's a cruel summer.  :)   Can you even imagine what would happen around here if I broke my ankle?!?!  Now THAT would be a cruel summer!

While I'm on a quick break from my nursing duties, I've been pinning like a mad, gold-dazed fool!  I'm loving gold chairs lately.

What do you think?  Love them or not so much?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mint Julep June Jaunt

This past Saturday I actually met a group of local bloggers for some shopping fun and a great lunch at the cutest cafe, Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY.  This fun blogger meet-up was planned and organized by Gail from My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD from Beauty in the Attempt.  Thanks so much to both of them!  I have to admit that I was really nervous but excited to attend this event.  I mean do people actually meet the people they meet online in real life?!  I'm a little more shy and reserved in person than I am on this here blog.  It takes me awhile to warm up and feel comfortable.  The crazy thing is it didn't take long at all to feel right at home with this great group of ladies!  They were all so sweet and welcoming!  Even if I may have seemed awkward they were nice enough not to tell me.  :)  

I was a little late because I wanted to help the hubs (you know he broke his ankle last week) with breakfast for the kids before I left home.  Better late then never though!  I was a bad blogger in addition to being late because I didn't take too many photos.  I blame it on the nerves.  :)   I did take a few fun shots at our fabulous lunch location.

Missy, Joi, and Jessica (MeganDVD's sister)

Lynn's Paradise Cafe is a wonderfully eclectic restaurant!  The sweet potato fries were off the hook - yum-O!  It even has a fun little shop in the lobby area.  This table of shrine to bacon cracked. me. up!

I know, right - you're thinking - seriously, this is when you chose to bust out your camera?!  Yep - that's me.  :)

Here's a pic I borrowed from MeganDVD of the group at Regalo, the coolest boutique shop right next door to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

From left to right  -  Donna, Mallie, Peggy, Jennifer, Elisha, Missy
Terri, Beckie, Cathy, 
Hollie, Joi, and Me, 

I loved this shop and they even gave us a discount!  I picked up these fun frames for less than $20 for my boy's room.  

As if getting to meet, shop, and eat with some fabulous bloggers and their friends wasn't enough, we even went home with some great goodie bags.  

I actually won an extra box of Gorilla Glue!  The other one came with black spray paint.  

Thanks Gorilla Glue, Krylon, and Mallie from DecoArt for the goodies!  As soon as I got home I put one of my goodies to work. 

Nope - I didn't waste anytime at all.  :)  I'll show you the rest of this project soon. 

I even gave the hubs a little something to say thanks so much for staying home with the kids (broken ankle and all).  

Gorilla tough indeed!
Clearly he was beyond thrilled.  ;)  Bless him - he has to have surgery on his ankle this Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that the best part of all is that I learned MeganDVD's real name!  It was like finding out what Mr. Big's name is.  :)  I'll never tell - buahahahahaha!  

To all the ladies I met on Saturday - thanks for not making me feel like a dork.  You all are just so sweet, and I hope we do it again sometime soon!  

Go say hello to these wonderful bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting, and thanks again Gail and MeganDVD for planning such a fun event! 

Shannon from Quarry Orchard
Miranda from Just Drink a Coke
Elaine from Honeysuckle Hollow
Terri from Creative Eyedias


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